Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ridin Dirty

Very dirty. Ugh. Procrastination will eventually catch up with you. So went out to Discovery Park with BF today. got to the beach. Well worth the up and downhills. One step at a time. That's how you tackle the steps.

There is a cute little song by Jagged Edge now called Good Luck Charm. Just saw the video yesterday on Access Granted. Now THAT is dirty. Not as dirty as I'm ridin', but we'll get to that.

I need a dining room table. But I don't want to have to haul it down my tram. I need to get it so that it can be delivered on a Wed when I am home so that I can direct them where to bring it. Of course I won't tell them of the obstacle course cause then they may want to charge me more. Or something. You know...I got my fave chairs at Fred Myers for a decent clip (on sale). Maybe I can luck up on a table there. I don't really remember seeing anything decent sized there. I don't need a huge BF worthy one. Just something to fill the space and feed people at. Supposedly I have kinda committed to a March housewarming. Gotta find a date for that.

So...really...I cleaned yesterday and it felt good to get things into their places. Other reason why I want a dining room table is that I was able to read so much more in the dining room. The couch is not conducive to working.

But there is little light when it is dark in the front room. Check that, when it is getting dark. You know...that moment when it is too light for electric lights to be much good, but also too dark to read by natural light.

Anyhow...I might could get home and watch the sunset today. But that means leaving here. Which I don't necessarily want to do. Not really anyhow. I do need to get more cleaning done.

My place looks a lot better now that I have some pictures going up. A couple of rugs and end tables and we'll be good to go. I need to go and get gas before work tomorrow. That's what I should go and do now. Soon as I get up...

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