Friday, February 10, 2006

Fun. Life is.

So. Yeah then.

Life is fun. Me too. It is a gorgeous day outside and I'm sitting in an office (with a huge window so I can't really complain) longing to be outside. I want to wear spring clothes (which translates to: I want to go shopping) and I want to run around barefoot in the grass.

I even want to go home and clean up.

My goodness. Wednesday I was sitting in my bedroom on the floor doing stuff and the sun was blazing hot. Landlord warned me that it could get rather toasty, but really. It will be an interesting summer. Just will have to keep the few windows that do open in my place cranked open all the time. Wow--probably won't spend much time in my backroom. All the better excuse to get out and go DO something already.


Tomorrow I'm off to have fun with the gals from work. A musical, a dinner, a birthday celebration and they are actually scrapbook fiends. I have to take a camera with me. Really I do. Which reminds me, I have to get on the ball about purchasing another camera. Right now I'm all over borrowing BF's which has treated me well. Very well. But I want to get back into it and so the camera purchase looms long and big.

Oh yeah...I should be planning the fantastic three day weekend getaway for next week. Fun times. I really like having a three day weekend each month.

BF was good about pointing out that while I have two Fridays each week by virtue of the fact that I do not go into the office on Wednesdays, I also have two Mondays a week. Sigh. Good thing of that being that I know exactly what I am in for on Mondays and Thursdays at my job. Papercuts galore making a lot of wannabe lawyers very happy. It is the Tuesday that I fear the most--lots of last minute projects that all have to be done immediately since I won't be back until Thursday. Friday is as Friday does. Right.

So Fun this weekend is hanging out with the girls and then going with BF somewhere on Sunday. Hiking. Now THAT is fun times. Wonder if the other women are going to come along. I think he will relegate one to his bed (if she's nice) and the other might get up in time to go, but likely not. Love them both to death of course (smile).

Kay. Time to go and be boring some more. So many blogs, so little time.

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