Saturday, February 23, 2008

I know a lot of people...

...but I only really have like one friend. Okay two. Maybe three...well...okay...a handful.

I don't know what brought that up. I think mostly that I get into that mood after hanging out with Liisa. Cause she gets me. And I get her. Love her to PIECES.

But I know a lot of people. The wannabe lawyers. The local (and moreso national) big wigs. The scrappers. The photographers. The google searchers who land on my blog. The other bloggers. Know lots of folks to whatever extent you can "know" people you spend a lot of time online with, but never really get to hang with.

I've never been that girl who has a lot of close girlfriends. I think it is because when I was in the 5th/6th grade, I had a group of girls that were my life. Then I moved schools--not even into another country, just to the other side of the street essentially--and it is amazing what poverty will do for ya. I didn't have a car to get back to those girls. More times than not, we didn't have phone service for me to call them up. Heck, I didn't have an extra dime for a stamp on a postcard...hence why I love postcards so much now maybe. No matter. I was watching Real Life on MTV last night. I'd seen this particular one before of a girl living in the hood with her fam, trying to get a job at a hotel to move out and make something happen. She went to a friend's house who didn't live in the hood and it was a whole new world. I don't know HOW it is that I "made it" but somehow, I got out. And it is hard for me to reconcile that sometimes.

Talking with L last night, there were lots of "aha" moments, but for the first time I kind of voiced that I've always worked in education because I felt I owed it to ya. Basically, lots of folks struggled, sacrificed and gave their all for me to have my opportunities and the only way I could ever pay that back was to work in education. Since I never do anything half-assed, I figured I had to be uber passionate about it to boot. But last night I really realized that I'm not. Don't get me wrong...I'm paid very well for what I do so no complaints about "sacrificing" and scrapping by. But (there's always a but), for quite a while, I've felt like I've just been passing. Just floating through. Not challenged, not picking up the pace or raising the bar...just doing. Getting complacent. Very comfortable.

And that scares me.

I need to adjust my priorities and better understand what is important to me. Fulfill more promises and all. Slim it out. Focus. Make it a standing date to see L every Friday night or so. Start understanding what I want so that I can fight for that instead of just float through.

Anyhow. Picked up some calligraphy stuff last night because you know, anything I CAN do for myself for the wedding, I do do. All abou tthe details. Which is starting to wear on me with the invitations. But all worth it when I hear from folks about the save the dates. Glad ya like them (smile). I think everyone who asked for wedding blog access up until this point has it.

Oh to feel it again.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

101 Things to love about life

Inflation instead of a recession.  Go figure eh?  So if we have 3 straight days of blue skies, does that mean spring is really here?  Or is it just global warming? In honor of not wearing wool coats in February, a list of things to love about life. Sure, some are tongue in cheek but really...

1. While I’m at a standoff as of late, I had to do nothing more than write down what I ate – every day – to lose 20 pounds.

2. the Seattle PD Parking Enforcement Unit is NOTHING like the Philly Parking Wars folks.

3. those people, who stand in line in front of you with no idea how to order at Starbucks are actually giving you a moment to slow down and enjoy the fact that you can even afford to be in a Starbucks nowadays.

4. I can rock it sometimes, but lately, I’m Ms. Bum. And I’m okay with that.

5. My adorable nephew actin’ all wild and being a hot mess in the background when I’m on the phone with my mom.

6. owing someone something—means someone will always have my phone number and give me a ring—makes my cell phone bill worth it I guess.

7. not wearing socks. Ever.

8. that time of the month – jumping for joy aside, that time means “normal” and I like normal.

9. the way I smell after getting back from the gym. Okay…this is a stretch, but it does remind me that, hey, I MADE IT to the gym and it wasn’t a half-assed effort if I smell a certain way.

10. in the winter. When you can breath hot air on the glass. And then scribble a heart and your initials into the glass. Especially when little kids do that and they write things like “I love mommy”. Melts my heart.

11. off the cuff discourse—usually means you’re speaking from the heart and not trying to sugar coat it for me.

12. presumptions—they are short cuts. Well researched ones make sense. Boneheaded ones become assumptions and well…such is life.

13. water – with lots of lemon

14. a dishwasher full of warm, just cleaned dishes

15. my vanilla scented garbage bags

16. 2nd chances are generally easy to come by

17. surprise weekend getaways

18. lazy summer days…in February

19. telling it like it is

20. bag, borrow or steal. That place is off the HOOK!

21. Safeway. Yeah big brother is watching me and at first it creeped me out. But now I’m fascinated by the fact that they know I LOVE me some silk soymilk and can’t live without dried cranberries. Better yet? They put that junk on sale just for me. And deliver it to my home for free.

22. Reading from home on Fridays

23. “reality” tv…as opposed to “true” tv. Right.

24. Gas that costs more than $3 a gallon. Really makes me rethink my priorities (drive to work late…pay out the nose to park or get up earlier and ride the bus. Yeah…I still drive. And what??)

25. Gourmet bean soup – aka Seattle chili

26. Ginger Lime – where everybody knows my name. And…I’m starting to suspect, my credit card number as well

27. clean clothes in a freshly organized closet

28. improvising recipe ingredients—milk? I have some heavy cream…why don’t we just water that down?

29. Finding just one last non-serving of soy milk/juice/water left in the jug—makes me more aware of my serving sizes AND makes me happy that I got to have a bit more AND I get to make room for something fresh and new (ie, a new full carton of soy milk…yummy!)

30. halter tops—big B’s and all…

31. Jones Cream Soda…which reminds me, I need a bulk buy of that stuff for my wedding out of towner bags. Yeah right suckas.

32. that “look” of innocence “what you mean I did what??” I get glimpses of from time to time.

33. photoshop—or whatever photo manip you use. Make it perfect in your eyes…play around…be in your own reality. Do. Your. Thing.

34. knick knacks. Cause you just never know when that 37th pair of salt and pepper shakers is going to come in handy. God bless her soul…I miss my grandmama

35. catalogs. But only cool ones, with stuff I would buy if I had wads of cash to toss away. But instead, I dog ear the pages for a time that will never come when I’m going to really order some stuff. Really.

36. bill collectors who want to go toe to toe. If I owe ya, I’ll pay ya. Even pay ya interest for the pleasure of it. But when you try to roll me over, it’s on and I’m gonna get my money’s worth making sure you understand how “on” it is.

37. Comcast. But only when you’re about to cancel and all of a sudden, your bill is cut in half.

38. having a good job. And getting paid way too much to do it

39. sharpies. Need I really say more? Didn’t think so.

40. white calligraphy ink

41. nibs in a million different sizes (knowing how to use them…another story)

42. email. Especially when I get around to it

43. eyelets. Though my neighbors probably wish I had a silent setter after last night.

44. CNN

45. Barack Obama

46. free gym passes for me and my domestic partnas

47. blue sky days

48. global warming…almost 60 in Feb in Seattle…such a problem (that is a bit tongue in cheek…really)

49. being smart

50. being over-educated

51. green apples

52. French vanilla yogurt

53. accidentally molten chocolate cake with vanilla icing

54. Sagitarian good luck

55. saying yes and making someone else’s dreams come true

56. being happy

57. cold snaps in the middle of the summer that force you to crawl into bed and bundle up

58. Fr. Paul

59. kids being kids

60. asparagus

61. self-confident, but not cocky people

62. booty shakin’ beats

63. letting someone else go first

64. how it never rains in Southern California

65. how it actually rarely rains in Seattle (though the threat is ever present)

66. waking up feeling refreshed

67. dental floss

68. Blockbuster “reminder” phone calls

69. hardwood floors

70. beach sand in your packed shoes when you get back home from vacation

71. shared financial accounts

72. making lemonade out of lemons (literally and figuratively)

73. rockin’ the hell out of those heels even when your pinky toe is violently opposed to such foolishness

74. saying sorry and meaning it

75. politics

76. sexy boyfriends who become sexy fiancés before becoming sexy husbands

77. general craftiness

78. not giving a damn about “image”

79. blogging

80. myspace | facebook | linkedin (in that order of “growing up” for me)

81. mid major baseball teams…long as I’m not out back making cotton candy and all

82. Washington D.C. and the general area (historically speaking)

83. good red wine

84. round soup spoons

85. details

86. “good” photos

87. my mom (you can love her too…everyone does)

88. the Container Store…oh dear keep me away

89. reduce. reuse. recycle

90. Al Gore

91. clean windows to see through

92. Costco on free sample Sunday

93. bridal magazines

94. admitting a mistake

95. moving and being able to “shop” my long forgotten goods for stuff to keep and stuff to let others love instead

96. a good big purse

97. room service

98. McDonalds (I know I know…I’m a creature of habit…if I’m going to have crappy food, I want to know what to expect of that crappy food).

99. Dunkin Donuts (breakfast croissants in the airport…coffee, not so much…come on…I live in Seattle)

100. Microsoft Live Writer.

101. the internet

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

41 cents...comes in threes

So. Back in high school, I had an english teacher who convinced me that everything happens in threes.

Cuba. Pakistan. Kosovo. How you like them apples?

So I'm watching McCain's victory speech. Aside from Ms. Plastic pipin' in with someting she knew nothing about (it is a sad sad thing when your "smarts" are predicated on what someone else told you was the whole quote, THEN mouth off. And if you STILL want to mouth off, good on ya--I'd be proud of a country where I was the privileged few too...I like America now that I ain't gotta work the "night shift" anymore too..whoa! Where all that come from??). Sorry. But really. America is prosperous? Or are we really in a recession that we won't know about until after the fact (since, a recession ain't a recession until it's been a recession for two quarters straight...who's to say we're not at any given point in one of them there quarters?). Oh and yeah...McCain just brought up the smoke and mirrors and didn't cite Clinton. Oh wait...or did he say that first and she bit off him?

