Saturday, March 28, 2009

But isn't it April?

Today we went driving. To prove a point, draw some tears, talk and get back to the heart of it.

I love that dude like nothing else (and no one else) i've loved in all my life.

But isn't it April?

We went to the ridge today. Well, a couple of ridges. But the one where I was pouting half the way is what I'm talking about. And yes. It was snowing. In April. it isn't yet April. But it IS Spring. And snow is ridiculous!!

For the record mom, Snoqualamie =/= Seattle. As in no it was not snowing in Seattle, yes it was snowing in Snoqualamie.

Also (for the record since we're being honest), that IS where I would like you to move to.

Please. And thank you.

Peace out.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day n' night

No lonely stoners but I can for sure say that when I drove into the car wash, I was squintin through my windshield like I was tunnel driving (and for the record, I hit TWO tunnels each way to work e'ryday so and what??). On the way OUT of that carwash, I was like "since when did the sun hit Seattle?"

Day n' night

And since I've clearly forgotten how to blog (lack of stalkers will do that to you...just not inspired anymore), I'm going back to my repeat button (maybe I'll hit Pandora...probably not) and going to snap some pics of that other stuff I do.

(hint - yes, that is not one, not two, but THREE links in one two paragraph post. WHAT is this world coming to??)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

8:30 and 8

If I were a good blogger, this is what I would have blogged about in the 8 or so months since I last blogged:

* I miss iTunes. Like sugar misses kool aid. I'm just saying.
* While we are on the subject of kool aid, let's talk about all the OTHER ghetto fabulous things I no longer do since marrying up:
no more law and order marathons
I now have to hide my mid afternoon afterwork naptimes
white bread is so out
* That pizza joint in the cap, now THAT is the bomb. Of course because Liisa was there, but in general too.
* I've adopted a girl. And I'm selling cookies to support her
* someodd years ago (2004? '05?) I was a case study queen
* Scrapbooking is cutthroat, but friendships are forever
* settle settle settle...SCORE!
* since when am I so gosh dang OLD?!
* I think it has been about 800 plus days. So what? Wash the dang thing yourself if that concerns you. Priorities.
* I HATE Fidelity. My husband thinks I'm nuts but he's never had a 403b which is the bane of my existence. Great that you don't have to put funds into your accounts, sad that you have to up and die and revert the funds and let your heirs duke it out to get to actually take CARE of the money you've stashed away. Bogus. I have a stronger B word, but I'm an active girl scout again so I'll refrain.
* VAN conference for Volunteer Managers was off the hook. Fun times had by all.
* Liisa totally rocks my world--she's so thoughtful and great and puts up with my utter thoughtlessness and really dimming her for not taking it personal.

Oh...I totally forgot...let me look it up. Oh yes...this gem because Liisa is my shining, guiding light:

"Are you sure it ain't my air freshener?"
"Not unless your air freshener smells like wet hound and hash"

Oh my goodness. I couldn't stop laughing to type that. And I get it. Ya'll will be all "what in the HECK is she talking about?" But you know what...that's okay. Liisa will be pissed I wrote it, but she'll laugh too and at this moment, it's the Liisa show.

And...moment over. Now I need to watch Rob's Fantasy Factory. I'm thinking it will never match Rob and Big, but you know sure beats Nitro Circus. Uhg. Craziness with a capital "c".