Friday, April 28, 2006

Selfishly...I don't wanna

There are lots of things I don't wanna do:

Get up before 8:30 am
Sleep all day
pretend to like people I don't
be embarrassed

None of these tie together, but I must say that my poor BF is struggling with finding win/win situations where really there are none.

This morning we had an interesting information exchange about bully countries and oil and Collapse by J. Diamond (it's really not a school book and you really SHOULD read it).

All said, there is a much closer to us real life situation where we just keep giving and giving and getting no compromises or nothing in return. I won't go into the gorry details (gossipmongers!!) but let me just say that:

1. I will not ruin another person's special day
2. I will not sacrifice myself for people who would rather die on the sword
3. I do expect friendships to be reciprocal

I'm not going to stress my BF outover whether he should or shouldn't out of respect and honor to me because he's a real man and will go there.

I'm not going to make a big deal out of how ridiculously selfish I could be over this...well...ridiculously selfish proposition.

Now that you are thoroughly confused...we will move back to the regularly scheduled program.

United 93.
Bracing ourselves for this one tonight.
Right after Thai Food.
Only because King Fish doesn't accept credit cards?
Who knew?
Could have sowrn I paid with my debit card there last time
Who carries cash anymore anyhow?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tulip Fest

I promised...and shall deliver. Some very quick pics from Tulip Fest. There are tons more...but that requires tranfers from other cameras/broken computers/taking time out of life. Here are a few. Check the Shots Fired blog and the B3 Designs blog for my fave photo and a LO done with one of these pics.


And Going back to Cali...

...well...not me. Him. Sigh. I wish there was so much more that I could do to help. I do absolutely adore how much stock and weight he puts on his opinion. First he was going to go down. Then he wasn't. Then he asked me if he should go. I was half asleep while we were watching The Right Stuff (absolutely most amazing space movie of all times--how in the WORLD did I miss that one Madame Wannabe Astronaught Gal?!) but when I woke up I told him yes. He should definitely go. At this point, I honestly think it is worth the time spent.

He's a fixer. He likes to fix stuff. I tell him I'm anemic and he's ready to give me a transfusion. Probably in his living room. Probably not a good idea. I tell him I can't decide which camera I want to buy and he buys me one that is super fantastic AND offers to let me use his scary set up (scary cause neither of us are pros and I don't think I've spent as much on camera equipment in my whole LIFE as is currently on that get out...I'm scared to touch the thing and he's all about "it's only money...long as you don't hang yourself by the strap, nothing bad can come of your use of it.") I digress.

My BF Mr. Fix It is stressing the trip down to see the parents because he cannot fix it. The God Can is never broken and all. Anyhow. I told him he needs to go down. Often. As much as he can. Because really it is about time and letting go. Not about fixing it and being right. If there is ANYTHING in this world I wish I could take back and do over again, it is the last four months of my grandmother's life. Another post, another time.

So. He's going back to Cali. If only I could get inspired to take a picture. Or inspired to go out with someone. One of our friend's is depressed over companionship issues. Time to really be a friend and help her out. Time to adjust my attitude--yesterday I learned that a phenomenal young lady I used to work with died. Her brain busted (cause I don't know how to spell that "A" word that denotes, essentially, the same thing). Out of nowhere. She wasn't even 21 I don't think. I cried. Cried hard for all the people who never got to know her. Cried harder and more selfishly over the fact that I was really crying because I'm so very out of it that I'm stressing the little things instead of living the bigger life.

I'm rambling. I'll stop. I promise.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Coming back from Cali

Because I could do going back to cali, but we've gone and returned.

It was a short trip, but oh how I enjoyed seeing BF in his natural habitat. Here are some things you only see/do/get away with in California.

{in no particular order of course}

In can go 85 mph on "the 5" (I-5 to everyone east, south and north of Cali) and not pass a single soul.

In can pay LESS to fly into a vintage airport (ie, Long Beach). Personally, I think you should be charged more because not only do you get a convenient (enough) flight, but you ALSO get a trip to an air museum tossed in for free. Time to capitalize on that...

In California...there are 5 lanes (plus a private toll road's worth) of traffic in the absolute middle of NOWHERE at 11 pm on a Thursday night.

In California...there is valet parking at the hospital (I kid ya not...)

In can play craps at the table, but there will be no dice (how crappy is that?!)

In can get Menudo at the Sizzler brunch (complete with all the fixins!) in Perris.

In will be told that it is a 45 minute wait at Cheesecake Factory. They will gauge your willingness to commit and then tell you to come back in 30 minutes before they will even give you a blinky thing. THEN, you'll REALLY begin the 45 minute wait which means (do the math) you're really waiting for an hour and 15 minutes for a table. To top it all off, they will watch you limp over to PF Changs and laugh mercilessly at you when you come back after finding out the wait is 2 HOURS over there. Density factor as BF likes to often say.

In can sneak into really posh resorts, give them a bogus room number and your real last name and they're not going to stop you (or any of the other 900 people) from going to the pool. Try it. Trust me on this one...

In California...when the above doesn't work (only because there are too many people to actually swim...density factor again), you can wait until the sun goes down and then sneak into the old folks pool and swim in water that is actually cooler than the air temp...even though the pool is heated!

In can watch your light turn green and still watch 3-4 MORE cars take the red in the other direction (apparently, traffic signals are mere suggestions...)

One more to grow on...

In can leave the top down when you leave the car behind. Word. All about the convertible...even if it is merely a domestic.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Oh yeah...that non-mushy (sorta) post.