See. See what happens when I watch too much CNN on election night? I thought that McCain might be a viable option should the stuff get ugly on the Dem side. Scratch. that.

I'm so so SOOOO tired of politics as usual. So tired of it. And the thing that is the catch of it all? We ain't seen nothing yet. Nothing.

Phil. I forgot to mention. I put a stamp on your ballot. Then I almost got pulled over trying to get your ballot to the PO before 6 pm tonight. I love you too (smile).

McCain is proud of his privilege of being an American. That's nice. He's also about change AND experience. And we can (is that "yes we can", or just "we can"?), we must and we will. Okay. You do that. But I do love that you kept it classy and put it right on the forehead that you think Obama is the one this fall. Good on you. Elloquent, empty call for change eh? At least he called it elloquent. How gentlemanly of him. But still "Republicans are patriotic, you liberals are not." And the campaign of fear instead of hope. Right.

Done with the politics tonight. But I so know I shouldn't have had that slice of cake. But I did. Times two. And what?

Kinda how I didn't understand the whole bring your own wine thing, I still don't quite get how CNN is comfy in projecting Obama wins Wisconsin with less than 1% in. But hey, cause no one lies in exit polls. No one. At least I can go to bed early tonight.

Cynical much? Not at all (smile).

Much love...posting the invite dummies on the scrap blog since, well, they're scrappy.

Dear Phil

You know...dude in Issaquah. Your right to vote is very important. So I picked up your absentee ballot that was laying neglected (albeit complete, sealed and all...but run over and ground into the street as though it didn't matter) and I mailed it for you. You're welcome. Just better not have been a vote for...

Oh. I mean. Democracy in action. Beauty contests and all.

66 happy applicants this week. Ya'll are welcome too.

One happy non-chocolate girl with a chocolate cake at home to devour. No...think about that. Think about the sugar rush from last night. Instead, I think I'll update the hideously behind wedding blog. Do a newsletter for work. Get stuff in the mail. Get in the mindset to pack. Cook a good meal. The normal stuff and all.

I got your back Phil. Back to CNN I go.

Stuck like Chuck

You know...I don't even know who Chuck is. But I remember, for some reason, growing up, my mother occasionally saying to us that we were Stuck like Chuck. On homework, on getting up and doing chores. Just randomness.

Lots going on in the world now. Like how Castro (well, Fidel) ain't stuck like Chuck anymore. His brother maybe, but wow. That is the benefit to R's new habit of watching CNN International and BBC news at 1am to find out what is going on. Castro steps down, Jackson 5 might get back together and tour (all those years of MJ's Thriller...thrilling indeed...I'd do that for it at that), Wisconsin votes today and I get to be an honorary Californian after booking yet another trip to the great state. This time, more southerly in nature. Nothing at all against ya'll in the OC, but it jst ain't my thing. But each time I go back, it grows on me just a teensy bit more.

Get to read a ton of files at work today which, believe it or not, I'm actually looking forward to. Reading is a bit of a slower transition into the work a day world after 4 days straight of out of the office action. This week, work three days in the office (note to self, pack a banner). Then 5 days out of the office.. Then two days in the office, 5 more days out of the office. Two days in, and just as we start to get normal with only 3 days out and then 4 whopping days in...we do one more 3 day weekend and have another vacation week to follow. That all means I need to be a heckuva lot more productive. Which is exactly what the trip to Cali Part II (well, really part III, I was there for Christmas, there for work, now there again pretty soon) will be. Fun times. on the photo blog, transfer the photos of the invites onto the wedding blog, be out. F-girls, I should have ya'll all added as readers by the end of today. Alex, Jason, Chris and David, when I get your addy's you'll get save the dates with info--everyone else (except Jo and Andrea--int'l, getting more stamps today...promise), you'll get your's this week. Check the wedding blog for info on why the Richland, WA postmark.

Kay. Stay loved!

Monday, February 18, 2008

And I did...

get my taxes done (blech)
find a decent Seattle map
drop my ballot in the mail
eat more gourmet bean soup (aka, Seattle style chili)
print out invites
read files
meet again with Fr. Paul to knock out that letter
email the delegates and alternates
email Helen a word of gratitude
probably none of the above. But it was worth writing out to at least pretend that maybe...

I love functional graphic design. Everything from the fonts and colors to paper it. Got the final dummy of the invite done and since it will be a lovely major production effort, might as well detail the fruits of that labor of love. Pictures to come.

Pictures still forthcoming. Camera is downstairs after the non-domesticated among us (ahem) tried to bake a cake tonight.  That was comical to say the least.

But in the meantime, I need to figure out a way to get 50 folks 2.7 miles on the cheap. Without sticking them on a bus (as an infamous someone has suggested) and letting them fend for themselves.

Finally got another layer of wedding invite done.  They're coming along rather nicely.  REALLY labor intensive.  I could see why folks charge like $7 per set for wedding invites.  Heck, I'd pay someone $15 per set for these right about now just to have them done.  Really.

Today, I will...


get my taxes done (blech)
find a decent Seattle map
drop my ballot in the mail
eat more gourmet bean soup (aka, Seattle style chili)
print out invites
read files
meet again with Fr. Paul to knock out that letter
email the delegates and alternates
email Helen a word of gratitude


probably none of the above. But it was worth writing out to at least pretend that maybe...

I love functional graphic design. Everything from the fonts and colors to paper it. Got the final dummy of the invite done and since it will be a lovely major production effort, might as well detail the fruits of that labor of love. Pictures to come.

But in the meantime, I need to figure out a way to get 50 folks 2.7 miles on the cheap. Without sticking them on a bus (as an infamous someone has suggested) and letting them fend for themselves.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

And I'm back.

Uneventful. It definitely wasn't Napa in a couple of key ways:
1. In Napa, it was hit or miss with the was definitely more about the moment and being in it.

2. In the Yakima Valley, it was hard to miss often especially when the price was so right...definitely not about the moment, but should have gone into it with a very different mindset. Less regrets that way.

So I did find a nice smattering of good eats and drinks.

By far, the best eats was the gourmet bean soup out at Eaton Hill Winery. The Semillon makes ALL the difference so I bought a case. Okay. I bought a bottle. Should be enough to make it like 4 times. Man. That stuff was so good. Of course it was the standout because it was a white in the sea of reds and chocolates. To be different, is to be good.

So then drinks.

My fave of the weekend was Sheridan's '05 Cabernet Franc. My dear sweet GOD that was a red for a red lover. If you don't like heavy, thick reds that WOW you, then stay away from this one. Loved. It.

Also at Sheridan, they had an '06 Kamiakin Merlot. I can't stand Merlots. I have it on good authority that this ones holds great promise. Uh huh.

At Agate Field, the '02 La Moisson Red Blend was one of the best red blends I've had in a while. Strong, heady, just a tiny twinge to it was good. I think it was the first they ever bottled and they have not been able to bottle that lightening again I'd imagine. At least not in this year's release. We bought a bottle of that.

At Eaton Hill--aside from the Semillon I bought for the soup, we also liked the Sun Glow Riesling. I'm not a fan of Chard or Riesling. To cook with yes, to drink, no. But the Sun Glow had an interesting twinge to it that I really liked. Whatever the heck the apple mid level "non-desert" wine was, that was crap. Well, not crap, but it was apple juice. Not subtle at all.

At Sageland, they had a nice strong, heady, smooth (three things I rarely find together) '05 Malbec. That was nice. They also had an Andrews Cab Sauv that either had severe case issues or vintage issues. On the list, they had an '04 and an '05. Either we tasted both and one was just not on point or across the case of whichever we tasted, there was a bad bottle. At the club table, it tasted fantastic. At the bar tasting, it was a bit too in had me looking at the glass to make sure there was not indeed some sediment at the bottom.

Last but not least, at Hogue, most were the usual mass produced not so good stuff. But the Reserve Merlot (go figure!) was really nice. Very heady but smooth with a wow factor. '04 Reserve Merlot. Loved it. Not as much as the Sheridan Cab Franc, but a really close second.

There you have it. Now it is on me to figure out why it is that I cannot wrap my head around it costing just as much, if not more, for us to bring in our own wine...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm a girl...

...who procrastinates.  And as we all know by now, I read CJ's blog. To that, another tag so, here we go:

57 Girl Confessions

1. Is it cute when guys kiss you on the forehead?

I LOVE when R does this to me.  Usually only to tuck me in to bed (which is a rare occurence) and so this special little treat is just that...a treat.  Although he's actually half a foot taller than me, when I'm in heels, I'm almost too tall for the "taller boyfriend forehead kiss" is what it is.

2. A big poofy dress or short party dress?

Right now...poofy short dress. For the big dress, I like something a bit more sleek, but if I'm getting dressed like that, I want something shorter.  One obvious exception of course.

3. What would you do if you received a long love letter?

Curl up, hit some tea, read it over and over and over again.  Dissect it for all the meaning and submeaning in it.

4. Group dates or single dates?

Some of both. We just started hanging out really with some local couples and that is actually really fun. But I also LOVE going out with just him.  Selfish like that.  But love how good he is about not leaving me all awkward to have to do that socializing thing when we're out with others.  I'm not anti-social, but he's totally the social butterfly of the relationship.

