Friday, March 28, 2008

Things that Go Bump...aka Just walk away

Or some other random title.

So I sit here. Trying to do a very important page for a very important person. But as I do a half-assed list job of it all (I'm trying, I promise), I think a few key things:

Why is it only when I am home alone that I heard all those things that go bump in the night? Granted, it is windy out. And I live in a condo with shared walls. Thick walls. Or at least I hope for my morning activities when I find myself mumbling (okay, screaming at the top of my lungs) in high pisstivity because I can't find my keys for the umpteenth time. In ten minutes. Frrustrating I tell you. But I digress. Windy. Shared walls. Home alone.

So I was sitting here relieved that I wasn't totally dreaming it when I thought I had seen some calligraphy alphabets online. Thank you to the online book project. Love you people. Found that. Couldn't find it last night. Curled up for the evening of being grumpy bear fiance (which is often lately) to watch some West Wing. Yes. Yes I know that the show is no longer on. Ahoy matey. Did I mention yet why I love my dude? Anyhow. Liisa...hush your mouth. You know better.

Anyhow. Found the calligraphy stuff. Started randomly searching for "the necklace" to go with "the dress" and finally got to the point of being completely engrossed (and it was light outside...add darkness to my list above) and not noticing or feeling alone. Then I got up to take a shower. Not that I never take showers alone. Always as a matter of fact. BUT. I was in the shower, burning my skin off (though we DID just turn down the water heater temp, but whatever) when I heard a very loud and very distinct bump. The kind that makes you turn off the water. Get out the shower. Think about leaving the room to go check it out. Right before you realize that you keep a big white guy around for just that purpose. I'm not saying but...yeah really I am saying. I don't roll like that. He might come home and find me camped out under the bed with a flashlight reading a book hoping whatever it is that went "bump" goes away, but he won't find me downstairs looking for the bump. Or cooking dinner. I'll starve before I leave this room before he gets home. Thank goodness I have the History channel to watch. I was watching a fascinating Hitler piece last night and finally "got" the cross-references to Obama the Messiah folks are making on those places online I should never ever visit. That's some scary stuff.

Anyhow. All that rambling to say:

I like lists and I haven't done a "why I like him" list in a while so why not.

Things go bump in the night all the time in my hood. I'm not afraid (okay yeah I am, but I'm not "startled") by things that sound like gunshots, domestic violence or police dogs barking. I'm not immune either, but I guess I now just "know" those sounds. I don't live "in the city" but I don't live in the burbs or in the woods either. So when I hear sounds of "nature" (ie, a tree falling in the forest--I hear that sounds loud), I don't know what that is. And it scares me. Like the sound in the shower earlier.

If I just walk away from something I'm looking for online on my laptop downstairs, I'll just come upstairs to my desktop the next evening and find it on the first click. That's just the way it is and the quicker I learn to just walk away, the better I will be. Maybe it works in scrap too. I think I want to go and play Sim City 4.

But first:

I love that guy cause:

He's big. And I'm never scared when he's around.
He buys me Reeses Peanut Butter eggs.
To put in the easter basket he made for me.
He doesn't blink an eye when I mention that I spent $100 on makeup. Never mind that I don't really wear it.
There is NOTHING that can be purchased that he can't find a coupon/deal/sale for. Nothing.
He looks HOT in his biker gear (as in cyclist, not Harley)
His eyes are GORGEOUS--especially when he's up to no good. Hard to be mad at that.
I always get at least two Krispy Kreme donuts per serving. I don't eat them. But he always makes sure that the other two b's do (smile).
He notices where every inch is missing. And he mourns the losses.
Patience like a mug. Be it for my insistance on still purchasing music online via itunes. My lofty "100 mile" goals. My "what is our password to the account again?" forgetfulness. my procrastination. No matter...he's patient in ways I just never knew possible.
He gets it. All of it. The easter bunny too.



Yes. I'm still alive. And you know the drill.

10. I'm not a fan of J.Crew. Almost bought a wedding dress there (I know). Which is not why I'm not a fan. Figured if I could find a wedding dress I liked there, surely I could find some bridal jewelry of the not so traditional sense as well no? Yeah. No. Their rings are sold in S M L. And to that, their "large" is really most people's small. No go. Liked the ring though.

