Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pure heaven

Last post...fave food...Chico's Tacos. No joke. You have no idea how close I came to buying a ticket home just looking at that photo. I know Alex...I know. But Rachel feels me even if R doesn't.

So then, for the heck of it, did I get lucky or WHAT? That, my dears, remains to be seen. What better time to experiment and "go see" than Super Bowl Sunday eh?

Oh dear sweet Jesus I need to go grocery shopping.
So much for the demise of B3.
Love you honey!

My hump day +2


Nope, we're not voting on dresses, just a few I have saved in Kaboodle that I love. My grandmother's name was Julia and we never really called her Jewel (or jewels for that matter) but you try google imaging "Julia" (smile). Julia Roberts would have been a good photo for that eh? Live and learn. And for the travel...I would like to travel to EBC again (it was amazing), but my fave place was/is Tibet. Especially all the monastaries. Name of a past pet...I had a red Beta fish named Cornell (go Big Red!). Right after I killed the bright orange goldfish named Syracuse (Orangemen and all). Won them both at the NY State Fair (in two different years). I know I know...corny.

***Update over***

Okay okay...a real (long) post is what you get. So was checking out my goods and came across some fun stuff out in blog land.

From five and a half, you so totally have to do this:


Put "Postcard please" in the subject line and your mailing addy in the message. You can read all about it on their blog, but fun times with randomness promise to abound.

Be sure to visit their studio and buy me, I mean, buy yourself a really cool journal. Yes. Why yes I do love journals. Really. Go to the studio site. What is not to love?

And Field Negro is in rare form today. But...READ THIS WARNING!! He is NOT for the faint of heart. So much so that I won't even link that. Google is your friend.

So is Kaboodle. Some dresses I'm feelin':

dress 1 dress 2 dress 3 dress 4 dress 5 dress 7

And since I'm clearly in a pictorial mood and in these instances, I love reading CJ's blog (warning, if you're reading at work, hit volume mute--just cause I rock out everyday to her blog doesn't mean everyone has it like that) because she always has a good list of some sort to spread the blogger addiction love, I give you far more information than you ever cared to know. Don't get frustrated if you can't figure it out. Just means we're not that close. I ain't mad at ya. I'm messing...but some...not so obvious...some a bit more loosely translated, but all fun and games trying hard not to read files. Fun with flickr and yahoo image search.

1. Age on your next birthday?

3 1

2. A place where you would like to travel


3. favorite place?


4. favorite object?

Canon L series lens

5. favorite food?


6. favorite animal?

curious george

7. favorite color?


8. town where you were born?

El Paso

9. name of a past pet?


10. nickname?


11. The town in which you live?

Space Needle

12. what are you listening to?


13. your last name?


14. A bad habit of yours?

procrastination messy desk

15. Your first job?

cotton candy

16. Your grandma's name?


(well, sort of)

17. your hobby?

going places

And just for the record. Sometimes, people who call me for advise on applying to law school freak me out. Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes they make me want to cry. It is rare that they are all three of those.

Happy Hump day plus 2. Or is it one? Oh no matter...go search yahoo and flickr for some cool photos.

Updates abound... some stuff to do today and will probably update again later today but...first things first.

Got a lot of emails lately about the Obama post. If you're finding me through that, welcome. That post is HERE.

Yes, we have a wedding date for this year. No the save the dates have not yet gone out. It will be in Seattle.

All promised RAKS (except your's Gi) have gone out, let me know if you didn't get postal mail from me you were expecting.

No I'm not going to CHA this year, but will be there in spirit with my Fgirls and am sending stuff along for the October Afternoon and Impression Obsession booths. Stop by, say hello to the crews and make sure no one takes off with my stuff. Like you don't know what I'm talking about.

I still love grits and cornbread. I just have not had any since I became an almost married woman. Probably about 9 months before that. Jackson, MS...shrimp and grits. I'll research the restaurant but that place was the bestest grits I done ever had in my whole LIFE. Sorry granny.

PROMISE. To make those calls. Pinky swear I still love ya'll.

Sorry I haven't been good about commenting on the comments. That said, one more day to get your votes in for the do by going to this post HERE and making your selection (choose as many as you like) to make it to the final round of three.

Till later. Work the whole day today...try not to annoy the heck out of everyone with the hack. Thankfully, don't really have to speak cause I still don't have a voice. Well...a talking voice.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You know better than that

If you are looking to vote on hair dids, that post is HERE.

So last night. You know that you need to get out a bit more when, in the midst of watching Breaking Bad there is a knock at the door and you take cover. Literally.

