Saturday, January 31, 2009

No...where's the space needle

No. I did not feel it. I sleep through EVERYTHING. And 5:30 am I am DEFINITELY sleeping so no I did not feel the earthquake. But I must say, from what folks are describing, if I WOULD have felt it, I would have just assumed my neighbors were washing clothes and it was getting windy again. Which, for the record, it was really windy last night.

It's rare that I hear anything laugh out loudable on the TMan show lately. But on my way in to work Friday morning, a girl called in. Now. There are times when people with serious issues call in. And I have to say that the morning crew is REALLY GOOD at picking up on that and not causing too much trauma to the little ones who wander in helplessly unaware of what they are getting into. Like the time the screenplay writer called in to talk about her missing daughter. Of 20 someodd years.

I digress.

Yesterday (Friday), this lady called in to say she didn't know what she was doing for her 30th birthday and no one planned anything and isn't that sad. We're sensing some dysfunction so they set her up to go clubbing with the VIPs. At Twilight. In Belltown.


There are times when I cannot remember how to spell the word "the". Because come on...the whole thee versus tha... pronounciation and sometimes, I get confused. Not seriously confused like spell it wrong confused, but just a bit concerned that "the" doesn't look right. Yes. Why yes I am an Ivy League graduate...genetics/science communication/special focus and all. And no I did NOT climb Everest...I rode a cart to base camp because I am THAT PITIFUL.

Back to Belltown. Now. I work in Bellevue. It has been a while since I've been back to downtown Seattle and I actually now have to ask people "do you mean Downtown Seattle or Downtown Bellevue?" when they ask me how long it takes to get downtown since our main office is also located "downtown" (not really...more like Queen Anne which is the edge of downtown, different from the other edge of downtown that is Belltown, but you get where this is going).

Belltown, depending on the hoods you frequent, could EASILY be a way for the hipper among us to be describing Bellevue. You know...Bellevue...Belltown? Okay right. But. And this is a big but. There is actually a neighborhood (northwardly end of downtown, waterfront, but not the stadium hood end of downtown...Seattle that is) where they hang signs from the lightposts that say "Belltown".

So for the record, Twilight is in Downtown Seattle Belltown. Not Bellevue.

But I was thrown for a loop because when they were teasing said VIP DJ about moving up from the southend (that would be Ttown or Tacoma...or whatever the heck those people call smelly city nowadays and its many many little neighborhoods that I also don't totally get), they said wow, you're moving on up to the eastside. And Bellevue is the eastside. I mean HECK. The Seattle Magazine (yes, there is such a thing and we actually have a subscription) just did a whole issue on how the Eastside is growing up and taking over. Of course...this was likely done BEFORE Microsoft fired half their staff (okay...5000 out of 100000 is not half, but I never proclaimed to be good at math).

But you can see how I was slightly confused right? They mentioned east side, I heard Twilight, it sounds trendy, that's so east side (the trendy part) so I made that connection to Belltown must now be what we are calling Bellevue.

But it isn't. And the 30 year old who called in, right before hanging up, she says (and I quote):

"But hold up. I've lived in Seattle all my life. Where Belltown at?"

To which we all chuckle and it easily becomes, what do you mean where's Belltown...that's like saying "I've lived in Seattle all my life...where's the space needle at again?"

I think that is a bit of a stretch. But then again. Probably not as big a stretch as being married to a New Yorker who was the biggest Yankee fan I'd ever seen but he had NEVER been to "the city" and couldn't tell you where the stadium was at. Limber. But also tragic.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Remember that "promise"

You know...the one to blog more? with it.

How many of ya'll are on facebook? How come you have not befriended me? Don't be intimidated by the massive lists...I promise I'll even share my flair with you. And THAT is saying a lot.

All said, Alex, the dude I "talk" to like one a blue moon (aka, almost never), tagged me. Here's to a long blog post to share that tag:

1. I work with an AWESOME set of colleagues who put up with my randomness and still manage to be more than amazing at what they do. And since they do it for the Girl Scouts, that just makes them super special. Case in point, Maria.

2. I got married in July to the smartest, most brillant, sexiest, funnest, most adventurous guy I've ever known who is not (GASP!) on Facebook. However, the amazing photographer who captured that magical day is on facebook (hi Airika!) and so is his sister (hi KJ) and his sister's bestest friend in the world (Hey Lynn!).

3. I not so recently graduated from a fantastic graduate program at Seattle University. Aside from the educational aspects, I had taken to calling myself B. Henderson at that point only to find that there was another B. Henderson in my program. (Hey there Brittany). We look nothing alike and don't have much of the same background but rumor has it our applications were mixed up a bit. Lucky me, I got the henderso Seattle U email addy.

4. I think I just heard a gun shot in my backyard. This is not unusual.

5. I love to scrapbook like you wouldn't believe. Even better than scrapbooking are the other people you meet who do it. Folks like JJ (the amazing founder of, and Kayla(the cutest bit of photographic memory and funny stories of "underage" shopping at Victoria's Secret you will ever meet).

