Friday, February 08, 2008

Wilbur is about to lose the farm!

And that began my not really Saturday with the great one.


In case you didn't notice, I love Flickr yahoo searches.

And the itinerary goes a little something like this:

Friday –


Stop by Video store

Order part for Heater

Stop by post office for letter

10AM or so

Arrive Obama Event

1PM (if we are lucky, I am thinking it will be more like 2PM possibly. Depends on what his schedule is. Politicitians are notorious for being late at these type of events.)

Leave event and do Sushi


Go by your University and do the gym/pool paperwork


Meeting with Father Paul


Do we need to go out to dinner or stop by the grocery store?


In the position watching movie with the B’s.

Saturday –

11AM to 2PM Caucus

Go see the house on the ridge

Saturday Evening – Thinking I will work on Parent’s budget and our budget. Just hang out unless you have other ideas.


Church and then no big plans. No football ;<

I should scrap some in there too.  We shall see. Bye bye Elvis. Liisa hush yo mouth.

P.S.  Why yes it IS 9 am just about and no I have not yet showered.  I hear keys jingling, so I should probably go do that.

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