Friday, March 28, 2008


Yes. I'm still alive. And you know the drill.

10. I'm not a fan of J.Crew. Almost bought a wedding dress there (I know). Which is not why I'm not a fan. Figured if I could find a wedding dress I liked there, surely I could find some bridal jewelry of the not so traditional sense as well no? Yeah. No. Their rings are sold in S M L. And to that, their "large" is really most people's small. No go. Liked the ring though.

9. That customer service I was talking about the other day? Especially when I had to go INTO the store because I had called and as much as they promised to call back I knew THAT wasn't going to happen. In the store, there was the anti-ghetoo girl reaction (you know what I'm talking about *smile*). Finally, in a store of no shoppers and like 8 workers I was like "Hi there, I'd like to chat with someone about an order." and that scared off half of the 8. Finally some poor "it is your training day, you deal with it" clerk had to help. Bless her soul. It turned out alright. Thank goodness because if it hadn't that would have been the last straw and I would have had to remind them that yes, you DO work in the hood.

8. On another customer service tip. I LOVE ordering stuff online. Moreso love when I'm brought boxes and boxes of goodies. Especially stuff I don't buy. Just recently, there came in the mail my BEAUTIFUL wedding shoes (ya'll are so going to die...I tell ya--thanks to Courtney at the bridal place for hooking me up with the idea), my not $200 more than my dress veils (that's incongnito crafty girl work for you--the whole "What do I LOVE about this $$$$YOUWANTHOWMUCHFORTHIS$$$ veil set and cain't I do this at home??" bit) which I can't wait to spice up AND I got some crafty goodness from a fave MF in the mail. Which kinda makes me go hmm on where my stuff for my actual design teams is at, but that's fodder for another day.

7. Sweets. I should really be avoiding them this week but for some reason I'm doing nothing and dropping weight. I KNOW that won't last so I need to get up off it and get back on track. But as it is...hopefully it lasts through Sunday. At which point I get to taste the inexpensive cake for girls with lots of folks to feed (ehh.) and the super expensive but still way under my budget gorgeous cakes for small parties of say 50 or so. I think it is fate tha tthe latter JUST had a cancellation for my date and so has the slot open. I need to snatch that up with a quickness. New credit card in tow and all. I love collecting points for things I "need" anyhow.

6. Thank goodness it is Friday. He's going to go and play Poker. So I get to finish the last of the invite stuff. They're pretty much stuffed. Now I just need to learn calligraphy (I'm a fast learner) or just write prettier and we'll be good to go. I kinda know calligraphy, I just want a cool font moreso. And good ink. Can a sister get some fantastic metallic ink already?

5. Boredome. Isn't there another presidential debate between the democrats coming up sometime soon?

4. Legislative District Caucuses. I get to help. Might actually get some training this time. I'm a delegate. I've heard what is going down in other states--states like Iowa where they know what they are doing. States like Texas where the "unofficial campaign buzz is..." Exciting in a car accident, can't look away kind of way. I guess that's just one way to cut the delegate lead though.

3. Coolest rehearsal dinner plans ever. I bet you want to know where eh? Why did this post turn into a wedding post? I don't know. Perhaps because I just started up the free website we won. That will be the "public face" of the wedding.
Not much up there just yet, but I have a whole weekend to get it started. Visit, but be sure to Mark the Map with where you're from. If you zoom out far then click and pull on the map, you can even do non-US places. Snazzy eh?

2. I want to scrap. another subject for another blog, but's only been half of forever.

1. Don't tell him but my tooth is killing me. I refuse to go to his dentist though. I've never seen a (or MY) 6'6 grown man cry and I'm admittedly quite a wimp when it comes to pain.

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