Thursday, September 07, 2006

I really shouldn't... posting because I hate these kinds of posts. The kind where you really don't have much to say (or, in my case, you really have a lot to say but not enough time to say it) and you post anyhow?

Okay...list time since that seems to be all I have much time to do nowadays. Non-cryptic cause I was going over one of my other lists and I couldn't figure out what in the heck I was talking about.

On a side note...did you know (well, on ANOTHER side note...did you know that my adorable nephew says "what the heeeeeeck" with the e all drawn out cause...well...he's a cutie.) that I grew up around folks who believed that if you thought it--just thought it, you had done it. Ie, if you think of cheating on your wife, it is just as bad as having cheated on her. Or, if you think deep enough to censor yourself and say heck instead of...well...that other word, then you are just as bad a spawn of Satan?

But i digress.

I chose blog winners--check over at two peas to know if you're one of them. If I don't hear from you before Friday night, I'll track ya down when I get back into town on Thursday after some work travel.

Speaking of which--Philly ya'll. I might actually get to see my best friend from high school on that trip. And my best friend from college. I just need to take my best grown up friends and it would be a big partay up in there. But alas the BF has to work and Ms. Thang...yeah. I got talked to about her in my performance review. Well, not her directly, but about my talking to her on the phone. In a cubicle. Where folks can peep our business. Right.

So this is turning into much more than a list. Time to control the out of control typing. I talk to much. Tell me something that ISN'T new...

10. Need (REALLY NEED!!) to find a place to stay in Chicago that won't cost me $400 a night whence all the cab rides to work are said and done.

9. Red Curry. Tofu. Green beans. Chicken. Mushrooms. So, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, soooooooo good I might have to make it again. And he liked it. That's not saying much cause I don't think he'd ever tell me, "Girl, your cooking sucks" but he ate seconds...and I liked it...and wow...I learned that I actually LIKE breaking out the cookbooks, gathering the ingredients and cooking. I figured this out just as I get ready to hit the road of course (smile). Of course.

8. Need to pack up that album and ship it off.

7. Need to pack those boxes at work and ship them off--packing tape would be a good thing.

6. Did I mention...I get to see two of my bestest friends next week?

5. Shopping for Patagonia gear on

4. Why I'm shopping for Patagonia gear on Ebay (ahem * EBC* ) rocks even more

3. Microsoft Works Tasks...who knew life could be so friggin' organized??

2. Me. Our Town. Stage manager. Don't get it twisted, she was the gal laughing her arse off in the chairs at the funeral. Damn her.

1. 50? Days until then. Yippee!

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