5. Do you hate it when guys act differently around their friends?

I actually LOVE this. Love to see the different faces and layers of people.  But only when it is still naturally them.  Like how I can be all hood rich and ghetto fabulous with Frying Pan Liisa, but I gotta act all professional (Leave YO name and Yo number after the beep...) at work and folks I work/socialize with.  I just like to know all layers of folks so yeah...if they're in a different mode, I'm all for seeing that.

6. Are diamonds a girl's best friend?

After Blood Diamond, not really.  BUT. I do love a pretty something something every now and again so I roll with it.

7. Is you hair up or down today?

Up as always.  Did buy the goods to wear it down coming up here in a hot moment though.

8. Do you straighten your hair?

nopers.  As in not chemically in a while and you KNOW I don't have the patience for the hot iron.  That would take away from my bloggin' time.

9. Favorite mascara?

Don't really have a fave.

10. Do you get your nails done?

Yeah and no.  Think I'ma start doing that again.  I get them done occassionally, but generally, no.

11. Small or large purses?

Large of course.  And I'm more about style and having a ton of them than I am about being a label monger.

12.  In your purse, what are your must haves?

Cell phone. Sharpies. Piece of fruit. lotion. sunglasses (yeah yeah I know I live in Seattle). change for the corner guys.

13. Jeans or sweats?

Can't stand sweats.  So manly and not girly.  Sorry sporty girls.  I'm a jeans girl.  Fitted.  With a pair of heels.  Really.

14. Do you wear clothes/jewelry/shoes that are uncomfortable?

Oh dear God let us not talk about those hideous brown heels on the cobblestone streets of Philly.  Can't say Rachel didn't warn me.  And why I can't remember that anything over a mile of walking in a day will be nothing but painful in my black flats...sigh

15. Do you text message a lot?

nope.  Those joints are like .15 each.  Incoming and outgoing.  Not a texting kinda girl.  Cept when I'm working on the road (like in the fall).  Then I text other recruiters to figure out where to eat.

16. What would you do if you got pregnant?

Jump for joy!  Want to know the sex immediately. Clean out the scrap room. Eat lots of ice cream.

17. What's your favorite color?


18. Heels or flats?

Heels...I love being even taller than tall.

19. Did you ever cry during a romantic movie?

Of course.  I cry at happy movies too.  I'm an emotional chick!

20. Would you ever leave the house without makeup on?

Almost daily. Natural beauty is my grace.  I'm messin.  But I DO hardly ever wear makeup.

21.  Walmart or Target?

Target is so fru fru.  I know, crazy talk cause all scrappers are supposed to love that joint but I don't remember what comedian it was that was all up on the Tar-Jay tip but everytime I set foot in there, it makes me giggle.  Only cause there are a few "better than" folks I know who shop there that I'm like "Ahhh...quit pozin' already."  Anyhow.  I shop at both.   Tend to get staples (hair stuff, sharpies, seasonal stuff) at Wal Mart and get home decor stuff at Target.  Now that Target is much closer than Wal Mart to me, I tend to shop a lot more there.  For what that is worth.

22. Do you wear collared shirts?

Mostly during recruiting season (ie, suit season). 

23. Do you think lip gloss is the best?

Can't stand it.  Sticky lips.  My ex-hubby owned stock in Blistex...lip gloss for men.

24. Do you like preppy guys?

Like synonymous with "smart" preppy guys (I went to an Ivy League school, I have a master's degree, I live in over-educated Seattle, I've dated Environmentalist-PhD-Newspaper President-MBA types) or just dress in layers that include sweaters?  Don't like fake preppy boys.  Do like smart, powerful, entitled guys who dress well.

25. Do you own any big sunglasses?

Of course.

26. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Well let's see.  I need to be at work at 9.  I should usually alot about 20 minutes to get there.  R leaves at 7:30.  I snooze until 8.  Get up and check email at 8:20.  So...uhhmmm...not long.

27. Do you like to wear band-aids?

I don't get the point of this question.

28. Do you like skater guys?

I dated one. It was really very tragic.  I was a senior in high school, he was a freshman.  Yes. I know.  Rachel. hush it. And then there was that other skaterish dude.  I don't know WHAT I was thinking. But Rob is hot.  I need to Tivo Rob and Big.  And I'm kidding, I don't think Rob is hot. Funny as all get out. But not hot.

29. Do you often wish there was something you could change?

Nope.  Really loving life. Of course there are things I could do differently, but I work towards doing so instead of just wishing them different.

30. Gold or silver?

Depends.  With my wedding colors.  Gold. On me, Silver supposedly looks better, but I actually like gold.  I drive a gold car.  My next car will be silver. Only because he won't let me have a black car if I want him to wash it for me ever.  I like his black car now sleek. But far from the topic of gold or silver.

31. Do you like to receive flowers?

Love. to. But even more, love when the market has flowers and I can go buy a huge bunch each week. 

32. Do you like surfer guys?

Not really. Love Cali guys though (smile). One in particular.  He was almost a lifeguard and loves the water...does that count?

33. Do you dress up for the holidays?

Nope.  Used to for my grandmother, now it is all about comfort. I don't slouch around (that's a given) BUT I don't break out the evening gowns either.

34. Do you like to wear dresses?

LOVE to.  Can't wait for the weather to turn.  Have three that I've been saving up until warm weather.

35. On a scale of 1-10, how much do guys confuse you?

Only one guy who has ever REALLY confused me.  To this day still.  He was a cali guy too come to remember.  He was a 10 (as in confused the most out of me).  current guy doesn't confuse me in the least bit.  well, unless we're talking Econ between finance and accounting mindsets.  right.

36. In the last 48 hours, have you hung out with a guy?

Yep.  Often (smile).

37. Would you date a guy shorter than you?

Remember that freshman skater dude?  I told you he was wrong on so many fronts.  But yeah...I've been 5'11" since I was about 11 and I grew up in El Paso, TX.  So aside from the fact that I didn't really start dating in earnest till I was 17 (late bloomer, I know), it was pretty much a given that the dude would be shorter than me if I wanted to date anyone.  Although my first boyfriend was actually almost a foot taller than me.  He was also illegally dating a young child, but when you live pretty much on an army base, it is all about don't ask don't tell I guess.  Or just don' know.

38. Do you like to hold hands?

LOVE to.  This is the WORST part of being on the road for me.  Some folks hate to travel because they can't really spoon a pillow the same way  I hate to travel because I've got the pillow thing down but have found no substitute for hand holding.

39. What is the youngest you would date?

lol. Well, the freshman kid was 3 years younger than me.  My ex hubby was...what...2 years younger than me?

40. What is the oldest you would date?

I'm an old soul.  Can I plead the fifth on this one?  no?  My most recent ex was 22 years older than me.  I once dated a guy that was 38 years older than me (if you call that dating...we traveled together to the islands and when I wouldn't sleep with him, he dumped me.  WHAT?  Just cause you get taken to the islands doesn't automatically mean you have to put out).  R is almost 8 years older than me.  I think we finally found a perfect fit.  I've always been a bit "older" and he's a guy right about where he needs to be (not all immature or younger as per the usual) so it works.

41. What do you notice when you first meet a guy?

his eyes--mostly for where he is looking. If he looks me in the eyes when he's talking to me or if he looks away...that kind of thing.

42. Is it hot when guys sweat?

Not at all.  Gross more like it. Glistening is pushing it. 

43.  What is the best feature in a guy?

(smile). the eyes have it.

44. Do you like making eye contact?

it is deeply emotional for me to do so.  I tend to avoid it just out of how I was raised (crazy stepfather, tried avoiding eye contact to just fly under the radar) and that is hard to undo.

45. there was no 45? Guess not eh?

46. Would you kill for chocolate?

Nope.  Not much of a chocolate girl.

47. Did you ever spend all night/all day getting pretty for a guy?

for a guy?  no.

48. On a scale of 1-10, how fun is shopping?

depends on what I'm shopping for.  Typically about an 8 or 9 though.  I can spend some money.  Moreso, I love to go on the hunt and win the bargain.  don't try to look at the same thing I was looking at in Nordstrom. I'm just saying.

49. Do you freak out if you miss your favorite show?

Tivo baby.  Tivo.

50. Do you yell a lot?

A college colleague taught me that the trick to being heard is to LOWER your voice.  People have to shut up and listen to hear you instead of raising their own voices to outshout you.

51. Do you wear sweatpants/pajamas to school/work?

wouldn't dream of it.

52. Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy?

nope.  I am what I am and you get what you get.

53. Do you write a lot of mushy love poems?

Nope. I've been told I write some mushy love journaled layouts, but I just write what I feel.  And I'm really not a very mushy gal.

54. What makeup could you not live without?

evidently, all of it.

55. Do you fall in love easily?

I fall easily, but in love, takes me a bit.

56. Do you have cramps?

luckily, never.

57.Do you think you have the bestest friend ever?

absolutely. he is my heart and soul (smile).  So is she. And her too.  And you too Mr. Crazy.

Taggin' all girly and not so girly girls!

Happy long weekend for real now!

Friday, February 15, 2008

9:46 pm...what are YOU up to?

So.  My better half is passed out on the couch.  It has been one really REALLY rough week for him.  Can't wait till we get out tomorrow and can just unwind.  He so really deserves it and it will be fun times.  Some of the wineries we're going to hit up:

Wilridge, Chinook, Wineglass, Hogue and Sheridan for wedding related tasting. 

Hogue has some good case discounts and special tastings for ticket holders so here's hoping we like something.  They have merlot, cab sauv and syrah.  I'm a syrah fan, he likes cab sauv so hopefully we can get something great there.  $10 corking fee at the dinner locale, but with a significant enough case discount, this could work out really well since we're both huge fans of reds.

