Friday, December 29, 2006

and the moving goes

So I need to post pictures because my place is a hot ass mess. Pardon the french.

Really...all is well in the bathroom and kitchen which I need to finish moving over here today. The living room is about all bundled up and the dining room really just has lots of stuff in it now for obvious reasons. But the scrap room. My word I have a lot of stuff I just don't need. Don't use. So what to do with it? Sell it of course.

Here's the deal. I am making up scrapbook supply grab bags. At your post office, there are two sizes of "one price Priority Mail" boxes. One is more squareish, the other more traditional rectangle. I have twelve of the traditional and 5 of the smaller squarish ones.

You will pay for shipping ($10 for the first "grab bag", $8.10 for each additional). The prices of the boxes are as such:

Week 1: large = $30 small = $20
Week 2: large = $25 small = $15
Week 3: large - $15 small = $10

Here's how it works. Starting today, you can email me with the size you want. I will cram it full of my stuff that I have horded for the past year. Paper, embellishments, rub ons, stickers, tools, altering stuff, stamping stuff, name it there will probably be some of it in the box. You cannot specificy what you want (I have to be out by Jan 31) and you will probably get some items in your box you don't care for. But at these prices, you're just about guaranteed to get something you DO care for at a great price.

You can check my scrap style at my name is Imanisasa.

There will be some repackaged product, plenty of new unopened product.

The pricing structure is so that if you really want something good, you should order in week one. As the weeks go on, I'll start packing whatever I have left into the last boxes. Still good selection, but not as much to pull from--kinda like the clearance going out of business sales at stores--get in early, get what you want but not as much of a discount.

All said, each box is guaranteed to have at least twice as much retail value as you pay, most will have 4 times the value.

Email me at to claim your box and work payment details!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

And Day one...

...of the great shift. Back from Palm Springs and had a pretty good time.

On the way back, bf saw someone he used to work with--which was totally cool watching him chat it up. I think way more than me, he just definitely needs to be around people. Saw that a bunch this past very long weekend in Palm Springs. Get him in front of people and it is He's so the networker (smile).

Got to fly back first class. That happens when you hit the plane on Christmas evening I suppose (smile).

Now back home and contemplating. Because see...I ordered a gift for him that didn't show up until just now. Except I think it is the wrong one. Wrong by a couple of numbers which in bf geek world can be major. So I'll wrap it up for him and let him know that if it is that big of a difference, I'll return it and get the right one. Talk about getting click happy at work.

Anyhow...time to get home and start packing and shipping and labeling. I'm so totally excited about this shift. Sad to lose the beach house. But totally excited to gain just that much more in our relationship. Scared out of my mind, but totally going to do everything in my power to make it work. Fun knowing I have someone else as committed to that as I am.

Well...lunch downtown today and some shopping the after Christmas sales. I need to pick up the dinner cruise tickets and reaffirm when we're going to the symphony. You know, aside from getting to move in with the bf, what my best Christmas gift was?

It was getting to tell my adorable nephew. He was so totally excited! He loves him some Robert! I was remembering that because when I was telling him my Christmas gifts, he was telling me that he would LOVE to go to the symphony with us and on the dinner boat. He's the oddest 9 year old I know. Odd in such a good, cute, adorable way!

Packing time...or at least just getting home to change or something.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Moving Sale!

Well...short post because I just got power back at home and I'm at work with no walls:

Yes, I now have power.
Yep, I had a fantastic time out at the Christmas Lighting Festival in Leavenworth.
Yes, I'm about to leave for sunny southern California
Yep, have my ticket to China.
Yep, have lots of my layers for Nepal.

And yeppers...I'm moVing! Totally exciting and definitely deserves a post of it's own. It will happen...maybe Christmas.

But for now know that a moving sale unlike the likes of any others will happen. Soon. Lots of scrap stuff, lots of random stuff...lots of stuff!

Till then, Merry Christmas and more for all the wonderful holidays this magical season!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Non-Essential Workers at Work

Okay...face it. I am not essential. No where near it. But I came to work.

I gaped at the power lines twitching with the trees laid across them.

I waited half an hour before figuring out that my electric trolly bus wasn't coming up the hill.

I even paid to take a damn cab for the pleasure of eating a nastly McDonald's McGriddle sandwich as the homage to those who made the trek in today.

And now...I blog.

Because here, I have not only electricity, but internet and (most importantly given my condition--yeah THAT know, the one where I absolutely HATE being cold) HEAT!

I might have to go and "borrow" Whit's little space heater for the day. Or just get up and go shopping. I have no car so I'd really have to hoof it. My better half is picking me up so that we can head on out to Leavenworth for the Winter Lights Festival and then eagle watching. Good thing that we have the means to say "no power here? okay...let us just take a trip."

Monday. Monday?! How in the hell do you tell people that they most likely won't have power until Monday with a straight face right as a cold front is coming in.

I think maybe God doesn't so much like Washington state anymore.

Just a hunch.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

You just never know...

...when your boss is going to call you in to a closed door meeting to tell you that you, pretty much, have Wednesday and Thursday off next week (more professional development)

...when you'll feel the mojo and want to stay at work to just get it done--and ENJOY IT!

...when you'll feel the other mojo and want to get home and create like crazy.

...when plans will change.

...when opportunities may present themselves in strange ways.

...when friends will come out of the blue.

...when it will be a sunny winter day in Seattle

...when I'll stop this insane list already.

Okay...time to stop procrastinating.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Would have, Could have, Should have

Oh how a week can change your life. For the better when you sit and think, but for the worse when you just let it wash over you.

