Friday, September 29, 2006

Who in d hell...

Does she think she is? She don't blog for half a month and think we're going to be right here waiting on her?'re here arentcha? Yeah and what.

So...I have soooooo much to write about. And I know you won't stick around for a pictureless post of my ramblings. So I need to make it interactive. How about I just post a lot of posts today with pictures and stories. I need to organize this. And I need to get home--but not as urgently as I thought this morning.

Okay...a list of 10 (NOT a cop out) and then I will pick 3 to detail.

[not numbered because they are equally important]

* She worked a whole WEEK!
* M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I
* the shake down
* the shuttle
* what debt collectors will do for $50
* Spaghetti Factory
* Chi-Town
* Thankfully Thanksgiving
* What happens ____ stays _____
* Who dat be??

Okay... brief synopsis because I'm about to pea my pants with some of these memories:

* I can't REMEMBER the last time I worked a Wednesday. Oh...aside from this past Wednesday that is. But wait for it. I even get to come BACK to work on Saturday. Lovely.

* MS - uhhmm...sure Morgan Freeman was "just here". Taco Bell hits (where, by the way, it takes 11 people to take your order--especially if the manager is one of them and two more of them are on break). Cottonlandia. Plantations. 49 mph on the Trace. Jackson is the hood? Sweet Tea. O'Charleys. Shrimp and Grits. That, my dear, is definitely worth it's own post.

* to be fair, this is part of MS, but the shake down involves driving while black, abuses of power and pens. Not pins (like you could stick someone with) but pens like you would use to write with. Like some of us would use to write with...

* okay...this is also MS but where you think I been all this time with no internet?? Okay...I had internet, but I digress. that shuttle, in bold letters on the email that would be clearly marked? That also deserves a post of it's own. A post in pictures. I'll have to put that on my picture blog. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Trust me.

* so there is a woman I know. Let's call her "mom" for sake of a better name or better indicator of how much this woman means to me. (though, for the record, it is not to imply that she is MY mom). Anyhow. So, I get calls daily. Long distance calls. Begging me to tell "mom" to call "such and such Loan Sharks". Because of the urgency of their calls, I once asked (thinking they wouldn't tell me) how much "mom" actually owed. $50. So I called "mom" to tell her I'd pay the bill, but then she proceeded to tell me that these folks not only call long distance, but they call her at work and ask to speak to her or her supervisor. They then also drive in excess of 40 miles round trip at least 3 times a week to leave a "calling card" on her door. What took the cake? One day, she came home and there were like 17 of these cards stuck all over her door and mailbox. Now, I know I work for a law school and so sometimes I think I know more than I do. But all this crap is just downright illegal. But hillarious. HILLARIOUS! I mean as "mom" said "At what point do you cut your losses and just figure you're not getting that money back?!"


* Spaghetti Factory. Bonafide barf. I should have known when he said "This used to be my sister's fave place" (not that sis has bad taste, just a different sense of what is good).

* Chi-town--I swear to all that is good that this city better damn well be worth it. I FINALLY found a hotel where I could get my points and not be in the hood AND not be too far from the Magnificent Mile. I mean truly. My event is at a hotel on MLK Jr Drive. Yes...we all know what that means. But really. Was "not in the hood" but closeby and decent and points credible too much to ask? I don't think so. But then that's just me.

* Thanksgiving. So thankful for what is going down that I actually bought a friggin $30 tea lite candle set from the PartyLite scam. No...torious. BF is a keeper. Definitely my family will think so.

* What happens...on the road, stays on the road. That's recruiter talk. So I'll be in that mindset times two when I then hit VEGAS with the King of Vegas. Oh dear that silence will be golden.

* Who dat be. Really...can only be my old professor. But she didn't teach that class. And she has a new baby. And I'm certain she knows I had no idea who she was. So I should drop her a quick email to show that I do. Now if only I knew who that was.