Sheridan has an extra fee for the good stuff which I'll make a case for because it's offered in the same class as Silver Oak which we both like.  I think I really do want to have at least one or two Napa wines (symbolism and all), but if we could get our taste buds up for Leonetti or DeLille or even Sheridan...that would save major funds. I'd rather pay the min order difference in room rental (just taxes on that) rather than in actual food or drink which is charged service fees AND taxes...significant difference. $10 corking fee is taxed so if we can get good discounts on wine this weekend...that would be a coup.

I just spent 42 minutes addressing and stamping 60 save the dates. For 117 people.  125 technically.  For 50 seats.  Like I said should be interesting.

I am eating a pear that is so friggin' delicious.  I love fruit and veggies.  LOVE. them.  Especially pears.  And asparagus. I love fungus too.  Shitake mushrooms.  Yummy...but I've digressed.

I was out at Marshall's being a good girl and looking for the other platters that I LOVED at the other Marshalls.  I was convinced I would buy them if I found them.  I found them.  And I just could NOT pull the trigger.  $15 a pop adds up really quickly.  And they would be off the hook! no budgeted for them. So I had to walk away and try to think of another way.  Which I think I've figured out.  but still. Ouch.

But I DID score big time at Wal Mart's after Vday sell.  Vases-check. AND...finally FINALLY found the starfish I wanted.  Then stopped by Target global bazaar.  Found a fantastic vase that I had to leave behind because I was on a mission. BUT...I need to go online and see something or another...they had some HOT platters that would work--about the same price as the ones I found at Marshalls, but bigger.  Like that. 

I DID find a marble soap dish that I want to use for Tasting. And I found two fantastic little boxes that I'm going to fashion into ring for his ring, one for my ring.  Cool!  Oh yeah, did pick up a couple of boxes at I was going to use to house the Tasting goods, but I like the marble soap stone better for that.  The other box is just tattered enough and I'll use it for the Fasting.  Which reminds me, I need to tell my better half that I want to do Fasting and Tasting again.  I think they are neat traditions in a wedding--very symbolic.  Probably not for like at the church (we'll keep holy and such there) but for the celebratory dinner (we're not having a reception, we're having a dinner) which I want to be more contemporary.  Right down to a second dress.  Really. Cause I roll like that ONLY because I have connections, not necessarily funds. Well, priorities on the funds that don't include blowing a wad on the wedding.

But that reminds me. When I was coming out of Wal Mart, I saw my car.


Well.  My next car.  And I had the audacity to think to myself:

"Girl.  Who pushes a CLS AMG Benz to shop at Wal Mart?" It took me a good 12 or so minutes to realize that I would be that woman.  I would roll up front and center in my Benz droppin' dimes at Wal Mart cause I like a good bargain (1.25 vases...what could be better than THAT?) and well, hey, everyone can't have health insurance you know?  Right.

Then I bonked my head on my car door, woke up and remembered that I had stuff to get done.  Namely, I had to get home and unpack my non-Benz car before my better half got home or he might think really negative thoughts about how I'm just like his mammy--the whole buy now, try it out at home, don't like it and take it back.  And. What?  Thought so.

I'm going to start making candles.  Soon.

Oh yeah...Celebrity Apprentice.  That was a hot mess.  The kind where you're like "Wow.  Do you watch that after the fact and say to yourself 'Damn I made a FOOL out of myself!' if you're Omarosa?"  But the woman can play the game.  All innocent when Trump juniorette rolled which point you wonder if Piers watches it after the fact and is all "Damn, I made a fool of myself?"  Sometimes, you have to step back and say that while you may be wrong, I am as well and we need to stop this.  I had to do that in college.  With my business frat.  Had to tell the Hazing Captain...I mean the Pledge Educator that he better get up off it really quick or I'd really show him some angry black woman with a touch of education.  Ah those were the days...Ivy league was FUN!  He was totally Mr. Entitled Not Taking Nothing from No Two Bit Smile Real Pretty Girl.  He tried to get someone else elected President.  That didn't work out so great for him. Man that was fun.

I'm rambling now. Gotta get a newsletter for work out.  Figure out what HAM Saturday issue is coming up (seems like a room supervisor didn't right down which books went to which students...I have a memo somewhere with which books went to which rooms...aye). But for now...see ya again on Sunday.

Crystal, David, V, Seantelle, Anja, MJ, James, Dana, Carol, Whitney, Amy, Chandra and KJ you're all the newest additions to the wedding blog reader list.  Let me know if you're having problems signing on.

Stroll memory lane with me on the scrap blog when you get a moment...

Oh. My.

Kanye West is coming to Seattle!! did you HEAR me?! I said Kanye West is coming to Seattle!! Key Arena. And tickets go on sale tomorrow so I probably WON'T get a seat since I'm gonna act my class and go wine/chocolate tasting on Saturday. Then I'll act my hood on Sunday and get my man to find me some tickets on Craigslist and all will be good.

Last year, (so nostalgic) I went to some really REALLY good concerts. I can't wait till they announce who's going to do Bumbershoot this year. But back to Kanye. In April?? Really?

Thank you good people for getting me your mailing addys. 11 more addys to go. Got all my wineries lined up for tomorrow so I'll do you right and get some good eats and drinks set up for the shindig.

My heart goes out to the students at Northern Illinois. What is this world coming to?

Craziness on myspace. I found my long lost cousins most recently. I tell ya...that stuff is off the hook. I should search folks on facebook now too.

Going to go and try on some dresses now. Clean the house. Clean this crazy scrap room. I'm out!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

In honor of Valentine's Day

A List.

Of the 10 most romantic/favorite/amazing moments with my fantastically awesome, makes me want to cry for being so lucky guy (smile).

In no particular numbered order:

* Brasserie Montmarte. That whole weekend really. We went out to Portland to see the band that wasn't. We tried in vain to find something else to do and ended up going out to a steak house for dinner (where a Portland Trailblazer was having dinner at the table next to us with his family--or so I believe as there really are not a lot of like 7 foot plus brothers hanging out in steakhouses like that one with everyone and their mama coming by to shake his hand). At that dinner, we got into some heated debate about what he used to do and how wrong it was (don't get me started on subprime lending). That was the first time we almost said it. At that point it was "Promise to stay this passionate" and "Promise to still like me tomorrow". Which were both easy promises to make. To make nice, we ended the night at this little joint--BM. Deserts and coffee...white paper tablecloths with crayons. We played hangman. I'm a bad scrapper for not taking that tablecloth piece with me. Last word of the night:


I blew it on purpose and kept telling him to tell me what the word was. He wouldn't say it. But I was on cloud nine that whole night. And he was all "You're just too cute." No. I was just so totally smitten. Still am.

* Almost not human. So. Humans have opposable thumbs. On our first date date (as in, something specifically planned to hang out together as opposed to just doing dinner before/after class), I got a call about 20 minutes before I was going to leave to come meet him. Something about a need to stop by an emergency room and get some stitches. He was SOOOO embarrassed and dissapointed that he had almost chopped off his thumb. The doctor was convinced I had taken the knife to him (Liisa...hush YO mouth). We ended up at the brewery and it was so sad watching him try to eat a burger with his thumb hanging half off. So sad. I totally fell for him from that day forward.

* I do. Well, they do. At the wedding I thought I wouldn't be invited to that he was in. That I was all "I really don't need to go" but ended up having the time of my life. Dancing under the stars (no, not up in the tree under the fake stars...I didn't drink THAT much), he leaned in close and said it. And that was an amazing moment to end all amazing moments.

* The Summer of Quantae. This was when he first got to meet my family. Well my mom and my cutie nephew. Of course Quantae fell in total love with him and the feeling was mutual. My mom was certain that I had did good and all was happy and family fun that summer. This was when we first started thinking "well...what if they moved up mean in with us?" Loved. That.

* Scrapper 500. Waaaay back in the day when the scrap life was all consuming. I went to a scrapbook convention and won a prize. A cash prize of $500. Which garnered me the nickname of Scrapper 500 AND exposed him to what I was at least at the time very passionate about. Doesn't hurt that that same night we pimped him out and went to one of the most fun parties of my adult life, but that was a good day.

* Attack squirrels. I'm a firm believer that you really don't know no one till you have seen them drunk (check), sick (here we go) and angry (still working on that one). On this lovely trip down 17 mile drive while we're talking about the home we'll some day buy out there and watching the waves crash in, we stop by Pebble Beach. Grab some food from the deli, picnic out at a pull out watching the marine life and the waves. I am still absolutely CONVINCED he got sick from stuff at Pebble Beach. Though technically, it could have been the Mexican food in Hayward the night before (NOT, I had the same food and didn't get sick) or the breakfast in Oakland (again...maybe the cook in the back wanted me down with my people more, but I doubt this as well as again...nothing he ate was much different from my food). We ventured off the matchy matchy path at Pebble Beach and all hell broke loose that night. I thought he was going to DIE. I called 911. I don't know HOW he made it home on the plane the next morning. I was scared to death. But we were able to joke about it after--about how nothing I was about to see in Tibet would be able to phase me after that night.

* EBC - folks have repeatedly said it would be hard to plan a honeymoon to top EBC. We'll have to see about that. As miserable and unromantic as most folks presumed that trip to be, the fact that I got to go to China/Tibet/India/Nepal with him made the scariest part of the trip (safety) a non-issue. So much so that I was able to truly enjoy being in the moment. Loving in the moment. Being part of something so amazing and once in a lifetime. And this was well before the next note.

