Friday, February 15, 2008

9:46 pm...what are YOU up to?

So.  My better half is passed out on the couch.  It has been one really REALLY rough week for him.  Can't wait till we get out tomorrow and can just unwind.  He so really deserves it and it will be fun times.  Some of the wineries we're going to hit up:

Wilridge, Chinook, Wineglass, Hogue and Sheridan for wedding related tasting. 

Hogue has some good case discounts and special tastings for ticket holders so here's hoping we like something.  They have merlot, cab sauv and syrah.  I'm a syrah fan, he likes cab sauv so hopefully we can get something great there.  $10 corking fee at the dinner locale, but with a significant enough case discount, this could work out really well since we're both huge fans of reds.

Sheridan has an extra fee for the good stuff which I'll make a case for because it's offered in the same class as Silver Oak which we both like.  I think I really do want to have at least one or two Napa wines (symbolism and all), but if we could get our taste buds up for Leonetti or DeLille or even Sheridan...that would save major funds. I'd rather pay the min order difference in room rental (just taxes on that) rather than in actual food or drink which is charged service fees AND taxes...significant difference. $10 corking fee is taxed so if we can get good discounts on wine this weekend...that would be a coup.

I just spent 42 minutes addressing and stamping 60 save the dates. For 117 people.  125 technically.  For 50 seats.  Like I said should be interesting.

I am eating a pear that is so friggin' delicious.  I love fruit and veggies.  LOVE. them.  Especially pears.  And asparagus. I love fungus too.  Shitake mushrooms.  Yummy...but I've digressed.

I was out at Marshall's being a good girl and looking for the other platters that I LOVED at the other Marshalls.  I was convinced I would buy them if I found them.  I found them.  And I just could NOT pull the trigger.  $15 a pop adds up really quickly.  And they would be off the hook! no budgeted for them. So I had to walk away and try to think of another way.  Which I think I've figured out.  but still. Ouch.

But I DID score big time at Wal Mart's after Vday sell.  Vases-check. AND...finally FINALLY found the starfish I wanted.  Then stopped by Target global bazaar.  Found a fantastic vase that I had to leave behind because I was on a mission. BUT...I need to go online and see something or another...they had some HOT platters that would work--about the same price as the ones I found at Marshalls, but bigger.  Like that. 

I DID find a marble soap dish that I want to use for Tasting. And I found two fantastic little boxes that I'm going to fashion into ring for his ring, one for my ring.  Cool!  Oh yeah, did pick up a couple of boxes at I was going to use to house the Tasting goods, but I like the marble soap stone better for that.  The other box is just tattered enough and I'll use it for the Fasting.  Which reminds me, I need to tell my better half that I want to do Fasting and Tasting again.  I think they are neat traditions in a wedding--very symbolic.  Probably not for like at the church (we'll keep holy and such there) but for the celebratory dinner (we're not having a reception, we're having a dinner) which I want to be more contemporary.  Right down to a second dress.  Really. Cause I roll like that ONLY because I have connections, not necessarily funds. Well, priorities on the funds that don't include blowing a wad on the wedding.

But that reminds me. When I was coming out of Wal Mart, I saw my car.


Well.  My next car.  And I had the audacity to think to myself:

"Girl.  Who pushes a CLS AMG Benz to shop at Wal Mart?" It took me a good 12 or so minutes to realize that I would be that woman.  I would roll up front and center in my Benz droppin' dimes at Wal Mart cause I like a good bargain (1.25 vases...what could be better than THAT?) and well, hey, everyone can't have health insurance you know?  Right.

Then I bonked my head on my car door, woke up and remembered that I had stuff to get done.  Namely, I had to get home and unpack my non-Benz car before my better half got home or he might think really negative thoughts about how I'm just like his mammy--the whole buy now, try it out at home, don't like it and take it back.  And. What?  Thought so.

I'm going to start making candles.  Soon.

Oh yeah...Celebrity Apprentice.  That was a hot mess.  The kind where you're like "Wow.  Do you watch that after the fact and say to yourself 'Damn I made a FOOL out of myself!' if you're Omarosa?"  But the woman can play the game.  All innocent when Trump juniorette rolled which point you wonder if Piers watches it after the fact and is all "Damn, I made a fool of myself?"  Sometimes, you have to step back and say that while you may be wrong, I am as well and we need to stop this.  I had to do that in college.  With my business frat.  Had to tell the Hazing Captain...I mean the Pledge Educator that he better get up off it really quick or I'd really show him some angry black woman with a touch of education.  Ah those were the days...Ivy league was FUN!  He was totally Mr. Entitled Not Taking Nothing from No Two Bit Smile Real Pretty Girl.  He tried to get someone else elected President.  That didn't work out so great for him. Man that was fun.

I'm rambling now. Gotta get a newsletter for work out.  Figure out what HAM Saturday issue is coming up (seems like a room supervisor didn't right down which books went to which students...I have a memo somewhere with which books went to which rooms...aye). But for now...see ya again on Sunday.

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