Kay. I'll elaborate before I jump the plane. Warning--mom doesn't have free wireless access so much as I may want to post, it won't happen until Wednesday if Monday morning sneaks up on me.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Where do I live again?

Oh yeah...Seattle. I was reminded this morning, but I didn't like it so much so the blue skies returned. Love love, LOVE this place!

Too bad I've only been here since the wee hours of Thursday morning. Came to work. Went home and hung out with the bf some, then went home and opened the laptop to create...and promptly fell asleep. As in woke up on the couch with the light on, a warm lap (lovely laptop cooler doesn't work so much on the thighs) and all my clothes on. At 6:42 am.

Came to work. Got lots and lots and LOTS done. Really proud of myself. Feeling like I have a handle on everything again. Most likely because I got to chat with this AMAZING prospect today. As in make my jaw drop amazing. She rocked my world. This is why I absolutely LOVE my job. But immediately started thinking again how I need to get those dreams back on track. To help folks like her. Folks with a passion and a drive that I am absolutely POSITIVE will make a difference. It was one of those double impact moments--she called me like 20 minutes after walking out to give me her email address. I had to her to email me so that I could follow up with some info on a mutual passion of our's--we're both educational equity freaks. She had an article she was going to forward me and I had a contact I was going to forward her. But rather than wait to get home and email me, she called me on her way home just so I would have her email address.

This is what I live for. These kinds of connections. They are very rare for me. Not to say I'm anti social or don't play well with others. Very much quite the contrary. In all that playing and socialite happiness, I rarely get to make those deeper connections. So not girl crushin' on her--already have one of those on Ms. Thang who called me and is probably pissed beyond all belief that I ain't called back yet. Gotta get her her goods. But this prospect today...if I were not already taken (BF and girl crush aside), I'd have to pass her on to some other counselor because I'd be all too crushed when we had to deny her passion off of some numbers. But I told her that.

And so it goes.

I really need to get more on the pictures here eh? I heard ya. We'll work on that. I can become an enabler. I need to start purging. Getting rid of stuff. Good books, videos/dvds, cds/ definitely lots of scrap stuff. Just neat little "things".

When my mother was here this summer (she's making a repeat appearance for Thanksgiving by the way--how cool is that??!), she said my house was definitely a home--in my style. That means she knows I'm a packrat and I have a lot of stuff. As is evidenced by the fact that I live alone and I've really got stuff. Time to start getting rid of it. Lot easier to do a few items a day.

Since I won't be home much these coming weeks, I think I'll make it a goal to get rid of 10 things each day. Goodwill...give it away here...ship it off. I can do it. Which reminds me...I have raks to send off. really...I've got ya'll coming. Really!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Motown Philly Back again...

...doing a little East Coast swing!

Ahhh...I love the East Coast. Love being 3 hours "ahead" as opposed to three hours behind. Have yet to find where I feel that I am right on time. We'll work on that.

So. This trip is almost up. I still have not made it back to the Liberty Bell. But I have like 3 hours to kill tomorrow so that shouldn't be a problem. Which reminds me that I gotta call the dude downstairs ( know which word I c'ain't spell) and book my shuttle back to the airport. yeah.

So a list is in order.

What I loved about this:
hugging him goodbye at the airport
meeting Nancy and Bill-straight up Middle America folks--on the plane
being here on Monday
meeting all of these amazing lawyers who said that the money didn't matter
meeting all these lawyers who are totally at peace with not "making it"
staying a block from Independence Hall National Park
the cool getups at City Tavern
earning points AND miles
adding to my postcard collection
starting his postcard collection

What I...well...not so much about this:
being apart from him
5 hour flights where you have to pay for food. And headphones.
hotel giftshop shopping
the food. waaaaaay too good and waaaaaay too much of it
broken fitness facilities
forgetting a bathing suit
not making it to Independence Hall National Park
no pictures. Not one. And I DO have a camera with me...
paying for internet access
feeling guilty about not tipping on room service--especially when there are already delivery fees AND a 20% service charge added to the tab

Checkout tomorrow morning. Scrap tonight. See him not soon enough. I so need to be home. But I get to see Law & Order SVU, two times tonight! Gotta stay up till at least midnight so I can get back on the right coast's schedule.