Come to find out, our neighbor (two doors down) managed to lock herself outside with her daughter (what...maybe a year old) sleeping upstairs. She came over to use our phone and we invited her to stay inside but she wanted to be closer to her daughter so she went back out. Into like 29 degree weather. I think nothing of this. He has to prod me to be a better neighbor and take her some supplies (glove, scarf, thicker coat, hot chocolate). But then she was nowhere to be found.

Now. I'm not one to be unduly paranoid, but I was like "what in the hell happened to her, did the meth heads down the block take her?" All is well that ends well though...she got back inside when her hubby came home from clear across the water to let her back in. Between Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights, perhaps I need to monitor my own viewing pleasure. Oh yeah...let us not forget Tressa (read the comments from that site as there are not really any notes from the episode--I've watched like 20 of them now and this one by far was the one that I was like "I really REALLY hope she makes it") from Intervention. All good television though. Not necessarily subject matter wise, but how it is presented.

On another front. Florida. The G man and now Mr. Edwards too? What is up with that? Alas...Super Tuesday. I don't live in one of those states, but I live close enough and caucus on a close enough date that it is getting exciting. Time to hit the streets and all.

Yep, still feel like crap. Gotta go to the...ahem...liquor store...later today. I hate medicine. But not as much as I hate feeling like this.

Finally got some photos taken to share on that neglected blog.

Listening to more good music--bit less angry and hoodrich and more mellow:

Feedback - Janet Jackson
Falling - Maya
Lose Control - EnVogue
Call Tyrone - Erika Badu
50 Candles - Boys to Men
Anytime - Janet Jackson (I LOVED this video...she came back all gorgeous and e'rythang)
Seven Days - Mary J Blige
Cater to You - Destiny's Child (must see...ohhh sookie now)
Ja Rule & R. Kelly - I wonder
Shake it Off - Mariah Carey
I know what you want - Mariah Carey & Busta Rhymes -
I'm Sprung - T Pain
It Never Rains in Southern California - Tony! Toni! Tone!

Happy video watching (that's what those links are for...videos). Some of them are a bit too old for the YouTube crowd...or not their taste, or just not popular enough to show up on the first page of a search. No matter...I still got mad love for Maya, En Vogue and Boys to Men. Ja was just a decent song.

So while I go cry my eyeballs out over all the data likely lost on my laptop that all of a sudden refuses to work, I'll go get ready for work. And post those photos to the other blog. And FYI...the laptop is back up. Let me go catch up with my heart racing off down the street.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Swolled up

Yeah. Not swollen. But swolled up. That would be my throat. What does cyanide poisoning feel like?

I digress. Welcome new readers...more like readers who had my blog addys a whole long while ago but it took minty fresh rodeo spray for them to actually check on in. I ain't mad at ya (smile).

Since I'm about to pass out from the heat (or the dizziness...or the lack of oxygen getting to my brain through the swolled up windpipe), I'ma hit you with some interactive wedding planning as promised last night.

Help a sister pick out a do yeah? Yeah. Since I'm on live writer and have not yet explored how to insert polls, if I pass out after finishing this entry, but before posting the poll, kick back. It will be right over there ------> Oh wait.

<------------------------- there.

The choices:

(there are 12 of can pick more than one in the poll...we'll do a round two with the top 3 vote getters):

hair 1 hair 2 hair 3 hair 4 hair 5 hair 7 hair 6 hair 8 hair 10 hair 9 hair 11 hair 12

Simple numbering...1-3 top row, 4-6 second row, 7-9 third row and 10 - 12 bottom row. All pics from You have until this Friday the 1st of Feb, come back and vote as often as you would like. And because I like them all, I have to check on the dress first, but I can at least 60% say with certainty that I'll likely do the do that you pick. So have fun with it!

Back to my deathbed.

***UPDATE*** Polls don't like more than 5 choices so instead, leave a comment with your choices. Sorry about that. When we narrow it to three...we'll then do a poll.

***UPDATE 2 - the Dress - *** Not sure on the dress yet. I was thinking more sleek, modern, evening gownish styling (think pageantish dress), but I think what would really knock him over would be something more regal/royal...not necessarily "princess", but not pageant. I know...kinda confusing. I agree that some of the styles are more pageant, others more "regal/princess" and because I'm having a heck of a time settling on one or the other, the suggestion to look at accessories, makeup and hair that really calls to me was suggested as a way to break the impasse. So...bit backward, BUT I gotta try something if I want to have something to wear. We have decided on a date finally...if only our church would definitively agree with it (smile) Fun times!

Monday, January 28, 2008


95%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Not only because I stalk CJ's blog and pick up things like this (cool site by the way for all SORTS of widgets and whodads), but because I was all "What? I mean is it WRONG that I'm a bit skewed in my priorities?"

Yeah and this is what happens on a boring almost snow day. Nothing but blogging about nothing at all.

I guess this calls for some interactive wedding planning eh? becons...

