Friday, December 29, 2006

and the moving goes

So I need to post pictures because my place is a hot ass mess. Pardon the french.

Really...all is well in the bathroom and kitchen which I need to finish moving over here today. The living room is about all bundled up and the dining room really just has lots of stuff in it now for obvious reasons. But the scrap room. My word I have a lot of stuff I just don't need. Don't use. So what to do with it? Sell it of course.

Here's the deal. I am making up scrapbook supply grab bags. At your post office, there are two sizes of "one price Priority Mail" boxes. One is more squareish, the other more traditional rectangle. I have twelve of the traditional and 5 of the smaller squarish ones.

You will pay for shipping ($10 for the first "grab bag", $8.10 for each additional). The prices of the boxes are as such:

Week 1: large = $30 small = $20
Week 2: large = $25 small = $15
Week 3: large - $15 small = $10

Here's how it works. Starting today, you can email me with the size you want. I will cram it full of my stuff that I have horded for the past year. Paper, embellishments, rub ons, stickers, tools, altering stuff, stamping stuff, name it there will probably be some of it in the box. You cannot specificy what you want (I have to be out by Jan 31) and you will probably get some items in your box you don't care for. But at these prices, you're just about guaranteed to get something you DO care for at a great price.

You can check my scrap style at my name is Imanisasa.

There will be some repackaged product, plenty of new unopened product.

The pricing structure is so that if you really want something good, you should order in week one. As the weeks go on, I'll start packing whatever I have left into the last boxes. Still good selection, but not as much to pull from--kinda like the clearance going out of business sales at stores--get in early, get what you want but not as much of a discount.

All said, each box is guaranteed to have at least twice as much retail value as you pay, most will have 4 times the value.

Email me at to claim your box and work payment details!

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