Thursday, March 16, 2006

2 down...3 to go

I try not to let the scrap side impede onto the life side, but at times like this, it is a given.

Got the hardest done first. Digital. Go figure. There is a top 10 there. Are there ten digital scrappers going to attend CKU? I'm banking on no. So here's an entry for probability.

Card idea is in my mind. It is sketched and materials are pulled. Will it actually come together? Only time will truly tell.

CK theme page--believe it or not I had an old favorite that will go PERFECTLY for this one. Perfect in that I really don't think I have a shot in hell at the CK page contests. Last year's winners at CK-WA were so not my style. Alas. This one is perfect because I really only have to make a tiny alteration (okay...decent alteration) to my page and then I have to figure out how the hell to scan/copy it. Kinkos to the rescue. If I need to, I'll have the folks behind the counter copy it for me so that I don't have to pay $50 trying to futz with it myself. Time is of the essence.

SS isn't a bunch of smaller contests which is tough toodles because I was so going to do the album entry this year and my fave album (the Us one I did for the BF) was going to steal the show. Alas. This year it is an accent contest. I think I can rock the house with this one too. I have a great page that really meshes everything together well--I just think it is a bit "much" for SS. I mean, it is a simple enough page, but it is a bit busier and more involved than a "typical SS" page. But then again, the page I got picked up by them I thought was more complicated too. Anyhow.

So that leaves Scrapworks. The big money one. The scary one. The one that once you win it once, do they not look at you ever again? The one that really needs to get done, but is giving me fits. The one that I would give anything to win (no CKU tuition this year, but $500 would more than pay the tuition).

Speaking of which, Boston here I come. How and when...that is to be debated. But I have yet to hear a no from a particular engaged couple as to a shindig I'm throwing. Once I do, then I'm not changing Boston plans to attend said nuptials. Another post for another time.

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