Thursday, March 30, 2006

Who you hang with girl?

Evidently, my mother thinks I've lost it and I hang out with 13 year old ravers. Or something like that.

She called me Sunday when she saw on the news about the Cap Hill House shooting. I didn't call back until Tuesday or Wednesday. She freaked.

See, what you don't understand is that my mother calls me when hell freezes over. Or the sun is eclipsed by the moon. Or the worst massacre in a decade goes down in my [work] neighborhood. You also don't understand that while I did look at an apartment on Cap Hill, that neighborhood (love it though I do) is about as much "me" as the U-district. And the Int'l district. Right.

I love her to death. She is the coolest. My mom we're talking about...

She had to remind me to give the bf her number just in case I do get shot/pimped/stuck under on the way home from work one evening. Tonight I stay until 7. Good thing I gave him that number yesterday just in case...

I'm not invincible. I just find humor in the raunchiest, wrongest things. I think I want to have hot and sour soup tonight. Or maybe like 20 mini reeses peanut butter cups. Washed down with some reeses peanut butter cup ice cream. Then, maybe I'll have a couple of slices of peanut butter toast to make it all seem healthy.

Symphony tomorrow. Yippee! Dinner before hand. Get to hang out with the BF. Now THAT is what I am looking forward to. Ahhh...the weekend. Never mind that there are like 20 folks on the guest list now at my shindig...not worried in the least bit...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I wish I could do it for her. Poor kitty. I cannot even imagine what it must be like to not be able to breathe. Our kitty has asthma. Pretty bad. We're freaking out because we don't know what to do and can't pump hundreds of dollars into "getting her stable" which is (increasingly) relative.

We have lots of great shelters that have reached out, but we have to stabilize her before they will take her. Some moments she is doing great and kitty like and then she is just awful. It's painful and sad to watch her. I didn't want to say it, but last night I had to tell BF that perhaps the humane option is to...

I can't even type it.

She's so gorgeous. So happy. So kitty. So sad. I hate not being able to help her.


I did apply for the job. Here are the fingers crossed that I figure it out already. Today I have to go in to work this afternoon. You know...we are a month behind (by some estimates). wtf? I suppose that is what happens when 1/3 of the committee is gone at any given time. I see why I was never allowed to take time off during reading season back in the day. I love admission--so easy to rack up vacation time.

Speaking of which. Can't wait to take BF away for his bday. And we're going away for the anniversary. And a bit before that as well (here we come Cali!). My mother is supposedly coming up in July--23-like Aug 1 or so. I cannot wait. I'm going to have to remember to request that time off...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


And they keep multiplying. I actually have people coming to my shindig. How fun is that?!

Guess I should get cracking on that.

Work is draining me...lots of reading and saying no and finding the jewels and the toads...

Got a really cool "aha" moment going...let's hope the kitty is still this side of live.

I had to stay until 5 and he didn't even show...grrrr...bad kiddies (not kitties...kiddies).

Three more files and then I'm going home. Tomorrow is Wednesday so you know what that means...


Okay...I'll be nice. Maybe post some pics tomorrow. Places everyone...

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Is it really already Sunday night? 10 pm? Where did the weekend go?

Rewind... Friday night...somehow, someway, I managed to stay awake for the movie! I think there is a direct correlation as to who picks the movie and who stays awake. I'm not a mathematician though.

Derailed. So totally not what I expected. You can't spoil if they don't read so I will so much as say that BF was all about "I don't want to watch a movie about folks cheating on each other." I promptly reminded him that one of my fave movies of the past few moments was Closer. But that was neither here nor there.

Moral of the story? Only suckers don't appreciate what they have right in front of them. What does that mean? I'm working on it. Working on it.

So then (well, before, technically) we went to dinner. Maya. Hands down the most authentic Mexican food we have had in WA. And it's a chain. Go figure. Gotta love the Entertainment book. New place next Friday? I think so.

T-minus 6 days. I cannot believe I'm throwing a par-tay. I rock. It's going to be such fun. Peachy.

Saturday. We actually got Rob & Lin *note to all, AND LIN* to go out with us! Imagine that. That was too cool. Never mind that we had to go through hell and high water to get the tickets that really didn't exist. Good thing was that we finally DID get in and seated. Bad thing(s) were that I was exhausted (we took kitty to the vet in the morning and got very, VERY bad news) so I had to walk out and get some air. Another bad thing was that BF aggravated the old bones. Heck...I woke up not so right too so I can only imagine how someone with back problems might fare. Verdict was not well.

