Friday, September 15, 2006

Where do I live again?

Oh yeah...Seattle. I was reminded this morning, but I didn't like it so much so the blue skies returned. Love love, LOVE this place!

Too bad I've only been here since the wee hours of Thursday morning. Came to work. Went home and hung out with the bf some, then went home and opened the laptop to create...and promptly fell asleep. As in woke up on the couch with the light on, a warm lap (lovely laptop cooler doesn't work so much on the thighs) and all my clothes on. At 6:42 am.

Came to work. Got lots and lots and LOTS done. Really proud of myself. Feeling like I have a handle on everything again. Most likely because I got to chat with this AMAZING prospect today. As in make my jaw drop amazing. She rocked my world. This is why I absolutely LOVE my job. But immediately started thinking again how I need to get those dreams back on track. To help folks like her. Folks with a passion and a drive that I am absolutely POSITIVE will make a difference. It was one of those double impact moments--she called me like 20 minutes after walking out to give me her email address. I had to her to email me so that I could follow up with some info on a mutual passion of our's--we're both educational equity freaks. She had an article she was going to forward me and I had a contact I was going to forward her. But rather than wait to get home and email me, she called me on her way home just so I would have her email address.

This is what I live for. These kinds of connections. They are very rare for me. Not to say I'm anti social or don't play well with others. Very much quite the contrary. In all that playing and socialite happiness, I rarely get to make those deeper connections. So not girl crushin' on her--already have one of those on Ms. Thang who called me and is probably pissed beyond all belief that I ain't called back yet. Gotta get her her goods. But this prospect today...if I were not already taken (BF and girl crush aside), I'd have to pass her on to some other counselor because I'd be all too crushed when we had to deny her passion off of some numbers. But I told her that.

And so it goes.

I really need to get more on the pictures here eh? I heard ya. We'll work on that. I can become an enabler. I need to start purging. Getting rid of stuff. Good books, videos/dvds, cds/ definitely lots of scrap stuff. Just neat little "things".

When my mother was here this summer (she's making a repeat appearance for Thanksgiving by the way--how cool is that??!), she said my house was definitely a home--in my style. That means she knows I'm a packrat and I have a lot of stuff. As is evidenced by the fact that I live alone and I've really got stuff. Time to start getting rid of it. Lot easier to do a few items a day.

Since I won't be home much these coming weeks, I think I'll make it a goal to get rid of 10 things each day. Goodwill...give it away here...ship it off. I can do it. Which reminds me...I have raks to send off. really...I've got ya'll coming. Really!

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