Friday, March 03, 2006

Another week...

...Another dream denied. Saw Eric again today. Which was odd.

Eric is/was this amazingly gifted individual in one of my infamous Stringer classes. Infamous because of course there was group work. But in this particular group, our groups were assigned to debate the merits of presidential candidates. We were assigned Kerry when Kerry was so not popular among the educational crowd. Could of been worse, we could have been Bush.

Long story short, Eric came up with an amazing concept to "take it outside the box" (of course) where we pimped him out as the candidate stump man and then the rest of our group acted as the planted audience folks asking the poignant questions. It was a very different way to present a group project and it was "voter turnout determines the grade". No candy giveaways gimmicks...just a different way to give you your information. Needless to say, we won. I was in the group after all. I'm soooooo kidding...that is so an inside joke.

Anyhow...I go to my oh so fave Ginger Lime (where everybody knows my name...and they're always glad I came...) and who is sitting at a table with two other dudes. They all kept looking at me because Eric kept looking at me. I knew it was a matter of time before one of them got up the guts to either say "Hey...I know you" or [it is Friday after all] "Hey, I'd LIKE to know you..."

And it is a rough non-professional day. Hair is tore up, no makeup...but I digress.

Eric finally says hello and we go into what he's doing and myself as well. He's working at the language school across the street. Who knew. Have to stop in and say hello. Only (of course) because that moment--when our peers were validating us and voting for us, was the absolute BEST moment of my classroom time in that of the best. Maybe this needs a list. But first I have to digress once more:

The other day (like two or so weeks ago) Corrigan (sorry...I don't usually call people out by their full name when it is that unique, but how cool a name is that?) says that he saw me on the bus riding up to work and he didn't say hi because he was not sure it was me. Now. I know that I can look a mean wreck on the bus. But THAT mean that someone would be too afraid to say hello even if they DIDN'T know me? Yeah...gotta work on the tude. Like, for instance...oh....better not go there. Might lose my job over that one.

So that list...yeah. In a moment. Sure there's a report to update and tickets to pick up (Alvin is GOOD!!)...

back momentarily...

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