9. That customer service I was talking about the other day? Especially when I had to go INTO the store because I had called and as much as they promised to call back I knew THAT wasn't going to happen. In the store, there was the anti-ghetoo girl reaction (you know what I'm talking about *smile*). Finally, in a store of no shoppers and like 8 workers I was like "Hi there, I'd like to chat with someone about an order." and that scared off half of the 8. Finally some poor "it is your training day, you deal with it" clerk had to help. Bless her soul. It turned out alright. Thank goodness because if it hadn't that would have been the last straw and I would have had to remind them that yes, you DO work in the hood.

8. On another customer service tip. I LOVE ordering stuff online. Moreso love when I'm brought boxes and boxes of goodies. Especially stuff I don't buy. Just recently, there came in the mail my BEAUTIFUL wedding shoes (ya'll are so going to die...I tell ya--thanks to Courtney at the bridal place for hooking me up with the idea), my not $200 more than my dress veils (that's incongnito crafty girl work for you--the whole "What do I LOVE about this $$$$YOUWANTHOWMUCHFORTHIS$$$ veil set and cain't I do this at home??" bit) which I can't wait to spice up AND I got some crafty goodness from a fave MF in the mail. Which kinda makes me go hmm on where my stuff for my actual design teams is at, but that's fodder for another day.

7. Sweets. I should really be avoiding them this week but for some reason I'm doing nothing and dropping weight. I KNOW that won't last so I need to get up off it and get back on track. But as it is...hopefully it lasts through Sunday. At which point I get to taste the inexpensive cake for girls with lots of folks to feed (ehh.) and the super expensive but still way under my budget gorgeous cakes for small parties of say 50 or so. I think it is fate tha tthe latter JUST had a cancellation for my date and so has the slot open. I need to snatch that up with a quickness. New credit card in tow and all. I love collecting points for things I "need" anyhow.

6. Thank goodness it is Friday. He's going to go and play Poker. So I get to finish the last of the invite stuff. They're pretty much stuffed. Now I just need to learn calligraphy (I'm a fast learner) or just write prettier and we'll be good to go. I kinda know calligraphy, I just want a cool font moreso. And good ink. Can a sister get some fantastic metallic ink already?

5. Boredome. Isn't there another presidential debate between the democrats coming up sometime soon?

4. Legislative District Caucuses. I get to help. Might actually get some training this time. I'm a delegate. I've heard what is going down in other states--states like Iowa where they know what they are doing. States like Texas where the "unofficial campaign buzz is..." Exciting in a car accident, can't look away kind of way. I guess that's just one way to cut the delegate lead though.

3. Coolest rehearsal dinner plans ever. I bet you want to know where eh? Why did this post turn into a wedding post? I don't know. Perhaps because I just started up the free website we won. That will be the "public face" of the wedding.
Not much up there just yet, but I have a whole weekend to get it started. Visit, but be sure to Mark the Map with where you're from. If you zoom out far then click and pull on the map, you can even do non-US places. Snazzy eh?

2. I want to scrap. another subject for another blog, but's only been half of forever.

1. Don't tell him but my tooth is killing me. I refuse to go to his dentist though. I've never seen a (or MY) 6'6 grown man cry and I'm admittedly quite a wimp when it comes to pain.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

10 days

Well, more than that even I guess. So much to say, no time to say it in. Life is pretty much, well, it is what it is. Work. Scrap. Love. Wedding. Life. It is what it is.

Of note.

My tulips finally died.
Ultimatums are not fun.
Being at work at 7 am is actually kinda fun.
Customer service is about dead in that "mid-range" know...that price point where it is more than the "well, you get what you pay for" range but is below the "of course the service is impeccable, you paid through the nose for it" range.
I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired
Will you also remember the day you became a Republican?
8 years could have been this October. 9 long years this November. About 8 this May/June. And on one page in one tiny book that saved my life last night, 14 years this July.

Times like this I miss her dearly. Desparately. To the point at being pissed off when other people (ahem) can't keep a phone on. Miss her too right about now. Time to call Liisa. Which I hate doing because the only time I ever do is when I want something I guess. Love her dearly and THAT is the true price of not having a reading day from home anymore--getting to this point and having no where to turn.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Because I was there. With the big glass. And I saw the scary trucks and the heavy presence in the center of town. And all the video cameras. And I stood out. And I'd probably be up in the midst of it if I were there now because:
1. I'd be there with him.
2. This is what he lives for. Not the drama. But he's often said he wanted to be a war journalist.
3. We got a little too close for my comfort (I'm so not observant, he's the opposite) in Kathmandu.