* I do, Well, I promise to do. It was a great week on the east coast in wine country and overwhelming to be back where I tried it last time. So I was a bit drained getting into SFO really late. But he took it in stride. He tried hard to lift my mood and it really didn't take much because I got to hang out with him all weekend long. Looking back, I LOVE the way he looked at me that whole weekend. Looking back I could tell he was scared to death. Looking back, I wish I would have lingered longer. Looked longer. Remembered every tiny detail. On that beach. Waiting for the fireworks. Back in Oakland. That thing on my finger. Out in the grapes. That weekend was amazing. It really was the epitome of our relationship. Just when I think "This is so damn good and it ain't going to get any better" it just goes to a new level. The weekend he proposed was another level. One I've never been on in all my life.

* My favorite part of the "day". I love going to sleep each and every night. Well, when I'm not on the road for work stressing about the next day's program. But when I am home, I can totally shut down. Just sleep. And each night, I wrap myself up in thoughts of him and I drift off and it is my fave part of the "day" because it is just me and him and I love that he's always right there for me. I know, tacky and sentimental and maybe a bit mental, but it is what it is.

* I love you most. Not possible. Everyday. It's what we say to each other. and what we mean. I love all the little things that get said and done between us. No specific big time moment, but the everyday little things. The big plans for the house and kids and takeover, but the little things like Chocolate and Wine and Supernanny and cheaper cable and not having to win all the time and being dependent, but not codependent. All that.

That's him. That's us. Happy valentines day!

It's a party!

Robert (x2)
Traci K
Gerald & Arika

ya'll have been sent invites to the wedding blog. Be easy on a sister. Not much up yet, but I'm getting there. There is hotel info for you out of towners. I think but not sure that I noted how we'll do that. Essentially, I've reserved 16 rooms in my name getin' ya great special Gold status deals. We'll work out payment or switching, but DON'T book a room at the hotel, just email me and let me know if you want one. Unfortunately, we ended up on a date when all hell is breaking lose in town so hotels were pricey. Or to me they were cause I never pay to stay in a hotel in this city. Go figure. If we have the mansion on the hill before then, then ya'll can all stay with me. As it is, if you want to sleep on the floor, we might be able to work out some payment arrangements for that inconvenience. I'm messin' with ya. Got some family folks staying over and first dibs for floor space will be for the almost local folks...I know doesn't seem fair. Except that those are the folks most likley to say "it's close enough, let's just drive home hammered" and NOT get a hotel if we don't ante up first. I know my peoples.

So from blue sky beautiful day yesterday to frosted roofs today. But don't let the blue fool you. It was colder than a MUG out there. I shiver thinking about it.

Had a good HOA meeting last night. I really like Charles. He is gung ho. James is cool peeps too. Can anyone say stripper hooks? Yeah. I went there. Mary is warming to me. I like her...chop shop and all.

This scrap room is a hot mess. Hot. Mess.

Woke up feelin' grown and sexy today. Maybe because it is valentine's day? Nah...I gotta call my moms and tell them happy Vday. But in the meantime, happy vday to all of ya'll. Still searching for the KI book pictures. Need a bit more organization to that eh? Just retake the pictures already. That was such a pain in the ass the first time around. Let me tell you.

More later!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Almost Spring | Listed

If I had my camera, you still wouldn't believe the amazing blue skies we've got going on today.

So much to say, so much work to do...what is a girl to do.  Like you don't know.

Potomac Primaires! Hypothetically, if we gave every next state out at 45/55 margins...okay...40/60.  Uhmmm...yeah. Hypothetically CNN.  Hypothetically.

Where did the rain go?  Away.  Not like yesterday when it did a slow creep back up on us.  But like today walk around with no coat on. 

Save the dates: check.

Proof?  Okay...

Printed Save the Date 3 Printed Save the Date 2 

Right. Cost me all of what...$15 once the ink cartridge recycling and gift certificate were cashed in.  $10 under budget there. Which I sorely need cause the Post Office is jackin' prices again and the friggin' invites are going to be a hot penny to mail.  Might need to get that two cents back from JJ.

Wedding blog readers...almost check. Wedding website up and running.  Yes, a website and a blog.  You need two perspectives on this HAM dontcha?  Thought so.

Great chatting last night with folks you would never believer were Obamaholics.

Valentine's Day is almost here.  Love that dude so much--and he could so totally take a trip to El Paso without me and be set.  I think they like him better than they like me.  Not fair.  But I ain't trippin'.

Chocolate and wine this weekend.  And probably at some specific wineries that we want to taste before committing for the reception.  That's a thought.  We can bring in our own wine fyi.

I saw the hottest little box at Marshalls last night.  Two of them really--one was almost big enough for a wedding dress.  But I don't roll through the line at Marshalls with anything without a price tag because I don't have patience like that.  The smaller box would have been perfect, but I need to broach the subject with Robert first about that "non-traditional" stuff.  But then I also found these platters.  Price was sooooo right.  BUT they only had 4 of them.  And I need at least like 6...probably more like 8.  Would have been perfect for a table scape.  PERFECT.  And so in our colors.  I might go get them bad boys yet.  Gotta check out the other Marshals to make sure I'm not missing out.

57 very happy potential 1Ls today. I like sending out happy mail at work.

And I'll be darned if I didn't get this in the mail:

KI Planner

Jill's mini album was HOT.  And since it is finally in print, I can share my mini album as well.  They only showed the mini album within the mini album so I'll share the rest.  Just as soon as I find those photos.  Hey...I did that album like two years ago.  At least.  I don't want to have to re-photog it all over again so cross your fingers for that.  There have been two laptop crashes in the meantime so...I think I know where they are at.  If I find them, I'll post them to the scrap blog for your viewing.  Title of the album (it was the Color Theory contest) was:

A Colorful love not so black and white.

Cute eh?  The journaling was off the hook if I do say so myself.  Loved that line of stuff--loved all the words associated with each color...yeah.  Go find that I guess and just fyi, that little 2008 Idea Planner IS the cutest little felted planner I have EVER seen.  Ever.

If your name is on the list below, I need your address.  Don't tell me I already have it because if you saw the state of my email inbox, you'd understand why it is just easier to give and ask questions later:

Terri G (have your email and you know most of the folks on the list so...)

Anja (need to know whatever the hell last name you're going by these days)

Anja's guest--I know you told me old dude's name, but I forgot.  It happens.

M[r]s. Sparrow--now that you're out of earshot, shoot me your dude's name too

David - need to know what's up with the Mrs.

Fred G - take it you're not flying, but if you are...let me know

Dana - you and what small army?

Stephen P. - probably get from Terri, but your children, need their addys too

Seantelle and Chris - see above

Rachel W - east side right?  Or are you moving home too?

Alex B - "crazy" just send it already.  Don't make me stalk you

Liisa J - Did you change your gov't name?  No?  Well I need your man's your child's and your brother's gov't names too.  And your brother's woman's full name.  Did they set a date yet?

And I'm done.  For the moment.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Did you know...

...that there are few things that make me happier than say for instance:

Go Fug Yourself. I'm not catty. not. at. all. I love this blog for the writing. Especially when they write things like THIS. Beyonce and Solange. That's funny beyond all belief!

Friday Night Lights. Everyone knows I love my little piece of home (more on that in a hot second). But the writing is fierce on that show. Acting...not so much. And yeah, we know that everytime we see a game, the team is going to win. But for some reason, between that and Family Guy re-runs, the theme of the night was "Jealous Husbands". Funny stuff. But back to Smash...and the WU coach who had been watching him since he was young. And the small town vibe of knowing everyone. And how most times, it is not a good idea to shoot off your mouth and commit to a place like TMU (which you knew was drama waiting to happen ANYHOW cause hello...your HS coach quit a gig there and you know you would have been ridin' the bench because of it anywho--like that Alex? I know you did...) and it is DEFINITELY not a good idea amid the tepid racial unity of your football team to take that to the streets and talk about that other kid deserving to be hit... oh yeah. This is not the 45 minute mark recap of the show. Remember those? Yeah. Right. So, I just love that show. Love the story lines. Mostly, cause it is my life I guess. Was. Although El Paso was what...50 times the size of Dillon. many HS football teams did we have in town? Right.

Speaking of El Paso. Loving the El Paso Times right now. Because of THIS. Yeah and they know what is up. Did you know, that when I was growing up, we actually had the Times and the Herald Post? A morning paper and an evening paper. Being that I'm NOT a morning person, I was a fan of the Herald Post (which I believe was the evening paper, but I could be wrong). Now they just have the Times. And if I'm not mistaken, it is an interesting big print paper. Not like 3rd grade big print, but just big enough so that if you were to put it next to a normal paper with a lot of stories to cover, you'd notice the difference. It was to make it easier to read. Which, though I love lots of news, I gave them kudos for when they first did it.

It also makes me happy that along with the El Paso Times, the San Antonio Express, the Austin American Statesman, and the Dallas Morning News have all endorsed Obama. Good reading on why. Google that.

Only one thing making me sad today. The scheming of politics and all. So in WA, the primary doesn't count. And I've heard folks mouthing off about how it isn't fair and it isn't democrazy (see, I wrote it like that will stay this time) to have folks caucus instead of go in a booth and be all private and secretive and stuff. I'm one of those activists. But rules are rules and so I went to the caucus. Got involved. Come to find out, some are trying to get folks to show up at the primary to vote instead. Which is all well and good. Cause it doesn't count right? who is to say though? Michigan and Florida "didn't count" and look how that is turning out? I'm just saying. Obama supporters--great that you handed the caucus to him on Saturday. Now counter the "show up to the primary for a different result" movement and make sure to mail in your absentee ballots or go to your polls to make sure that the same result happens at the polls. Just to make sure that we don't have a bunch of Monday morning quarterbacks trying to challenge the Dem party establishment rules after the fact.