But the travels included a decent pizza at Rock Bottom. Yummy. Sloooooooow service. So we slow forward to Sunday when I took BF to SushiLand! Now that is a double yummy.

Of course, before that I had to stop and get my eco friendly laundry detergent (gotta love graywater) and low and behold if TJ's didn't have some gorgeous flowers for like 5.99. So gorgeous I couldn't even put them back when I came across the fantastically full and beautiful 12.99 orchid. ALL of them were that price. I might get a bit orchid happy if someone doesn't stop me. {ETA: I'll stop me. the flowers were them home and they wilted in the really not so hot heat of my place the next day. Froggy. The orchid is trying to die. Nurse it through the weekend and I can call it a bouquet purchase instead of a plant purchase...the other orchid is doing swimmingly...mate.}

Got this really cute cabinet (complete with the requisite spider) that I'm thinking of either using as a printer stand (maybe not so much) or as a dining room kinda mini cabinet thing to stash more dishes in. On top, more candles. The goal is to get 50 candles burning bright. No where near that. But hey...candles are cool and so is my place. Speaking of my place...I promised so here is a tease:

That was Friday night before I left.

Decisions to make. Do I apply for it? Do I buy that camera? Do I save it instead? Do I say it just like that?

Yes, maybe, probably not, I don't even want to go there. Obviously.

Babbling so that must mean it is time for West Wing...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Thank God its...

FRIDAY! Time to get out and get done. Well...not like that.

Work was a blast--I love it when the kiddies are nice to me. When they speak French it is even all the more cool. Gotta love them Canadians.

This weekend, do much of nothing. Found out my apartment is rented. Yippee. Gotta go to court still. Insanity of it all.

Movie tonight (DeRailed...true life story? Not mine...really...) and food. I'm hungry like all get out although this week I got to go to P.F. Chang's AND Cheesecake Factory (thank you SU!!).

Kay...I have a life so I'm blowing ya'll off. Time to snap some photos and yeah, yeah yeah...I still know I have to post the jealousy pics. I'm getting to it. Sometime. Soon.

Got an asthmatic cat to deal with first. And a broken bed (smile)...


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oh attitude check one two, one two

So Portland. Yeah. Reminded me of the promise to self--set a limit, don't exceed it. Or, as in Portland, exceed it with all of your might.

Didn't win diddly. I'm not it this year. But I did see why not. I'm not naive either. But that is my other life. Time to act normal for a minute.

Quick minute.

Did I mention that I absolutely adore my boss? She is the bombdigity. I almost made her cry today. Which was cool in a feel good kinda way. That's why us women don't be gettin' nowhere...staying for "the people".

And I'm paid well and there is no stress and I'm having time to play...

Speaking of play. Vintage retro anyone? Kicked up with a modern twist? Kind of on the edge but close enough to coolness beyond cool? Boyfriend's b-day present...check[ish]. I love it. I'll keep it for myself. Maybe I'll share...just with him. Already got the cool sentimental gift tagged as well.

Which reminds me--yes. Yes I do love to do it (get your mind out of the gutter) when I am doing it for the right reasons (a bit more of Portland in perspective...short story longer, I love the scrap stuff when I'm doing it for those who appreciate it instead of those who judge it).

Go with it.

So this weekend I need to crash and burn. Been go, go, go and just want to flow now. Got some really COOL curtains/swaggy things. They won't be actual curtains cause I kinda sorta got those. But now that I have a fantastic iron and sticky hemmy stuff to play with, I'll make some curtains. But back to the cool ones. Suede...and rich colors and beads and imagery. Love it. Love them. Wait till I take a picture. Speaking of pictures...remember that blog? Time to post some jealousy slots of the fantastically wild view I have from my joint. And then some.

Last reminder...send out more invites. Yeah.

I'm random. It's one of those days.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

2 down...3 to go

I try not to let the scrap side impede onto the life side, but at times like this, it is a given.

Got the hardest done first. Digital. Go figure. There is a top 10 there. Are there ten digital scrappers going to attend CKU? I'm banking on no. So here's an entry for probability.

