Sunday, February 12, 2006

She found us

Girl with. Plural. Found it. That is the plus side of never, ever, EVER throwing anything away...

occassionally you will find something you really wanted to find. Suffice it to say that I am a very happy gal.

She found us. You know. Most people say "I'm going to go out and get a dog." or maybe they even say "We're going to the pound and bringing home a cat." Rarely do people get to say she found us.

This past week, while girlfriend was crashed out on the couch and boyfriend was setting us up to watch that God awful movie (don't ask, don't tell...all I need to say is that wandering around a house should NOT make up 120 minutes of anything), there was quite a ruckus at the back door.

I woke to him opening the door and in she walked. Beautiful Grayson.

Now this dear cat is not at all an outdoor cat. Ever the analyst, BF could rattle off a million and one evidences to this fact. But a cat is a cat. And while she was a bit forward and slept with him on the first date, she had to be booted from bed by 4 or 6 am each morning because all she would do was scream and hollar. Outside she went.

BF was smart enough not to feed her before bed, but his guilty conscience got the better of him and so every night this past week, when he got home from work, it was all about waiting for Grayson to show up and then calling me to ask what he should do with her. Note to those who have made it this far...we're not entirely sure she is a she. Okay...I am not. But then again, I'm not trying to figure it out.

In any event, we help off naming her. Held off feeding her. Caved in last night and bought her a litter box. He plopped her in it and soon came the "Damn you, kitty" as she proptly knew what to do--straight down to scratching over the remains.

Sigh. She has problems though. As in trying to use said box every other minute and not being very productive about it. I told BF that he's going to get to foot the $2g vet bill for whatever is wrong with We couldn't figure out why anyone would dump her. She's gorgeous, perfectly trained, great personality...

I'm thinking the impending vet bill will tell the tale of why.

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