Friday, September 08, 2006

Great goodness...

okay. So I was panicked enough to stay up and watch the news to make sure that Grayson's shelter was not the kitty shelter gone mad. That was so sad. So very sad.

And then, BF confesses that he's been doing some research. See, he's a big guy--very tall. And you know how pets are so like their owners? Well, he's a dog guy. And he has a habit of calling tiny dogs rats--perhaps because he believes that their little tails could get caught in rat traps. If you set them up just so I suppose.

In any event, he wants a GD. Now...those dogs are HUGE. I tried to tell him that he would be the only one big enough to walk that dog. I suggested a dalmation. Which he said has a horrible attitude. Interesting...cause I have a horrible attitude from time to time too. I could picture it...him and his Dane, me and my dal. Fun times.

So, his research, he shows me all about their temperment, etc. Then starts talking craziness. See, he has all sorts of valid reasons for not getting a dog right now. Nothing valid to stop him from WANTING one. So he's all "well, can't you see it dear? All three of us chillin' on the make out couch?" yeah...I could. Too cute.

Anyhow...I'm starting to bore myself with the inability to complete a thought or type it all out.

It is Friday and time to get on out of here because at the crack of dawn tomorrow, I get to get on an airplane and take the show on the road. Philly or bust. See ya on the rebound if not on the road!

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