Card idea is in my mind. It is sketched and materials are pulled. Will it actually come together? Only time will truly tell.

CK theme page--believe it or not I had an old favorite that will go PERFECTLY for this one. Perfect in that I really don't think I have a shot in hell at the CK page contests. Last year's winners at CK-WA were so not my style. Alas. This one is perfect because I really only have to make a tiny alteration (okay...decent alteration) to my page and then I have to figure out how the hell to scan/copy it. Kinkos to the rescue. If I need to, I'll have the folks behind the counter copy it for me so that I don't have to pay $50 trying to futz with it myself. Time is of the essence.

SS isn't a bunch of smaller contests which is tough toodles because I was so going to do the album entry this year and my fave album (the Us one I did for the BF) was going to steal the show. Alas. This year it is an accent contest. I think I can rock the house with this one too. I have a great page that really meshes everything together well--I just think it is a bit "much" for SS. I mean, it is a simple enough page, but it is a bit busier and more involved than a "typical SS" page. But then again, the page I got picked up by them I thought was more complicated too. Anyhow.

So that leaves Scrapworks. The big money one. The scary one. The one that once you win it once, do they not look at you ever again? The one that really needs to get done, but is giving me fits. The one that I would give anything to win (no CKU tuition this year, but $500 would more than pay the tuition).

Speaking of which, Boston here I come. How and when...that is to be debated. But I have yet to hear a no from a particular engaged couple as to a shindig I'm throwing. Once I do, then I'm not changing Boston plans to attend said nuptials. Another post for another time.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Ten [hangin']

No way it has been ten days since I posted. Well...that's what my stalker says.

So fine.

I hear that you're really not supposed to acknowledge them [stalkers] if you are to live life without them continually hounding you. But I like my stalker[s] and so I will oblige.

What to talk about.


As in it is a DEAD week here because we're on spring break (we including my boss who is chillin' in Mexico at this very moment) and there is nothing to do but work. And we all know that I have an allergic reaction to doing any such thing so...time to blog.

I am seriously contemplating spending $90 a month on internet access. It is a sad, sad day when I am willing to shell out so much money to be able to chat in bed. I miss daily (okay...hourly) updates and who lives anywhere anymore without internet access? Plus--GREAT view. Negative--no internet. I don't want to half-arsed it and get a phone line (for $30) and then have to pay for dial up access (another $25 since you know I'm an aol hoe)...for really $40 more I can have high speed WIRELESS access. uhhmmm...the choice is so obvious.

If only I could stop spending money already. Or not.

So...Ali Edwards had a cool travel journal in CK probably months ago since I can never keep up with what month they are really on (cause March was so last December you know). Anyhow, I don't really get to travel much--mucho, MUCHO disgustedly jealous of my ex who now has a sugar mama who may be taking him international this summer...sigh. but I digress. I don't travel much but really I do. When you stop for a moment and think about where you GO, you realize you go lots of places. So I'll have to update my other blog (come on, it's not that hard to figure out where it is) with pictures from my untraveled, travel journal, scrapbook from the road. Fun TIMES! Really.

Pike Place, Auburn, the Alley...all sorts of fun places to go and see and do. From time to time, I even have an intermission where we take a trip down memory lane to places past I have visited. Now that is fun times.

Anyhow. I should, technically (legally) be working. But I don't want to say no anymore (you know the drill) and I'd rather be home chatting with the bf. We're slated for a nice chat this evening. Nice from the girl who loves messy, sloppy, crazy dishelved things only for the potential they pose for being cleaned up, organized and put back together again. I'm going to iron me some curtains tonight and finish up the front of my house for once and for all. Finally hung the mirror, now need to print some photos...viola. Or Biola. Which is a school in Southern california.

black.white. Watch it. Learn from it. It rocks to the point of pissing me off and having me want to sign up for the next run. Oh to walk a mile in their shoes. And have you walk a mile in mine. What a better world this place would be.

Friday, March 03, 2006

greatest hits


I think I should just do five because it is 10 past 3 and I really just want to get out of here already. Come you really blame me? it is blue sunny skies, bf's friend is in town, I'm going out for Portabello mushroom fajitas, I've been gifted the coolest little dvd/speaker set--really I wanted the speakers but have not the slightest clue if my laptop even has the capability for a speaker set up...