I'm just saying. It's getting ugly. Grace is hard to come by.

This is getting wordy (again). This weekend, fun times ahead. More wine country touring and we're doing it "caution to the wind style". Just getting up and going. Made some reservations, but getting in the car Saturday morning and not coming back until Monday when we get to meet with Fr. Paul again. And cashed the check. So save the dates will go out this weekend. Which also reminds me wedding blog in full function. Liisa, Rachel, Alex, Tara, I'll add your emails as readers today and shoot you an email with the link (it can also be found in my profile).

Anyone else who wants access, shoot me an email with your first and last name and email address. If you're on the invite list (138 strong...for a wedding with 50 guests...I sense drama), I'll automatically add you. If you're not, I'll still get you access, but there will be some fun and games to go with the dog and pony show. You'll love it. Promise!

Did you know that it is actually NOT raining in Seattle today? How you like them apples?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Things that make you go...


Like why in the hell Arsenio Hall is out and loose again. But aside from the fantastic dog pound he had, he also had a segment on things that make you go hmmm...

Like for instance. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it or see it and it rots before anyone knew it existed, did it really fall?

Or like. If your "good friend" is black and you only say racist things to people who totally understand that "you're just saying and all...not to be mean though right..." does that make you a racist? What if you only say "Hey my cracker!" to your bff? Still.

Or how about. Say you pay for something. Like uhmmm...weight watchers. And you never use it. Except that when you were not paying for it and you were trying to be good, you lost no weight. But then you paid for it and the tithing Gods said "You deserve a negative 8 week again". I mean, do you really need it?

Oh another one. Like how it is a really REALLY good thing that your priest is also remarried cause if he wasn't, when he went through the details of you and your fiance's divorces (not plural each, one for each), he didn't sweat a bullet. Or flinch either for that matter. Crazy non-medicated folks and all (that needs no commentary...carry on...carry on and Alex...if you don't put my REAL name in your address is going to get wild up in here).

Oh yeah one more. How about fudge brownies. Not as sabotage, but as curvature insurance.

I got home really late today. Just workin on getting some work done. When I got here, I got the best welcome ever. Just a greeting at the door and a big hug and a genuine happiness to see me. I so can't wait to have kids. Not ugly ones (please don't jinx me) like the baby on Friday Night Lights (sorry Gracie), but happy ones like my nephew. And I LOVE that show. Smash is gonna get what he needs...fave desert and a good coach who cares and all.

Here is to second chances. Here here.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Updates | Inspiration

#2 hairstyle won.  Yippee!!  Thanks for playing along there.

I seriously need to get my wedding butt into gear.

Speaking of which, maybe I can even finish printing off other parts of the invite.

Yesterday was phenomenal...can't wait for round 2.

Working on some stuff like it was due yesterday (though it is due Tuesday at the latest).

Working on thinking about reading some files.

Working on getting back onto an appropriate sleep schedule and not staying up until 4 am.

Otherwise, a photo montage of some current inspiration:

February Wedding Inspiration Board

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Washington Caucus Blogging - As it Happens

8:30 am
Not quite sure if I'll take my laptop with me. Want to make sure to be in the moment and participating. Will definitely take notes, but so far today:

It is 8:30 am and the Washington State Democrats website caucus locator tool is "down". Meaning, you can click the button, but a message noting "extreme traffic" causing slowdowns pops up. I'm on cable broadband. I waited 3 minutes for it to populate and it did not.

Obama's website has a handy dandy tracker. I actually got an email this morning asking me to confirm my caucus location. I typed in my info (name, addy, email) and it popped up with the correct caucus location (note--the caucus location is NOT the same as my voting location printed on my voter registration card).

I vote in the Sylvan precint so I think it might be a safe bet to say that if you are in Seattle/Burien's Sylvan precinct, you are voting at Beverly Park Elementary school. I went on the State Dem site because I think they had a tool where you could just type in your precint and county and it would tell you where you were to vote. I want to look up all LD 11 folks so that if they show up at my location and no one can tell them where to go, I can say "you vote here" and get them moving.

Oh yeah...I'm a Precinct Captain for Obama.

More shortly...printing off some ghetto fabulous stickers and making some signs. We're going to take off in about two hours.


11:34 am
Trying to leave for the caucus. Can't print my list of LD11 supporters cause it must be a million pages long or something. about to just go ahead and go without it. I got two calls last night, here's presuming everyone else on that list got just as many and will show up.


11:45 am
So we left for the caucus. My WORD thank goodness for GPS. Miranda and E were actually at a different elementary school so they went their way, we went ours. When we pulled into the parking lot at the school about 10 till noon, we noticed the bumper stickers in the lot (only about 6 cars) and there was one for Obama and one for Clinton. Some folks were sitting in their cars, I went into the school where I promptly met two very tired/sleepy Obama supporters in Rebeccah and Greg. Robert had gone to go get food and Rebeccah as soon as I came in wanted to know what we were supposed to do and how she could help. She was a GODSEND.

I got them to fill out voter reg cards and we went in to turn them in and sign in to our precinct. Then we got to giving out stickers and getting people to the correct tables. There were 8 precincts caucusing at my caucus location. My ghetto fab Obama stickers came totally in handy. Totally.


12:45 pm
I looked up to see that it wasn't even 1 yet. Lots of folks wanting to sign in with their preferance and break out to go to work. Lots of explaining to folks what was going to happen. Lots of whipping out a new stash of stickers. Robert is working the crowd seeking out the independents and Edwards folks who could be convinced otherwise. Lots of activity around me. Mostly Obama supporters.


1:25 pm
The woman in charge of convening the caucuses called us to order. Immediately she went through the alphabet and asked if anyone wanted to speak to each of the candidates' strengths. The first Clinton supporter up didn't want to rehash her record. She suggested we go online and look it up. She said she didn't want to get negative because she would support "either candidate". Then she said, if you want to know Obama's record, go online. You'll see that it is nothing. That convinced a lot of Obama supporters to go Clinton. Yeah. NOT. It actually got some folks really tight lipped and when she continued down the "why not Obama" path, she actually DID get some boos. To which everyone there was like "oh now that ain't right" and she said she wouldn't boo if everyone else didn't boo so...other Clinton supporters also said they wouldn't go into her record. There were 3 folks who spoke for Clinton, a couple really longwinded folks so the caucus convener limited the Obama supporters to only three by the time we got to him "in the interest of time" and suggested they keep it short. The convener also did brief spiels of about a minute for each candidate that didn't have a support to speak and I tuned out a bit when she went into a long winded something about how uncommitted was a really good choice because neither candidate has said enough...etc. And so the caucus really begins.

In our group, I was almost cajoled into being the Precinct Chair. I don't know why I didn't do it...I was probably just scared that I really didn't have a clue. There was a woman (Stephanie) who had been to tons of caucuses and worked on the committee, etc. and so I thought she would be a good choice. Then I told Robert to read up because he could do it. They voted between the two of them and Stephanie (who had caucused about 13 times before and served on the committee) was selected as the chair, Robert and his finance background ended up as the Tally Clerk. Which is totally what I wanted--someone else struggling through the confusing rules, him doing something natural to him (math), me watching over.

The first count was tallied. we had 7 delegates for our precinct. There was one independent in our group who said "convince me". So after first tally, it was Obama 5 delegates, Clinton 2, independent unviable. We got to talking...the chair for our precinct let Obama folks go first. She said to do reverse alpha, but I actually think it was moreso so that she could rebut whatever the Obama supporters said. Or at least that was how it ended up.

She was really good about letting everyone who wanted to talk, talk. No matter how redundant. No matter how off topic (we started talking about Carter and Eisenhower...). She was really bad about keeping track of time. If she could, she would totally have let it drag on for 5 hours. I saw the natives getting restless and tried hinting by looking at the clock and my watch but I finally had to chime in and say "This is great convo, but we really need to focus on the candidates before us so that we can elect delegates before everyone has to leave." At that point, we moved on and asked who wanted to switch votes. Three Clinton supporters switched to Obama. The independent went with Clinton. One who signed in and had to leave before she left, because she supported both candidates, she signed in first for Clinton and then put down Obama as a second choice immediately. She left right after the tally specifically noting that her switch be noted. One Clinton supporter came late (after first tally) but was good to go still with timing.

On the second pass, it was the same. 5 for Obama, 2 for Clinton. This took an hour. It took about another 30 minutes to split into Obama and Clinton supporters and to select delegates. No idea how much time and effort it took on the Clinton side, but as an Obama Precinct Captain, I quickly said, of the abotu 16-17 people we had left, we needed 10 folks...5 delegates and 5 alternates. It was actually pretty hard to get the 5 delegates because people were committed to do other things on other dates. We had to assure people that it was likely they wouldn't make it to the national convention but that the actual delegates should commit or pair up with alternates that could go on dates they could not. And that worked out well enough to get our 10 folks--5 delegates, 5 alternates. Robert is a delegate and so am I.

It should be fun at the Legislative District caucus. Obama was up pretty much 2 supporters for Clintons's 1 across the state so it will be among a bunch of the same folks. I think probably Robert or myself have a good chance of making it at least to the state convention. We had some enthusiastic supporters but I'm going to have to really work our precinct delegates and alternates to make sure that they know when to be where.

Exciting! I can see why some folks probably walked away feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed. That's how I felt after my training remember? This time, something came of it and it was just as confusing and overwhelming, BUT it was actually fun this time.

