Tuesday, February 05, 2008


...way back when how I told you I lived in the hood because of the overhead coptors? Well. I'm at work now. NOT in the hood. But there were sirens galore and now there are more helicoptors overhead.

I'm just saying.

Nope. I'm not a slacker. Just totally waiting on something meaningful to come out of Super Tuesday. And voting. Not real voting. Left out state, prep for Saturday caucus voting. Which was fun nonetheless.

Now back to reading. not at all exciting. Couple more hours here, then home to pay the bills from that joint account that will be the death of me if Billpay won't act right, and then some scrapping goodness. Cause I like to scrap and I'm going through withdrawals (like you ardent blog readers...my apologies) and I have one more deadline. So. Tonight, a photo for the photo blog and one with sneaks for the scrap blog. And midnight blogging on whatever the hell is going down here at work and what is going on across the nation.

Go Super Tuesday! how about that Super Bowl?!

**Update** Let the craziness to be "first" ruin a great historic night. The AP is alreads saying Obama won Georgia based on surveys of voters as they left the polls. Cause we didn't learn the lesson of exit polls gone bad before right? Pulllease...I knew they (media) wouldn't be able to risk not having the top clickable stories of the night and would start this early. Alas...here's to a crazy night of watching returns. I think I need to go to HQ tonight.

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