Saturday, March 28, 2009

But isn't it April?

Today we went driving. To prove a point, draw some tears, talk and get back to the heart of it.

I love that dude like nothing else (and no one else) i've loved in all my life.

But isn't it April?

We went to the ridge today. Well, a couple of ridges. But the one where I was pouting half the way is what I'm talking about. And yes. It was snowing. In April. it isn't yet April. But it IS Spring. And snow is ridiculous!!

For the record mom, Snoqualamie =/= Seattle. As in no it was not snowing in Seattle, yes it was snowing in Snoqualamie.

Also (for the record since we're being honest), that IS where I would like you to move to.

Please. And thank you.

Peace out.

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