Some things I learned for next time:
Don't worry about getting folks to the right "other" location--the caucus workers were actually good about that.

Print yourself out a "precinct captain" tag to wear. Or bring a ton of Obama stickers so everyone has to come to you. The illusion of knowledge is powerful. And when you have information to back up that illusion--you are the rainmaker.

Go prepared. With facts. Little known facts. Everyone has the same party line "Change" and "Experience". But when you know a little something specific or different, you stand out. And people want to be around you and it is fun because you get to know people and really feel the energy.

That's that.

Oh...I've been reminded. The fave line of the night according to R said by me:

"The Presidency is no one man or woman. You have advisors. You have a cabinet. Either of these candidates will have a phenomenal cabinet and as such, it isn't a matter of who will be "ready" or "right" on day one among democrats." went on and on to say who has the better shot in November, but the "no one man or woman" comment was out of R's playbook...ala our love of West Wing episodes past.

Now THAT is that. Straight from Sylvan precinct, Seattle, King County, WA. Feb, 2008.

Friday, February 08, 2008

"O" my WOW~

I'm a geek. I'm super SUPER "innocent" and "sweet" (how he puts it) and a few things today just really confirmed that.

So, at first I was a bit upset when I arrived on colored people time to see the O man speak and the situation looked grim. Inspiring, but grim for my prospects of getting inside.

R had to park the heavy Chevy about 6 miles up the block and he finally caught up to me with the big glass. And of course we had to walk around. Now. It ain't no secret that I'm totally smitten about that cat. But everyday, in a totally new way. Case in point today.

You already know I love going to concerts with him because not only do we get rockstar parking (which is an everyday thing...even on MY campus!) but because we always get the best views too. And he's a great tall drink of water to lean up against so the no sitting thing isn't an issue. No matter, all that is from his past life in security.

From his natural abilities is the fact that he is SUPER observant. Remember the $100 bill? Right. So we walked around to the other side and he's like "there". see how they are moving the barricades. And all those suits? And that officer right there...see how he has rank? When they start talking and moving...he will come out and it will be here. Yeah right.

I'm already a bit t'd that I'm not inside, but I'm lovin'g the vibe of all the folks outside so I'm just rolling with it. Then HE shows up. Yes. Obama. Waaaaay on the other side...where I was before they put up the tape. I'm like "hot damn!". R is like "STAY PUT!" I'm all "but everyone is running over THERE! I'm commanded to stay put. mass exxodus "over there".

But O does a switchup and comes back around for a hot second, and I get just enough of a glimpse before I'm yanked off by the big guy dragging me over to the stairs. I kind of lost touch for a second and when I looked up, I was like, I need to get over there with the tall white guy. And when I got over there, and peeked around the corner and then stepped into the crowd...I was not but 3-4 feet away from Obama. Shaking hands with people. Taking pictures. After a quick little speech via bullhorn to the folks who couldn't get in.

I can't even describe the feeling that rushed over me. Not because of him--we already know he's my man. But because of the crowd--who was in it, who was crying, who was reaching out to touch that boy who got to touch that other boy who got to touch Obama. Wow.

To the point that even AFTER he spoke, I stood around like a groupie waiting to get a glimpse of his motorcade. Note to self...way too old for that shit. Note to self--good thing you DID leave and go all the way back home to "get some pipe" (okay...a fan...but because a certain someone makes visits to this here blog every now and again, we'll have to come up with a new fave phrase next time I see ya Liisa) and then drive all the way back out to the school cause on the way back, we saw the Motorcade barely making it through downtown. And I swear that wasn't a tear in my eye, it was just a raindrop. Yeah...cause it had started being Seattle all over again.

If tomorrow is anywhere NEAR like today was, I won't be able to hold it together.

On a more personal note, good thing Fr. Paul rescheduled. Had a really REALLY good hour with him tonight and totally get it. Actually, dare I say, am excited by it. Life is so good right now. And I still get to go and watch a movie tonight! Maybe Mr. Woodcock. Or one of the bazzillion other movies we have I was supposed to watch.

Did ya'll know we have a federal holiday coming up?
Guess I should get that on my calendar eh?

Signing off,
the way over the legal limit Obamaholic

Wilbur is about to lose the farm!

And that began my not really Saturday with the great one.


In case you didn't notice, I love Flickr yahoo searches.

And the itinerary goes a little something like this:

Friday –


Stop by Video store

Order part for Heater

Stop by post office for letter

10AM or so

Arrive Obama Event

1PM (if we are lucky, I am thinking it will be more like 2PM possibly. Depends on what his schedule is. Politicitians are notorious for being late at these type of events.)

Leave event and do Sushi


Go by your University and do the gym/pool paperwork


Meeting with Father Paul


Do we need to go out to dinner or stop by the grocery store?


In the position watching movie with the B’s.

Saturday –

11AM to 2PM Caucus

Go see the house on the ridge

Saturday Evening – Thinking I will work on Parent’s budget and our budget. Just hang out unless you have other ideas.


Church and then no big plans. No football ;<

I should scrap some in there too.  We shall see. Bye bye Elvis. Liisa hush yo mouth.

P.S.  Why yes it IS 9 am just about and no I have not yet showered.  I hear keys jingling, so I should probably go do that.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Paging Big White...paging Big White!!

Elvis has left the building. I repeat, Elvis has left the building. Yeah right crazy! lol

So the kid I administered the LSAT for today. El Pasoan. So I'm thinking...maybe it is a sign. First was the almost move back. Then came the Myspace flood. Then came Mr. LSAT. But I think there are crazy people in El Paso. I could be mistaken.

And Alex, cancel it. No matter what "it" is, you have more important things to do. And don't you "whatever woman" me. I promise you and Rachel won't have to have "the talk" with this one. Responsible partier and all (smile). Golf. ICK! Okay so I'm jealous. Whatevers.

Rach might be coming my way, so I say all the rest of my newly found again El Paso friends should come too. In what...two weeks? Three? I've got plenty of space!

Oh yeah Big White...the heaters in the house (friggin' "hot water heaters" my arse) are not working so I had to have R go and lay some pipe. I hear it is good for two 15, 17 years or something like that. Yeah. And I went there. Oh yeah and remind me to talk to you about your mad sewing skills. While Rachel is in town. Cause we could do this to it you know what I'm saying? Yeah you do.

Okay, catchups done. It is Friday!! Well, for the two of us it is. Tomorrow, we get to go and see

the dude in the picture at this link

Excited much? Why yes. Yes I am.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Early start| TTR - N = H (Happy Lent)

Why no, I'm not Catholic. But I work at a Jesuit school and I'm getting married to an Episcopal dude so I need to flow with it this year. I'm giving up negativity and replacing it with thoughtful, thankful reflection. Which you might be saying "but you're hardly every negative" and I don't mean in thought and action. I'm talking inaction (not responding to emails/comments, not sending thank you notes, not saying I love you and calling people, which breeds a sense of "worthlessness" which makes me feel bad for them and for me and it just becomes a negative avoidance cycle...that kind of negativity). So for lent, Thoughtful, thankful reflection minus negativity = happiness. Happy Lent.

Saw this on Chris J's blog yesterday. But since I had JUST finished off a great post #2 for the day, figured I'd postpone publication of this until Thursday. When I'm twiddlin' my fingers running an accomodated LSAT. At least I get paid for that.

1. Grab the nearest book to you, turn to pg. 18 and find line 4.
1L discussion board Link to SU Online/Email (8) Easier navigation/org (13)

From the Addendum to the 2006 Market Survey. Reminder to self, number those pages next time.

2. Stretch out your left arm as far as you can . . . What's there?
stack of invitations to the scholarship reception

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
market recovering from yesterday on CNBC, delegate predictions on CNN (first on tv before work this morning, later on the internet via a CNN live feed at lunch)

4. Without looking, guess what time it is?

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?
2:41 (only because we're in countdown time to move the car did I know this)

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
talkers, phones ringing, doors slamming

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
1:16 pm was leaving Ginger Lime after having my daily pho while reading files

8. Before you started this survey, what were you looking at?
CJ's blog clip on bloglines.

9. What are you wearing?

gray slacks, brown/neutral tones short sleeve sweater, brown suede jacket and brown suede shoes, black/red/brown/white scarf

10. Did you dream last night?
Yep (smile). Oh wait...that wasn't a dream...

11. When did you last laugh?
with someone or at someone? That's like an hourly occurence, I'm a happy person generally.

12. What is on the walls in the room you are in?
cream paint and mini blinds. Some bird "stuff" on the window behind me.

13. Seen anything weird lately?

yeah. on the way to work, I had to turn away at some pretty graphic road kill. Wait for it. When I looked into my rearview mirror, the woman behind me had pretty much slammed her breaks so that she could roll down her window, stare, get a whiff and gag at it. That. was. hillarious! And disturbing.

14. What do you think of this quiz?

pretty indifferent now that I'm doing it. when I read it like the nosey chick I am, I thought it pretty fascinating.

15. What is the last film you saw?
like on film in the theater? Sheesh...U23D. Last movie I saw (on tivo, HD) was War of the Worlds. I think between the two of us we asked "what is this hot ass mess and why are we watching it?" about 218 times.

16. If you could become a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
houses, gold and ExxonMobile stock. Maybe I'd also buy a solid answer from the church.

17. Tell me something about you that I don't know.
I'm an open book. If you look hard enough, everything to know about me is in plain view.

18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you change? right now. In this moment? The outcome of the NY and CA dem primaries last night (smile).

