Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Motown Philly Back again...

...doing a little East Coast swing!

Ahhh...I love the East Coast. Love being 3 hours "ahead" as opposed to three hours behind. Have yet to find where I feel that I am right on time. We'll work on that.

So. This trip is almost up. I still have not made it back to the Liberty Bell. But I have like 3 hours to kill tomorrow so that shouldn't be a problem. Which reminds me that I gotta call the dude downstairs (yeah...you know which word I c'ain't spell) and book my shuttle back to the airport. yeah.

So a list is in order.

What I loved about this:
hugging him goodbye at the airport
meeting Nancy and Bill-straight up Middle America folks--on the plane
being here on Monday
meeting all of these amazing lawyers who said that the money didn't matter
meeting all these lawyers who are totally at peace with not "making it"
staying a block from Independence Hall National Park
the cool getups at City Tavern
earning points AND miles
adding to my postcard collection
starting his postcard collection

What I...well...not so much about this:
being apart from him
5 hour flights where you have to pay for food. And headphones.
hotel giftshop shopping
the food. waaaaaay too good and waaaaaay too much of it
broken fitness facilities
forgetting a bathing suit
not making it to Independence Hall National Park
no pictures. Not one. And I DO have a camera with me...
paying for internet access
feeling guilty about not tipping on room service--especially when there are already delivery fees AND a 20% service charge added to the tab

Checkout tomorrow morning. Scrap tonight. See him not soon enough. I so need to be home. But I get to see Law & Order SVU, two times tonight! Gotta stay up till at least midnight so I can get back on the right coast's schedule.

I think there's a BBQ this Saturday with the newlyweds. And I think we were going to do the Puyallup too. Busy gal this weekend. Fun times! Leave for Mississippi this Sunday and there all of next week. The recruiting starts for real then.

Time for a picture on yet the OTHER blog!

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Rachel said...

I'm so sorry I missed you!!!!
Haven't been to Philly in ages...sigh...I totally get being that close to Independence park, but you didn't miss too much by not going. But I hope you did get to some places other than just City Tavern! Have a safe trip back :)