6. I am, indeed I should say, I WAS totally a band geek. All the way until my senior year of college when I just fell off the earth and became a total slacker. I mean, I was privileged to attend a real Ivy League school with a REAL Marching Band (not real by Alex's standards...we'll tag him later...but real by Ivy League standards). I got to hang out with the likes of Matthew (hey Matt!) when we were both Co-Alumni Something or another Chairs and I went home with Kyle (hey Kyle!) and his brood of women and remember falling totally in love with bagels and Kyle telling me that it figures that I got the white gumball out of the gumball machine cause I was totally going to end up with a white guy. This before I dated the starter husband and married the current paler shade of pale dude. And I had a really good time usually hanging out with Cathy - especially the time I slept in a room of like 19 girls on the floor of some Harvard dude's place (I think it was Harvard) and forgot my dang boots at his place all in the name of traveling with the band. Ahh...Big Red Clarinets. Those were the days. Okay...not really. But band was kinda (definitely) a good way to avoid doing any bio homework. Which would explain why I graduated Ivy and work for the Girl Scouts. I'm just saying is all.

7. Speaking of Cornell folks, it would NOT be a trip down memory lane if I didn't tag Charline who never writes back on Facebook or Linked In (she's a busy woman) but who better stop trying to ignore a sister before I post some "beautiful to me" pictures of her from back in the day. She was my suite mate at Ujamaa.

8. Oh and yes...that summer at Cornell after Freshman year when Alex came to save my sanity. I owe my college graduation to that dude. Otherwise, I would have gone home to El Paso and probably stayed there after trying my darndest to flunk out of my bio major. Alas...that summer was not my best Alex memory. See Alex and I go way back. There was this one high not high school marching band when the shoe wouldn't get up and march. I can't quite remember if this was before or after that but I do know that one night, my mom came into the living room at like 3 and the morning and demanded to know who I was talking to. It was Alex of course. To which she replied "Really? I mean you had band practice until like 9 tonight and you're going to see him again in like 2 hours...can't you just go to sleep?" Instead, we proceeded to watch the sunrise on the phone and I told him my cheerios story. I shudder just thinking about that.

9. These need to be way shorter. I talk a lot.

10. Back in high school, when Alex and I just couldn't let go but were totally poor college students, we went back to do this celebration, grad dinner for a handful of juniors (then seniors) who were really important to us. Sad thing? I can't remember the full on group of folks. But I am pretty certain (not positive, I'm getting old and could never remember anything in my younger days either) that Michelle and Tihara were both there. Perhaps Marida was there too...

11. At the very least Marida and Rachel had the distinct pleasure of freezing their butts off in Ithaca one fine October evening. I've got the pictures to prove that from my starter marriage.

12. I worked my butt off for the Obama campaign last year. And met lots of amazing people like Brita and Majid and Wyatt while doing so.

13. I don't go home to Texas nearly enough. But one of the best times of my life was helping Cindy to plan our 10 year reunion (yep, it has been that long--here's to 20!).

14. When I worked at Seattle University (law), I told Miranda all my secrets and I totally miss working with her even though she only lives a few block away from me and I should call her more often.

15. I always like hanging out with Nitin and Anjli because, aside from being good people, they have the cutest most adorable daughter who is probably my fave local little person right about now.

16. I want to move to the suburbs and get a little lap dog that I can walk with my hubby and his great dane.

17. I kind of sort of wish I still traveled a lot so that I could see and meet up with all the people I knew in real life, now only see online and really should have taken more time to see in person.

18. I love Seattle. Of all the places I've lived, this is hands down my fave place and I would have NEVER been that kid growing up who thought I would ever make it this far, on this side of the country, out of Texas.

19. Speaking of of my fave memories of Texas people is Jennette C who actually lives in AZ now. One Christmas, Rachel drug myself and Jennette, Anti-Christ One and Two, to a Christmas pageant. She was trying to be a good Catholic. It was a rather long pageant and at one point, just when we thought it would be over, Act 427billion started. To which Jennette proclaimed (very loudly) "Oh JESUS!" in a very exasperated tone. I could NOT, STOP, LAUGHING.

20. Much like that time, my senior year in high school, when I played the part of the Stage Manager in Our Town. You know...the grave scene in the end. It really wasn't no where near that funny Rachel. But when that arbor was drug by that wedding dress and no one on stage could stop laughing, I think that did in our drama instructor. That was the best play ever.

21. Going WAY back. When I lived in the projects, Veronica and I would go door to door with my sister selling cupcakes for a quarter. I just baked some cookie monster cupcakes (best quote of the weekend...Me: "What are you whining about?" him "I really want a cookie monster, but I don't have any milk.") and I guarantee you I could get at least a buck each for them.

22. Napa Valley and Monterey are my fave places in the world. So long as we don't eat at Pebble Beach and we save enough funds to ship home.

23. My husband calls me death. Mostly because I'm ALWAYS deathly warmth to my extremeties. I tell him not to call me that in public because most people don't get it. But then you touch me and you get it. Doesn't help that I work in a office where we have to coordinate who gets to turn on which space heater first and we look forward to days when we're the only one in the office because that means we get to crank the heat.