I think there's a BBQ this Saturday with the newlyweds. And I think we were going to do the Puyallup too. Busy gal this weekend. Fun times! Leave for Mississippi this Sunday and there all of next week. The recruiting starts for real then.

Time for a picture on yet the OTHER blog!

Monday, September 11, 2006


That alarm was going to drive me BUTTY! That's a combo clevernish, it was a typo. But really, it could be a combo between nutty and...hmmm...I'll think on it.

In the land of freedom. Philly. Very, VERY interesting to be on the east coast today. So close to there. I remember much of where and what I was doing 5 years ago with who.

I was married.
I was in New Mexico
I was walking to work
I was on time
It was eerily silent
I heard on the radio that there seemed to be a smokey something going on at the helicopter pad at the Pentagon.
I walked into work and all the registration tvs were on to NBC--I didn't even know we could get tv on those sets.
I sat down in the glass bowl (my office with all the windows)
People kept walking by and looking at me. And whispering. And looking at me with that "how sad" look in their eyes.
I got out of the bowl and went to watch tv--"they don't know if it was an accident or not, but they think a plane crashed into the building."
I watched as they played the second plane crashing into the second tower. "WTF?! That is no accident." I remember saying that. Then I remember my mind going completely blank as the questions came:

Where's your family? Where are your friends? Go make some calls.

Then I watched the tower fall. And I lost it. I retreated to the bowl.

Who was I going to call? Who was going to answer? Remarkably, he did answer. And so did she. But he didn't. And neither did he.

I graduated from Cornell University. In upstate NY. About 6 out of 10 people I knew there were from NYC. I was president for two years of the Omicron Upsilon chapter of AKPsi--that would be the business frat. So yeah...I knew people. I knew LOTS of people. That worked in NYC. That were my friends. That worked in those towers.

I was numb. I didn't even know where to BEGIN to look for people. Ironically, I had JUST been in the process of getting back in touch with some of my brothers--the other kids who woke up one morning my junior year and decided to found a business frat. And trust a communication major of all folks to lead the way. I wasn't president when we started--I was the secretary who got to know EVERYONE because of all the paperwork. But then me, Ms. "I hate networking" and really, kinda shy cat, was elected President. Twice. And as such, so many people knew where I was, but I didn't know where they were.

I've been back to NY once after 9/11. It was just too painful. Too painful to think of the folks I've never been able to get back in touch with. I've never looked up a full list of who died that day because I don't want to see any of my missing brothers on those lists. I can still hope this way.

5 years. Seems like yesterday. Seems like yesterday 100 years ago. It just seems. That's all.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Great goodness...

okay. So I was panicked enough to stay up and watch the news to make sure that Grayson's shelter was not the kitty shelter gone mad. That was so sad. So very sad.

And then, BF confesses that he's been doing some research. See, he's a big guy--very tall. And you know how pets are so like their owners? Well, he's a dog guy. And he has a habit of calling tiny dogs rats--perhaps because he believes that their little tails could get caught in rat traps. If you set them up just so I suppose.

In any event, he wants a GD. Now...those dogs are HUGE. I tried to tell him that he would be the only one big enough to walk that dog. I suggested a dalmation. Which he said has a horrible attitude. Interesting...cause I have a horrible attitude from time to time too. I could picture it...him and his Dane, me and my dal. Fun times.

So, his research, he shows me all about their temperment, etc. Then starts talking craziness. See, he has all sorts of valid reasons for not getting a dog right now. Nothing valid to stop him from WANTING one. So he's all "well, can't you see it dear? All three of us chillin' on the make out couch?" yeah...I could. Too cute.

Anyhow...I'm starting to bore myself with the inability to complete a thought or type it all out.

