Sunday, December 03, 2006

Almost Older, Good Sunday morn...I mean afternoon!

So it is Sunday at the homestead. Love this.

Tomorrow, I turn almost 30. Wow. I can't believe I've been here just about three decades! Wow. Dinner with the coolest person I know. Already have my bday gift—that would be the amazing camera I’ve been taking all these cool pictures with!

So today, I am going to enjoy the really, if you stretch it, closer to 25 years old days. Okay...probably won't do that for too long.

This weekend, I went all the way "out there" to find "that" and of course, they didn't have it. I really contemplated writing a letter about removing folks from your list of distributors if every time I go there (ahem...once) they don't have anything. And they don't look like they ever will. Alas. I was the one who waited and didn't call before hopping in the car and going so instead I just went next door to Ross. Where I scored these absolutely amazing stationary sets. Really simple professional and amazing. I think I collect way too much stationary, but it did get me back thinking of "what if".

Lots of that contemplation going on this weekend. Lots of that. Change is good right? Or do you just let it go?

No matter.

So, I know what we're doing for New Year's Eve. Only because I think my better half from time to time checks in here, I won't post it just yet. Also just scored part of his Christmas gift. He's gonna love it. Of course, when someone puts something on your list, it is pretty much a given they'll love it. Pretty much. Especially when they make lists with links to where you can specifically buy stuff. Easy I know. But everyone's happy and not stressed. That is a good thing.

Speaking of stressed. We finally went out and got this:

We rented it. From here.

Totally cool. You pay like $20--$10 is a “deposit” that you get back in store credit when you bring your tree back for recycling. Now THAT, my friends, is cool. Love IKEA, good price for a tree and they recycle them nicely. Totally cool. Totally not stressed.

I especially like this:

Which my better half actually picked out. He has such great taste don’t you think??

So I have to decorate it. He perfected the lights. I’ve never had a “fluffy” tree before. Mine have always had those long branches that you could hang stuff from. This should be fun to get “the look” but what I am thinking is glitter. Lots of it. Because I am so sure R would LOVE having to vacuum that up. Every. Day.

But it is only Christmas once a year right? So gold stars and gold glitter snowflakes—big and large. And some gold bead picks. And poinsettias. Poking out here and there. Oh and I got a couple of surprises that I love. Now, I want to get a bunch of wood and felt things—and ribbon, to finish off the look. Country Christmas meets golden age. Fun times!

I really wanted to do a popcorn garland. But then I thought of the work involved and realized that no, I really didn’t want a popcorn garland.

I saw this ADORABLE bead and wood button get up at Target. But it was like $13 for 6 feet. That is NOT happening. Then I saw a simple wood bead get up at Micheals for like $3 each. Closer, but only 9 ft each strand. I’ve no idea how many I need. I know we have 26x4 (too lazy to do the math) ft of lights on the tree. We don’t need that much garland…maybe half of that in garland. So I need 52 ft? 9 times…uhm yeah…that is closer to doable, but I’m just too cheap to do that for garland. My thoughts (since I like a different theme each year) is that everything I buy for the tree has to be usable elsewhere. Ie, I can put them on a scrapbook page (of course). Or I can use them on gift wrap later in the year.

We’ll see how that all shakes out at some point. All I know for sure is that I hate shopping this time of year. As in getting in my car. Fighting for parking. Getting there. Ugh. Maybe folks will be watching football today. Or something.

Anyhow, bottom line. Gotta get the tree decorated.

After the Cowboys blow it and lose to the Giants. Reverse psychology, reverse psychology, think the worse and hope for the best. Really. 7 to 7 now. Romo wonder kid just threw an interception. great.

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