24. I really, REALLY miss my grandmother.

25. I LOVE is so good to be addicted to something not so totally bad for you. Of course I can't golf in real life (but I CAN bowl and have enough rhythm still to cut a rug every now and again), but it is fun to think that I can translate all those mad skills to the non-virtual world.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Going for it.

Lots of work to prep amd get ready. Including packing up the computer and the scrappy scraps. But I'm so ready to do this. So I think I need to go and scrap some more.

Need to start packing but I just can't believe that I won't have access to all these little bits and pieces to play with for months on end. Potentially even 9 months. He'll play civilization on xbox...I'll play Wii Sims (or civilization when he's done) and the time will fly.

In the meantime, my hot shower to warm up and bed call me.

Here's to good credit, patience, not overextending yourself, lots of luck and loving on the greatest guy I've ever known. And really appreciating that he professes to love me just as much if not more. Thankfully, I love him most.

Hope you scrappers enjoyed the pub class. Hope you picture takers are getting your fill. Blog stalkers, I'm sorry. Stacey, call me so we can chat about your easter visit. Liisa call me back cause I've got scrap to give (and drama to fill you in on). Little brother...Seattle is like 40 minutes from Ft. Lewis...if you leave up out of Washington and don't tell me, there will be hell to pay. My nephew never reads my blog, but I think about him all the time (the oldest one...I actually have 5 nephews not that you would know it from my scrapping or writing). All said that I love you, think it rocks that you're an orchestra geek and love Mozart's Medley and I still have your nose that I borrowed from Thanksgiving. You'll have to come to Seattle to retrieve it.

Which reminds me...on our not Valentine's day...we should go to Purple or King Fish. Yes...that is for the benefit of he who occassionally notes that he needs to check this place out to make sure I'm not posting naughty pictures (aka, any picture with him in it). Almost time for Lion King!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank goodness I'm not addicted to Facebook

because I don't know what I would do while the site was down for maintainance.


It is snowing here. Well, flrry fluffified nonsense. Which he proclaims to love. I say get back to me when it sticks.

We just finished totally cleaning the house. And had a nostalgic moment of what this place has meant to us. Gulp.

I got a ton of pages done. But I need to photograph them. And finish them out. It felt really fun to just get pictures to paper again.

Tonight, steak, baked potato and being a kid all over again. I think I'll even get that dressing mix mom used to always get when we had steak night growing up. I've even agreed to watch what has been termed "My community college version of Breakfast Club" with my better half. He claims this movie (which I have never heard of) is right up there with Colors. Which, at one point, when I told him I had not see the whole movie (Colors) and had never seen I'm Gonna Get You Sucker...we had to have a movie night of course. Right after he asked me just how black I really am. Yes. I agree. It is probably a sad day when my whiter than white husband is more hood than me. And Liisa tried to to play all scared. Girl...I printed off that email summation of just how hood we are. I am going to put it on the fridge too.


There is a ton going on in life right now that I don't blog about. I get conflicted. Because I know I don't remember anything (least of all to brush my teeth if my toothbrush didn't wink at me each time I go to the bathroom as a reminder that "Oh yeah...that little doodad is to brush my teeth with"). Okay. It isn't THAT bad, but I have all these systems set up for remembering stuff. One said system is my blog. For the kids I don't have that may want to come back and have an intimate (as intimate as something shared worldwide can be) look at who I was on January 25, 2009. All said. Lately. I have been relying on other's memories of the drama that is my life because some things are too sacred to blog. Which I know is saying a whole lot given some of the randomness I've typed and let fly here (who remembers the toilet...guess came back). All is starting to stick outside. It's 3 pm and I think I'll hit the shower now (hey now...I worked up a sweat with the whole cleaning thing), eat my leftover Mongolian grill and then, finally, get to moving.

For real.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Girl Where You Be?

You know.

There was a time when I felt compelled to write daily. Sometimes many times a day. A stalker or two will do that for you (Alex...I know you're watching you lurker).

But then when your peeps check in daily even when you DON'T blog, that becomes a game in see just how long people will hold out hope that you might get your shtuff together and write some dang thing already.

Okay. I get it.

So what have I done with my super busy life in that span of time?

I'll start with what I have not done:

I have not cleaned any toilets. That is beneath me.
I have not cooked daily wholesome meals for my still fresh and newly minted husband.
I have not forgotten that as of today, I've been a Mrs. for 6 months.
I have not taken many pictures outside of say, Disneyland
I have not mouthed off
I have not scrapped all that much
I have not yet downloaded more itunes


Started a cool puzzle
started to eat hummus again
been to Disneyland
been told more times than I think appropriate that I'm a closet Republican
(I guess the trip to the Regan Library didn't help that)
I was also told I'm an upperclass snob...because I don't like Applebees anymore
I vacuumed (finally) my scrap room
I started a book
I stated to plan out thenext 3-5 years of my/our work life at the jobby job

So see. Not much to blog about. Even though MANY times lately I have been caught saying "that is so bloggable."

I think I need more hummus.