Which is also where it's going down. Makes me want to cry and smile all at the same time. Smile only because as indignant and mad and sad as I was while there for almost a month at all the destruction and brutal force displayed, hope is back.

Which brings me to the other goosebumps producing moment tonight. Watching CSPAN. Watching Michelle Obama speak in PA. Watching her with no note cards or telepromptor. Just telling it. Like. it. is. The passion she has for her husband. The emotion she has for what could be. The humility. The woman. Wow. WOW.

And lastly, 4 dress sizes. Pretty significant since I was all pissy about not budging the scales (only up to 11...I'm a hot mess, I know this). But that means it's time to go try on dresses. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And you know...

...that I have plenty to say lately. But since I wouldn't know where to begin, I'll leave it at this:

[.] I typed a lot in that period. And for the sake of all things good and nice and "pc" I deleted it. I like my job. Like the folks I volunteer with. Like 60/40 in MS right on the heals of WY. But that race card I hear plays really well in some states where the gov is convinced folks vote against color. Right next door to the state where the gov done lost his damn mind. Politics just doesn't get much better than this cycle ya'll.

Blue, brown and orange. If you need more detail than that and you are not a bridesmaid, you've lost your mind too. It is four months away. I promise we'll get registered. And I promise you won't look a hot mess in your royal blue (NOT!) while everyone else is in periwinkle (really, not). Patience my dears. Patience.

Public website to go up soon--maybe this weekend. Finally narrowed down dress choices, go to try em on this weekend. Got the tuxes ordered up (which was a trip when old boy was all "so, do you need white or ivory shirts?" and I was all, oh yeah huh?)

Anyhow. Gotta check the budget. Found a FANTASTIC cake stand today and finally got the theme set out to actually go with that. Invites are almost all done--need to get parking passes done up and ready to mail. Gotta get those out before May 1 cause every penny counts when you're convinced you want "that dress" which, all things considered, really ain't happening. Back to Kaboodle I go. That place is a Godsend--I can swipe everything I see online there and save it for later. Good when you have no memory.

So gotta get back to work. Clothes to hang and all. Only 11 miles down. Somehow, when you leave the house in a nice mist in Seattle, you should expect to come home drenched. I almost did two more in the downpour but figured I should probably go home, dry out and not kill myself and negate the other 89. I better step that up eh? 19 days means 5 per day no days off. Gulp. Better start getting up earlier...


Thursday, March 06, 2008


Last night felt really REALLY good. 4 down, 96 to go, but half completed with a really great guy saying really great things. Making me think. Which, of course, is what I love about him. I really can't wait to be his wife.

Getting lots of stuff off my shoulders and it actually feels good. Writing does a soul good so I probably won't be able to stay away from the blog for long...makes me more accountable and all.


journal/logs of activity, be it time spent, weight loss, food digested or miles walked. Easier to see progress (or vindicate it).

Till later!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Just getting by. Barely. So time to rethink it all. Which means, hiatus. Scrap. Work. Blog. Fitness. Health. Family. Balance.

Doing lots of things right now barely if at all just to get by. Gotta find my passion again cause this ain't it. And I've NEVER been here before. He says it is part of growing up (oh come on...I'm just BARELY 'grown up' lol). I say I've overstayed my cycle (no, not THAT general life cycles). In any event, something very soon has to change.

And rather than sitting here on the blog lamenting and gettin' all "woe is me" (DAMN you Texas...DAMN you!), I need to get out from in front of the screen and go DO something about it. Now.

So I'm going to get to work early today. I'm going to walk some of those catch up miles at lunch. Then I'm going to walk LOTS of miles tonight. First and only priority. walk and clear the head. It's all foggy and frosted over this morning. Perfect walking day.

Wedding planning is in full force, wedding blog updated, private site updated, I just won a really cool website, so will get that coordinated for the public internet space. That's another thing. No more incognito. You want me, you know where to find me. I've usually been pretty open and all, but last year, about October, that became a dangerous thing to be (scrapbooking and full life and all). I think I'm safe enough to not get knifed over a contest anymore. But then there I go thinking again.