6 files to read. Will probably take me an hour. But I have stuff to do so if this list doesn't roll like ain't gonna happen tonight.

Don't you love it--I don't update for a week and then there are three in like three minutes! Whoa!

I don't have gum by the way. It rots your teeth or tastes like crap (and it's all grainy on you) if it doesn't have real sugar. Any other questions? Good.

Oh yeah...where is my cell phone? This is why Fridays, blogging, bored at work are a dangerous combination (I totally blanked on the word "combination" there for a second).

Winning the NASPA Case Study competition. Oh yeah...not in class. Focus...

Okay...I loved having one of my papers selected as an Andrea model paper. A feat unlike any other since (obviously) I am a horrendous writer. Really.

I also loved the simulation game in Stringer's class where I got to make cut-throat deals to get people to do as I said with our limited campus resources. Loved how a colleague particularly said I had a presence that made her feel like she really wanted to work with me although the game said we were to be enemies.

Uhhhmmm...that's it.


I also liked getting to meet Solynn in class. What? Another brown person?

Loved getting to meet Ana in class (what?! a brown chica pimpin' her ride too?!)

And I also really loved sitting in class--my last class--staring at JG as Colleen (shouts out!) and Brittany and I tried to figure out how in the hell he just got away with saying absolutely nothing again. Actually, I hardly ever went to that class because of major work conflicts my last quarter but was a nice recount.

Back to work. Ugh. I don't wannna deny any more kids. I really don't. Oh...I get to read high today. Which means I get to admit super brainy kids with no personality that I'd never want to sit next to in class.

I'm not a lawyer...I just make them. Time to get the fake laugh on for a particular individual who rubs me a little bit raw (just a teeny bit) and then get the real laugh on after a yummy margarita tonight. Maybe I can squeeze in a tiny bit of shopping too...

okay. Probably not.


They were not scalped. I think I am addicted. I would have paid more. In the middle of an almost deserted business school, I meet this crazy looking scruffy white dude and I'm in my wool trench...

it looked like a deal about to go bad. Very bad. I'm in heaven though. Until I try to get in and get turned away because I've been played. I've been played for a lot more.

I so should be working. Oh my word I should be working.

That list though...not appropriate for this link. Next one.

Another week...

...Another dream denied. Saw Eric again today. Which was odd.

Eric is/was this amazingly gifted individual in one of my infamous Stringer classes. Infamous because of course there was group work. But in this particular group, our groups were assigned to debate the merits of presidential candidates. We were assigned Kerry when Kerry was so not popular among the educational crowd. Could of been worse, we could have been Bush.

Long story short, Eric came up with an amazing concept to "take it outside the box" (of course) where we pimped him out as the candidate stump man and then the rest of our group acted as the planted audience folks asking the poignant questions. It was a very different way to present a group project and it was "voter turnout determines the grade". No candy giveaways gimmicks...just a different way to give you your information. Needless to say, we won. I was in the group after all. I'm soooooo kidding...that is so an inside joke.

Anyhow...I go to my oh so fave Ginger Lime (where everybody knows my name...and they're always glad I came...) and who is sitting at a table with two other dudes. They all kept looking at me because Eric kept looking at me. I knew it was a matter of time before one of them got up the guts to either say "Hey...I know you" or [it is Friday after all] "Hey, I'd LIKE to know you..."

And it is a rough non-professional day. Hair is tore up, no makeup...but I digress.

Eric finally says hello and we go into what he's doing and myself as well. He's working at the language school across the street. Who knew. Have to stop in and say hello. Only (of course) because that moment--when our peers were validating us and voting for us, was the absolute BEST moment of my classroom time in that of the best. Maybe this needs a list. But first I have to digress once more:

The other day (like two or so weeks ago) Corrigan (sorry...I don't usually call people out by their full name when it is that unique, but how cool a name is that?) says that he saw me on the bus riding up to work and he didn't say hi because he was not sure it was me. Now. I know that I can look a mean wreck on the bus. But THAT mean that someone would be too afraid to say hello even if they DIDN'T know me? Yeah...gotta work on the tude. Like, for instance...oh....better not go there. Might lose my job over that one.

So that list...yeah. In a moment. Sure there's a report to update and tickets to pick up (Alvin is GOOD!!)...

back momentarily...