All that contemplation last weekend? The worse of it is that it ain't going to happen. Which is sad, but passable. The best of it is that we really got to sit and talk about what works and what doesn't and what we are really dreaming about. And the best of it all when it was said and done? Was that I know and he knows. We know. That we're here for each other through it all. And that is the best feeling in the world. Knowing that you're down for someone who is down for you. let's just move to could have:

Could have been a very bad day yesterday. But I have a great boss who is such a duck--everything is water off her back. She gets a look and you know she's like "get real". But you start to talk and she cares. Really, genuinely cares. And can never stay mad for long. Even though I should have asked her first and THEN acted, it all worked out well because we have...

....wait for it...

....a bit longer...

...okay. Sit down. Breath.

we have BOUGHT OUR TICKETS! We're going to China! Just finally found a good deal on the tickets to Beijing. To celebrate (well, really, to look for the tickets back from Kathmandu) we're going out for dim sum. Yummmy! I'll take pictures. If only I could remember where I stashed my camera.

I still cannot believe that I'm going on this trip of a lifetime. Everest Base Camp. Wow!
If you have not been watching it (which, probably not because only folks going there probably really care), there is a great show on Discovery called, well, Everest. It tracks the progress of an expedition going up the hill. Last week, it showed how incredibly crazy this world is. Most of the folks they are following are American. They of course interact with other country's climbers. well in the last show, a couple of the Americans--the stronger climbers they have been profiling--were making their way up Everest and got backlogged behind folks who just were not climbers. And it got me to thinking...well, this and another documentary where they were telling a woman that for the right amount of money, you can be strapped on someone's back and drug up the mountain. But it got me to thinking that yeah, one day I COULD hit the top. But if I were not fit and experienced and mentally capacitated (not INcapacitated) to enjoy it, what would be the point?

Right. So last week, the team almost ran out of oxygen getting down the summit. They send the other group of climbers up next week so I'm thinking all ends well, but we shall see.

And while we're talking about about them blondes? Buh by! And to Jonathan Mr. Wannabe Survivor? yeah, see ya. Mean, but I believe there is karma and justice in this world and between the blondes who "hi I'm sexy and will screw everyone else to get my way" and Jonathan "It's just a game and I'm 'strategizing' like the best of them by sticking everyone in the back"...karma. Karma. Karma. And now my computer will crash for typing this vile THAT would be some Karma. Venting over.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Almost Older, Good Sunday morn...I mean afternoon!

So it is Sunday at the homestead. Love this.

Tomorrow, I turn almost 30. Wow. I can't believe I've been here just about three decades! Wow. Dinner with the coolest person I know. Already have my bday gift—that would be the amazing camera I’ve been taking all these cool pictures with!

So today, I am going to enjoy the really, if you stretch it, closer to 25 years old days. Okay...probably won't do that for too long.

This weekend, I went all the way "out there" to find "that" and of course, they didn't have it. I really contemplated writing a letter about removing folks from your list of distributors if every time I go there (ahem...once) they don't have anything. And they don't look like they ever will. Alas. I was the one who waited and didn't call before hopping in the car and going so instead I just went next door to Ross. Where I scored these absolutely amazing stationary sets. Really simple professional and amazing. I think I collect way too much stationary, but it did get me back thinking of "what if".

Lots of that contemplation going on this weekend. Lots of that. Change is good right? Or do you just let it go?

No matter.

So, I know what we're doing for New Year's Eve. Only because I think my better half from time to time checks in here, I won't post it just yet. Also just scored part of his Christmas gift. He's gonna love it. Of course, when someone puts something on your list, it is pretty much a given they'll love it. Pretty much. Especially when they make lists with links to where you can specifically buy stuff. Easy I know. But everyone's happy and not stressed. That is a good thing.

Speaking of stressed. We finally went out and got this:

We rented it. From here.

Totally cool. You pay like $20--$10 is a “deposit” that you get back in store credit when you bring your tree back for recycling. Now THAT, my friends, is cool. Love IKEA, good price for a tree and they recycle them nicely. Totally cool. Totally not stressed.

I especially like this:

Which my better half actually picked out. He has such great taste don’t you think??

So I have to decorate it. He perfected the lights. I’ve never had a “fluffy” tree before. Mine have always had those long branches that you could hang stuff from. This should be fun to get “the look” but what I am thinking is glitter. Lots of it. Because I am so sure R would LOVE having to vacuum that up. Every. Day.

But it is only Christmas once a year right? So gold stars and gold glitter snowflakes—big and large. And some gold bead picks. And poinsettias. Poking out here and there. Oh and I got a couple of surprises that I love. Now, I want to get a bunch of wood and felt things—and ribbon, to finish off the look. Country Christmas meets golden age. Fun times!

I really wanted to do a popcorn garland. But then I thought of the work involved and realized that no, I really didn’t want a popcorn garland.

I saw this ADORABLE bead and wood button get up at Target. But it was like $13 for 6 feet. That is NOT happening. Then I saw a simple wood bead get up at Micheals for like $3 each. Closer, but only 9 ft each strand. I’ve no idea how many I need. I know we have 26x4 (too lazy to do the math) ft of lights on the tree. We don’t need that much garland…maybe half of that in garland. So I need 52 ft? 9 times…uhm yeah…that is closer to doable, but I’m just too cheap to do that for garland. My thoughts (since I like a different theme each year) is that everything I buy for the tree has to be usable elsewhere. Ie, I can put them on a scrapbook page (of course). Or I can use them on gift wrap later in the year.

We’ll see how that all shakes out at some point. All I know for sure is that I hate shopping this time of year. As in getting in my car. Fighting for parking. Getting there. Ugh. Maybe folks will be watching football today. Or something.

Anyhow, bottom line. Gotta get the tree decorated.

After the Cowboys blow it and lose to the Giants. Reverse psychology, reverse psychology, think the worse and hope for the best. Really. 7 to 7 now. Romo wonder kid just threw an interception. great.