Stay safe. Stay fun. Sorry to "end" on a bit of a downer, but few more blogs to update and then it's on.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Running around like chickens with our heads cut aliens

Martians to be exact. Last night:

"yeah, when we're under attack by the Martians, phone service is going to be the least of our worries."

We were discssuing just how going blind by watching a wall mounted plasma might be the equivalent of cable phone service getting you killed in an emergency (because it is the first thing to go...although it is the power that goes, not the cable and in that case you should use your cell phone unless of course your towers have been blown over by the attacking Martians. Or something like that). So we moved on.

Now don't get me wrong. It isn't that I don't like the OC. It isn't that I don't like Irvine. It IS that when we go to places like the Spectrum, there are lots of people like this one person I know. Well, more like the one person I know tries very hard to be like OC. No matter which way it goes, it just seems so superficial and fake to me. For the first time in like never, I actually walked past some "normal" people that didn't seem to be all about being what they're not. Case in point, subprime mortgage to have the home you don't really need, but to keep up with appearances. Anyhow. I'm just not a fan. How I managed to find one of the very few folks birthed through this place who actually isn't all about labels for the sake of labels (though he's convinced my next car will be the benz sitting out front) and who doesn't take 5 hours to go out for 20 minutes...well...lucky I guess. I love Seattle. Love it. Love being able to walk through the mall, see a comedy club or a movie theater and really be able to just walk right up and get great seats at a realistic price. Not about planning a movie three weeks in advance.

Someone is REALLY trying to get a hold of us. There goes the cell phone for the ninehundredth time today. It is barely 10 am. Really now. But I digress.

Seattle yes. OC no. I totally don't fit in here. Not that life is all about fitting in. But I don't feel calm here. Not in my nature. Now San Fran. I have a whole like 5 pages of randomness I was writing at that fantastic forum that I could get into. Another time I suppose. Another time. Because right now, it is far more entertaining to watch Rocko try to jump up on to the chair with the best view of the street. Didn't make it. Poor cutie.

Let me tell you. I can't wait to rake in enough cash to pull off a salt water aquarium. This thing is FASCINATING! Especially watching the clowning around clown fish.

Time to head out and get the inlaws situated. Then back out here for some beachy fun times at dinner. I don't know why I'm colder sittin' around here than I am back home but whatever. Speaking of back home. Got some really great pictures to share and get caught up from travels on the photo blog. I think my next goal will be to take pictures of lots of orange things to commemorate the trip to Orange County. Why not?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Peeking Over my Shoulder though

Yeah. still alive. hanging in there.

First and foremost, did I mention I hate Macs? Love my ipod. Really wanted an iphone (still) for half a hot second. But hate Macs. Cause it means I have to relearn too much in a short time.

So ten and out:

10. I wish I was still an op-ed writer. Cause I'd just post this link and call it done. SJ. dang girl!
And yes, I still recall the appropriateness of picnics...thank you Ms. Hutcherson.

9. Stupid squiggly apple thing is going to mess me up. Why can't I just use "control+c" it is coming back to me.

8. Poor sweet, dear Jaxon.

7. Bull crap it never rains in southern california. Irvine. Might well be back in Seattle and all

6. Glad on all ya'll getting your save the dates. Gulp. Already 9 people coming we thought "ain't no way". Getting a bit heated up on that guest list

5. I want to live in the Pottery Barn catalog. Especially the one with the "Yellow is" cover. I might settle for Crate and Barrel if the going gets rough.

4. Thanks to CJ (my whole blog life basically), I'm all about 100 in 30. Times 3. 100 miles walked in 30 in March. 100 miles biked in 30 in April. And 100 miles jogged/run in May. I can do it. I can do anything I put my mind too. Especially when I get the "good luck with that" look when I announce those plans. Is that a challenge? it is ON now.

3. Jack and Jill Politics. Will link them when I'm on a real computer. LOVE. THEM.

2. Photos also when I get on a real computer.

1. Life. Live it. Fully. With lots of tomato soup.

Much love. Promise to get caught up on email, scrapping, work, etc. Liisa...get out the Remind me to tell you about that.