Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stuck like Chuck

You know...I don't even know who Chuck is. But I remember, for some reason, growing up, my mother occasionally saying to us that we were Stuck like Chuck. On homework, on getting up and doing chores. Just randomness.

Lots going on in the world now. Like how Castro (well, Fidel) ain't stuck like Chuck anymore. His brother maybe, but wow. That is the benefit to R's new habit of watching CNN International and BBC news at 1am to find out what is going on. Castro steps down, Jackson 5 might get back together and tour (all those years of MJ's Thriller...thrilling indeed...I'd do that concert...travel for it at that), Wisconsin votes today and I get to be an honorary Californian after booking yet another trip to the great state. This time, more southerly in nature. Nothing at all against ya'll in the OC, but it jst ain't my thing. But each time I go back, it grows on me just a teensy bit more.

Get to read a ton of files at work today which, believe it or not, I'm actually looking forward to. Reading is a bit of a slower transition into the work a day world after 4 days straight of out of the office action. This week, work three days in the office (note to self, pack a banner). Then 5 days out of the office.. Then two days in the office, 5 more days out of the office. Two days in, and just as we start to get normal with only 3 days out and then 4 whopping days in...we do one more 3 day weekend and have another vacation week to follow. That all means I need to be a heckuva lot more productive. Which is exactly what the trip to Cali Part II (well, really part III, I was there for Christmas, there for work, now there again pretty soon) will be. Fun times.

Okay...photo on the photo blog, transfer the photos of the invites onto the wedding blog, be out. F-girls, I should have ya'll all added as readers by the end of today. Alex, Jason, Chris and David, when I get your addy's you'll get save the dates with info--everyone else (except Jo and Andrea--int'l, getting more stamps today...promise), you'll get your's this week. Check the wedding blog for info on why the Richland, WA postmark.

Kay. Stay loved!

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T said...

If you are going to be near UCSD look up Janice!

R you going to NASPA this year?