19. Do you like to dance?
so old school. Been there done that before. I'm danced out.

20. George Bush:
348 and counting

21. Would you ever consider living abroad?

22. What do you want to say to God when you reach the pearly gates?
uhhmmm...I think I made a wrong turn.

And then this one, I got from my friend Sheila via email:

1. What is your name? B[...]
2. 4 letter word: boat

3. Vehicle: Bentley
4. City: Boston
5. Boy Name: Brandon
6. Girl Name: Berkley
7. Alcoholic drink: Brandy
8. Occupation: Bartender
9. Something you wear: boots
10. Sport: Basketball

11. Food: Boston Creme Pie
12. Something found in a bathroom: Bathtub

13. Reason for Being Late: Bumpin' Uglies (for married folks I guess)...
14. Cartoon Character: Bugs Bunny

15. Something You Shout: bullsh*t!
16. Animal: Baboon
17. Body part: Booty
18. Word to describe you: Brainy

Friendly Fire

So. What happens when you organize your high school reunion "some time ago" and you use MySpace to get back in touch with people? Well, you run into some folks you never thought you'd run into again. This, perhaps, needs a story.

Back in middle school, I was traumatized when I got uprooted from my safe little Andress/Charles school environment and was thrown in with the thugs at another high school that shall remain nameless. You think I kid, but I went from "suburbia" to the hood. Never mind what reps those schools NOW have, but I was terrified. So when I arrived in the new school, I was promptly befriended by a couple of girls.

And I was quickly noticed by about three guys.

For YEARS (and I do mean years) I had a fierce crush on two of them. This all even after this very traumatic story I'm about to tell you that is actually several stories in one.

When I first moved to the thug school, I already had a year of band under my belt. So when they wanted to put me in intro band, I wasn't havin' it. They put me in with the advanced folks and older kids and that is where my crush began.

You see, there was this trumpet player with green eyes...and this track star tuba player. I didn't know immediately that they were best friends, but that was how it shook out. No matter. I had both of them for my band class, and both for my comp sci (if you can HAVE a "comp sci" class at that age) as well. My bestest friend in the world at that time was in band with me.

I don't know HOW it started, but in band, as both guys sat on the back row and had their groups of friends that played along as boys will do, there came about a chant by which trumpet boy and his friends would chant "Bernadette and [insert tuba boy's name here]" to which tuba boy and his friends (one of which was his baritone playing cousin) would chant back "Bernadette and [insert trumpet boy's name here]". Yes. Yes they did. They did indeed do this throughout the middle of class.

And I totally was crushing on both of them.

In computer science class, the chanting and obnoxious comments got so bad that our teacher was convinced that she'd wake up one day (probably about now) and read in the paper that Bernadette and one of said boys had hauled off and gotten married and popped out some kids. Right.

But wait for it, it gets better.

Remember the girls that befriended me? Well, in the small world that is El Paso, TX, she was actually really good friends with some folks I went to school with back in the day on the other side of the tracks. Didn't know that at the time I don't think and pretty sure it would not have mattered. Hung with her, had good times. Till she was over at my place one day and we were being chatty happy girls on the phone. Trumpet boy's number was not at all hard to find in the phone book. Heck, he lived right up the street from me pretty much. New bestfriend took it upon herself to dial him up.

I. was. mortified.

I didn't know what to say or anything. And truth be told, I wasn't quiet yet sure if I liked him better than his best friend. I mean, I was smitten by the green eyes. No lie.

Anyhow. Back to mortified on the phone. Somewhere, somehow, NBFF ends up asking Gorgeous Green Eyes if he likes me. And I promptly hang up the phone.

The things we'll never know. Sigh.

I could barely drag myself to school on Monday. Thankfully, both trumpet and tuba boy were a year ahead of me so in my 8th grade year, I pretty much forgot about boys (Chris didn't count...we were both just total geeks) and instead took to embarrasing myself (and my mom, sorry mom) with backwards clothes in school pictures.

So...then I move up and trumpet boy and tuba boy have moved into things like football and basketball (not in that order for each boy). I become a bonafied groupie and come to find that tuba boy has yet ANOTHER cousin that is all that and a bag of chips. Big time in Texas football. But still, I can't shake these two cats. And by this time, I have a new best friend (and, quite honestly, I might be confusing these two best friends because quite frankly, people pull stunts like this on me ALL. THE. TIME.). I'm cruising through high school as fairly Ms. Popular. I mean, I'm a freshman on the dance team (which was even bigger than cheerleading at my school...varsity dance, in Tx...and me AND my mama lived to tell about it), I'm in marching band, and get this...the newest best friend, wrangled two freshman girls spots as managers of the boys varsity basketball team.

Hot. damn. REALLY. We didn't get to travel out of town with the team till my uncle (also a basketball so at the very high school I avoided attending like the plague) told us to put our foot down, but we got to travel locally with them and that didn't do me very good for my crush on Mr. Trumpet turned Basketball dude. In finding that I could do the basketball thing, I moved over to do some track stuff too to stalk, I mean, be closer to, I mean, just you know...with the Tuba turned track star dude.

No matter. Nothing EVER came of either of these guys. Track star actually moved to another school. Basketball dude graduated just in time for me to find a gray eyed hottie to crush on when I went through my younger boy phase (and the new BFF told the dude straight out "Stop touching, talking, stalking her because she will never EVER go out with you." that surely stopped that dead in the tracks).

All said and done, I've been back to El Paso a few times. Everytime each of these guys moved on or I moved away, just when I was getting over them, they'd pop up somewhere unexpected. In the grocery store. At some function. As a friggin' coach of my brother's team. So imagine my surprise when my high school bff emails me today about coming to town and tells me there's a message waiting for me on myspace.

Now. I'm grown and sexy. I don't really do myspace. Got a profile, but remember way at the start of this post when I was talking about my HS reunion? When Mr. Tuba boy popped out of nowhere on Myspace, I ran for the hills. No more drama. So when I go back on today to answer the message my HS BFF was telling me about (from someone totally unrelated) imagine my shock and horror to see not one, not two, but 26 messages. From over 14 months. Of folks who were all "remember me?"

Wow. WOW! So alllllll of that for a quick shout out.

Hey there alexpatrickivanpatrikstacycrystaleddiemariemonicaverorachelletishacharlenekylemelanieharmonymichelle&jeanette

wow. And I promise. I don't usually take 437 days to respond to my email or comments here. Promise.

So much to say... little time. So you know what that means:

* wow. WOW! I'm in a state that matters. I can't wait for Saturday.
* scrapbooking feels so good again
* he's all MINE this Friday (smile)
* Sunday house hunting and dare I say waterproof pants might be necessary for the afterparty?
* Back to the save the about a full Saturday
* And here's to finally finalizing the invites
* holding steady SUCKS! Especially when you're paying to "maintain"
* deadlines all around, this is what I like
* know you ain't right. But if I have to choose, I'd say I like this one:
(you is more traditional and all *smile*)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


...way back when how I told you I lived in the hood because of the overhead coptors? Well. I'm at work now. NOT in the hood. But there were sirens galore and now there are more helicoptors overhead.

I'm just saying.

Nope. I'm not a slacker. Just totally waiting on something meaningful to come out of Super Tuesday. And voting. Not real voting. Left out state, prep for Saturday caucus voting. Which was fun nonetheless.

Now back to reading. not at all exciting. Couple more hours here, then home to pay the bills from that joint account that will be the death of me if Billpay won't act right, and then some scrapping goodness. Cause I like to scrap and I'm going through withdrawals (like you ardent blog apologies) and I have one more deadline. So. Tonight, a photo for the photo blog and one with sneaks for the scrap blog. And midnight blogging on whatever the hell is going down here at work and what is going on across the nation.

Go Super Tuesday! how about that Super Bowl?!

**Update** Let the craziness to be "first" ruin a great historic night. The AP is alreads saying Obama won Georgia based on surveys of voters as they left the polls. Cause we didn't learn the lesson of exit polls gone bad before right? Pulllease...I knew they (media) wouldn't be able to risk not having the top clickable stories of the night and would start this early.'s to a crazy night of watching returns. I think I need to go to HQ tonight.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

So Far...

LOVED Both Pepsi commercials. Audi and Hybrid Yukon were cool. I always like the TMobile Charles B commercials. And I LOVED the Planters commercial...back to our regularly scheduled programming and thank GOODNESS it is not a blowout.

Go NY! Oh yeah...I really don't care who wins...

**UPDATE*** from the second half, what I remember...the Etrade commercials. The first one grossed me out at the end (you know my throw up issues!) but the second one with the "disturbing" clown lol...that was hillarious.

There was one more car commercial I liked and I liked the Bud commercials with the flyer (probably flying a bit too much) and...drawing a blank on his name...darn it. LOVED the Justin Timberlake commercial of course (smile).

And WHAT an end to that game. We could actually HEAR people screaming about it around us (we're in Seattle folks!) which was amazing because, we were all about the Tivo delay. I tell ya.

And (last thing, I promise) halftime turned out to be much better than I anticipated. Kudos there.

Didn't get to watch the puppy bowl this was kitty halftime when we started to watch. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not a kitty girl.

Talked to mom tonight and LOVE how excited she is about the election and Super Tuesday. To the point that she's likely going to take a vacation day on Tuesday so she can watch CNN. Those who know my mom know that that is HUGE. I love this feeling. And need to get up "early" to watch my news shows from the weekend. I missed Barack this morning and we tivo'd Hillary. But we had to watch Redneck wedding instead so...priorities. Although I must say this one was no where near as interesting.

Night...well...morning I guess.