Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mood Alert

So last night was Velentine's Day. BF was in a bit of a funk--gotta love his job. But he planned a really great night for us and it was great. We stopped by Third Place Books up north for a little Q&A session with local romance novelists. Of course, you know me and books--there is no sitting still. So about halfway through, I asked if we could go and play in the stacks. He obliged.

I bought. Of course I did. Got these really cool "Mood Alert" sheets. They're taglined "Better living through fair warning." So of course I filled one out. At all of 9:30 this morning, I was bitter. I really need an attitude adjustment. But I digress.

Also bought a really neat little quote book with rip out pages that is in the right colors (and the right phrases) for the chatterbox book I'll likely never do. Not today at least.

Before the author session, we got ice cream. It's been so long since I had my Reese's PB cup. I had forgotten just how much I love that stuff.

After the author session, we went to the best little steakhouse in town. Yeah (smile). carmelita. which is actually the best vegetarian restaurant in town. I was so psyched that he "put up with me" and went without meat for me. He was not feeling the menu (Vegetarian or Vegan...those were the choices for the V-day evening) but I really liked the different textures and flavors. I'm happy that he was a good sport about it. I loved the gnocci--well, all of the textures and layers to the whole dish I should say. I have a thing for goat cheese lately. Yes, there was goat cheese in the dish.

BF also sent me two dozen roses at work. I was the talk of the office (smile). He's such a cutie...officially adorable.

I need an attitude adjustment. Really. I mentioned the mood alert deal above? Well...suffice it to say that if at 9:25 am I am characterizing the day as horrendous as I package up my first layout to be published in Creating needs some balance.

Instead of pitching a fit, I think I'm going to go and find a way to spend some money. Shopping...every woman's tonic. I wanted to buy some Dave C. tickets. They sold out in 5 minutes. Now they are going for about $500 a pair. Yeah. I told myself if they sold out in 30 minutes (before I could get to the computer) then I didn't really need to go.

So I'm not going.

Time to plan some fun for Saturday. Although maybe not. Couple of folks I know just got engaged. BF and other friend want to go out and celebrate. I think moreso, I need to find a cheap ticket to El Paso for a moment. Half a decade. I don't know what is wrong with me.

Time to get over myself.

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