It is Friday and time to get on out of here because at the crack of dawn tomorrow, I get to get on an airplane and take the show on the road. Philly or bust. See ya on the rebound if not on the road!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I really shouldn't... posting because I hate these kinds of posts. The kind where you really don't have much to say (or, in my case, you really have a lot to say but not enough time to say it) and you post anyhow?

Okay...list time since that seems to be all I have much time to do nowadays. Non-cryptic cause I was going over one of my other lists and I couldn't figure out what in the heck I was talking about.

On a side note...did you know (well, on ANOTHER side note...did you know that my adorable nephew says "what the heeeeeeck" with the e all drawn out cause...well...he's a cutie.) that I grew up around folks who believed that if you thought it--just thought it, you had done it. Ie, if you think of cheating on your wife, it is just as bad as having cheated on her. Or, if you think deep enough to censor yourself and say heck instead of...well...that other word, then you are just as bad a spawn of Satan?

But i digress.

I chose blog winners--check over at two peas to know if you're one of them. If I don't hear from you before Friday night, I'll track ya down when I get back into town on Thursday after some work travel.

Speaking of which--Philly ya'll. I might actually get to see my best friend from high school on that trip. And my best friend from college. I just need to take my best grown up friends and it would be a big partay up in there. But alas the BF has to work and Ms. Thang...yeah. I got talked to about her in my performance review. Well, not her directly, but about my talking to her on the phone. In a cubicle. Where folks can peep our business. Right.

So this is turning into much more than a list. Time to control the out of control typing. I talk to much. Tell me something that ISN'T new...

10. Need (REALLY NEED!!) to find a place to stay in Chicago that won't cost me $400 a night whence all the cab rides to work are said and done.

9. Red Curry. Tofu. Green beans. Chicken. Mushrooms. So, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, soooooooo good I might have to make it again. And he liked it. That's not saying much cause I don't think he'd ever tell me, "Girl, your cooking sucks" but he ate seconds...and I liked it...and wow...I learned that I actually LIKE breaking out the cookbooks, gathering the ingredients and cooking. I figured this out just as I get ready to hit the road of course (smile). Of course.

8. Need to pack up that album and ship it off.

7. Need to pack those boxes at work and ship them off--packing tape would be a good thing.

6. Did I mention...I get to see two of my bestest friends next week?

5. Shopping for Patagonia gear on

4. Why I'm shopping for Patagonia gear on Ebay (ahem * EBC* ) rocks even more

3. Microsoft Works Tasks...who knew life could be so friggin' organized??

2. Me. Our Town. Stage manager. Don't get it twisted, she was the gal laughing her arse off in the chairs at the funeral. Damn her.

1. 50? Days until then. Yippee!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On the Road Again...

...I just CAN wait to get on the road again. least I get to meet all sorts of new people.

So if you are in any of the following areas--you should definitely be in touch as I have plenty of time to take folks out to lunch (hint/hint)! Especially if you might know a great scrap store...I mean...a good place to take pictures in town (smile).

That said, in order (I think) of appearance:

September: Philly and then Mississippi
October: West Texas and NM, Las Vegas, Chicago, Midwest (lots of random states), rest of TX
November: So Cali

Yippee~! I only work half days mostly while on the road and then have LOTS of time to play. Some trips I have photo assignments, some trips I have places to go for things I care about (ie, Mississippi I'm going to be doing some stuff for The Box Project--look it up folks...we need your help). But most trips, it's about me taking a moment to just chill... I found Microsoft Tasks. I'm. In. Love. Totally. Well...I am. Not with tasks per se, but they are cool. I already got to click stuff off the todo list! Yippee!

About ready to buy the Thanksgiving tickets--mom and sister and nephew coming back already. well, sister for the first time but the others back. I so am going to love this.

Time to go and eat. And ship. And create. And clean. And just veg out some already. I was way stressing life this morning. I had to take a step back from myself and say "honestly" already.