Why I am so smitten with my bf?
Because he has the patience to get it on the tee.
A feat I had pretty much chalked up to one more impossibility in life.
[image blurred to protect the me on this one...]


Sigh. I'm pretty speechless.

Guess who now has cool pictures of tulip festival? Guess who has only one shot of the Camano Island Inn? Guess who finally threw down some chips at a Casino? Guess who loved every last moment of this past weekend and the cat she was with?

Oh wait...that would be me.

I have fantastic tulip festival kits cause my fantastic boyfriend gave me a digital camera for our anniversary. Yeah. Tell me about it. I felt kinda sappy with my gift to him...really wasn't much of anything in the greater scheme of things. But he was all about the whole "I just want you" for our anniversary. So that's what he got. Lovely.

So BF is so the full service type. I mean, yes, we established that I am spoiled beyond all belief. But he's the one most comfy at a full service (as in, don't have to plunge your own toilet...) hotel. One with valet and room service and...

Camano Island Inn...though voted one of the best places to kiss in the Northwest (I'll vote for that) and one of Travel & Leisure's Top 10 B& not a full service joint. They left our key for us in the flower pot because we arrived at like 10 pm.

We had a wonderful bottle of wine to go with our first night's hot tub soak and I've never slept so well in all my life.

Up early for the tulips and a trip to the casino. Back to the B&B for a bit of a nap. Up and out to dinner at Maximes (which, contrary to popular belief does NOT have live jazz on the weekends, BUT, to hear boyfriend tell it, they have a to-die-for Cowboy T-bone that was all of $20!). Food was good, company was great, the brownie taken back to our room was fantastic. But who needs desert when you can take another dip in the hot tub (did I mention it was out on the deck...and that said deck was on the beach...). Wow.

Finally ate the brownie, got to bed, woke for breakfast. Back to the room where we watched Jurasic Park II (now THAT is one for the record books) before checking out and making it back to Seattle in record time.

Which was good because bf had a bike to put together (and a trip to REI to become a card-carrying member of the yuppified Seattle crowd). And I had all sorts of scrap stuff to check up on. Found out some EXCELLENT news today on the three most important fronts of my life:

1. Personal--I'm still cared for and I am loved once again
2. Work--I reeled a big one in...and it was because I went that extra mile Friday night and
stayed 20 more minutes and read one more file to "make it personal"
3. Scrap - Whoa now. There are people out there that actually "know my work" And seek me
out! It's all about tiers. I was trying to play with the heavy hitters and it was Cornell rush
week all over again. thanks. But right where I'm at, I'm definitely in the
crowd...standing up and looking great.


Friday, April 07, 2006

Do you know what today is?

It's our anniversary...our anniversary.

Man...I used to LOVE me some Tony! Toni! Tone! Gotta dig those back out the back closet.

Anyhow...a year ago (and one hour ago) I met the BF for the first time. Quirky cat. Thought to myself...he's interestingly smart. In ways I don't tend to see smart. Not a knowitall and throw it all in your face kinda smart. But definitely not a shy smart. Not a sarcastic smart. Not a notice me, I'm smart kinda smart either. Just a "him" kinda smart.

To this day, he amazes me with the breadth of stuff he knows about. Not random life stuff (which was what was cool about my ex--random and not so randomly) that you get from living. But random stuff that he knows about because he wondered about it and sought out the information. I've never known someone before that had such VARIED interests. He is just too cool that way.

Ahhh yes...singing the praises of him. I know some folks get a bit tired of it, but it's been oh so fun to take it slow and savor the moments. Slowly.

So...I need to switch computers so I can post one more...this next one is fun...not mushy...I promise...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Fun[ny} people and places to go

Am I addicted to eating sushi or what? Which is a bit funny since I have those texture issues and don't eat meat/fish...especially when it is raw.



This weekend was a BLAST!

Had my latest and greatest friends show up to the weekend at Bernie's. Well...the evening. Slaved away making enchiladas (totally f'd up the green ones...another time...another time) and had such FUN watching my people mix with his people and just ADORED seeing two of my fave folks get along with my most favoritist person. Life is good. Really good. I didn't take a single picture. Know why? Cause I'm not pimpin' them out and I don't need a picture to remember how fantastic that night was.

Saw SAW II. Wow. I'm not sleeping for days. I cannot even think about seeing one. I'm gagging thinking about it.

Yesterday, went and fed the ducks @ Greenlake. It's simple and I know some of you will think I'm ignorant for not knowing and others will think me way too simple for caring this much, but my bf never ceases to amaze me. Case in point:

He asked me if I knew that ducks mated for life...

...unless of course they get hit. (as in, by a car)

I did not know this. So I was amused by the fact that:

1. he knew it
2. the way he told me it gave me shivers
3. he could always find a way to make me laugh
4. he's all knowing.

On the way out of Greenlake there was a bit of a traffic jam as we all waited for a duck to cross the street. Who knew?

Hung out with his oh so traveling friend from the East (it is always cute to watch them together) and discussed travels for Sept/Nov or some such. A cruise eh? Maybe...or?

We shall see.

On the way home (to watch West Wing of course) we were waiting in cue to get on the 99 (there...cali rubbing off on me) and there was a tiny cute little mouse running in betwixt the cars. I wanted him to get out of the car and get him. I'm so sure he would have...if only I would have said we could take him home for Grayson.

Thursday is going to be here soon and I am so going to miss that little cutie. So going to miss her.

Almost like I miss him when, after Black.White, after West Wing...after all the Tivo is used up, I then packed it all up and go home. To my home.