Friday, February 17, 2006

Feds paid up

Now I suppose it is my turn. Never again will I likely get a refund on my fed taxes. Being the single lady making what I do without a bills...etc.

Alas. Guess I should go out and get knocked up already.
Or buy a house.
Or go back to being broke, sick and tired all the time.

Alas. Lord knows they take enough outta my paycheck for me to not have to pay any significant bill come the end of the year. I date a finance geek who has more than once offered to help me get a clue.

Yeah. tomorrow. Or...maybe the day after. Okay. next week.

Now. I typically don't blog about work. You never know who knows who and will tell who. But oh my word. If I could, you know I'd have some gossip for you today. Let's say that once upon a time, wannabe lawyers were very self sufficient. Now, they are not.

Okay, that is not fair. I shouldn't speak of the whole when really I just mean most of them are not. Okay...some of them. This one in particular.



I had a fantastic bus driver this morning that sang to me. I actually enjoyed going out and doing "me" things yesterday. Not necessarily things that I love to do (like photography and scrapping and writing and reading) because increasingly, that is done with/for/around others.

But really me things--like going and giving the talk on conference prep to the folks in my program (celeb status...gotta love it). Like going to the black alumni event. Like going to meet the new board member. Like talking with Joan on a brief ride home.

Like me stuff. Stuff that no one wants to do with me, that is okay for me to go off and do on my own, that isn't for the direct benefit of me or's just stuff to do because you have to. Almost like work, but fun. Although I must admit that I am having way too much fun with work...coukie ones considered.

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