One Girl. One Boy. Colored. White.

Colored. United States.  Black. Woman. Very early thirties, started this at twenty-something. Did the starter marriage. Now on the ender marriage. Goes by B. Not a dog girl; absolutely ADORES her puppy Ashley.  Lives her life online, keeps it tucked and cool IRL.

Texas girl. Introvert unless online. Loves taking snapshots. Always worked in education, but never as an educator. Super successful early on in her career and has not looked back yet. Passionate about diversity & inclusion work. Modern girl with traditional leanings. Democrat at heart, but has occasionally been accused of being a closet Republican. Probably because she graduated from Cornell.

White. Worldy. White. Man. Very early forties (as in barely even qualifies to say "forty"), started this cradle robbing the twenty-something year old. Goes by R. Doesn't like his life "out there" just signed up for a Facebook account.  But really, only because his puppy dog had an account first.

Cali boy. Extrovert unless online. Loves creating photographs. Didn't always work in finance - he's handy with a car engine and did time as a wedding photographer. Passionate about the Bs. Traditionalist who isn't intimidated by a strong partner. She assumes he's a Democrat who believes in sacrificing more than enough for those without enough, but he IS a finance geek and has never shown her his ballot. That and he did his MBA at Penn State.

She writes. He gawks. All thoughts shared on this site are soley those of Colored.  She profiles White only so that you have some context to the ramblings.

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