And the Over has it

Lisa with one "i", you win! You were one of like 4 folks to email a take for the over. Overwhelmingly, folks went for the under. Truth be told, as did I. And if it were not for a super determined set of two, I would have had it. Alas...there are three of us here today.

Blogger outage at 4 pm PST. whatever shall I do with my day? Lara, resume critique almost done...winging back to you by 5 my time tonight. Scintilating reading to be done of - no, not applications although that did get MUCH better last night once I got into the right frame of mind. But I can read survey results. All 40 pages of it. Now THAT is fun times.

Lisa I'll email you for your addy and get you a little something something in the mail.

Till blogger decides it is okay to play again today...or I get even more bored than I am...

The business (cost) of politics

So I was watching Fox News some odd moment this past weekend.  Probably Saturday morning when I was avoiding getting up at all costs.  In any event, it was more of a zoom by as I was looking for some good quality trash tv to watch (The Bad Girls Club is a good one on a Saturday morning if you're looking too).

Anyhow, Fox was all over the whole South Carolina is good to go now, but so long Mr. Black Barack Obama.  Or something along those lines.  The whole race issue and all (like the gender issue, etc.)

Now.  I'm fond of saying you can't have it both ways.  My better half is all about how masterful the Clintons are at spin--make it your message and all.  I'll definitely give them that. So when Bill (first name is okay right?  Cause he surely ain't been acting anything "stately" or "Presidential" to garner much more than that lately) spun me dizzy on the whole "Well, you know, Jesse Jackson won So. Cackalacka (and you know he would have said it that way if he could have guaranteed 20 more votes from my people) back then too." I was all "well ain't that a trip?!"

There are so many MANY layers to that.  There is the easy one to pick up all Jesse Jackson was black and so is Obama so...there's your black candidate.

But dig deeper.  There's the whole "back in the 80's" tone...for a candidate of change and progression, what bigger smear than "talk about taking us back...waaaaay the 80s..." that's a heavy hit.

So I'm dizzy and it really has nothing to do with "Yeah...let's not have the Michigan and Florida delegates seated because I'ma have this locked by then anyway but oh wait...I duped everyone else into not campaigning there and now I know I've got the edge so I want the delegates seated."  We can all change our minds and all.  I LOVED those SNL sketches with Al "I changed my mind" Gore.  I gotta download those.

Nah.  Lost in the shuffle of black folks coming home to vote for one of their own (and the scorch and burn politics of pissin' folks off so bad that if their candidate ISN'T the nominee, then they'll just stay home and not participate) is the fact that Mr. "He's a Black Man" Barack ALSO picked up a heavy tally of white votes.  And women votes. And rural and urban and...

The message.  Change.  When people get so fed up with what is, to the point that they can't even imagine anything remotely worse to be afraid of that they just want change for the sake of change...THAT is when apathy breaks.  THAT is when people get out and go vote.  THAT is when people say enough is enough and they see results like Iowa (Huckabee and Barack) and results like New Hampshire (Clinton and McCain) and results like Nevada (popular vote vs. delegate count on the dem side) and results like South Carolina (landslide for Barack) and they say:

Hot damn!  I really DO make a difference in this. 

Why ruin it with politics as usual??

One last note on South Carolina.  Street money. Research it.  Understand it.  And then understand how historic that democratic primary was.

That said...back to Fox.  There was a headline about Oprah and the business of politics.  I didn't see the story as I was a bit...ahem...busy.  BUT, I can only imagine by her lack of presence now and her base of viewers that her choice to be vocal in her support was pretty gutsy. I mean yeah, most of her viewers and fans were all up on the "Sure O, whatever you say O, buy what again O?" BUT, I'm sure she caught some flack for it.  Kinda like how Toni Morrison had been taking heat for her '98 essay blessing Clinton as the first black president.  She restored my faith in all things Beloved with her endorsement today. But even that was not topped by Caroline Kennedy and her uncle.

My better half called it.  THIS is one for the history books.  Yeah, the last two elections were as well, for less than honorable reasons. But after those two elections (not the outcome, just how they played out) I had lost hope that I'd ever give two rips about another national election in this country.  Never did I imagine that I'd care because it was so exciting in a GOOD way.

As you were.'re invited back over for book club again.

Why I love almost snow days

  • it is so so very quiet.  You can hear a pin drop
  • it takes me 16 minutes to drive in from home
  • I can actually go 60 on the 6/10ths of a mile on I-5 (yes, I-5, not "the 5") that I hate to navigate each morning.
  • there are lots of fun snow pictures to be had
  • I get brownie points for "braving it" and coming on in
  • I get leniency if tomorrow is indeed a worse day
  • I get to see the "convergence zone" up close and personal (and for the record, I live waaaay too close to work and the convergence zone essentially means that my school will NEVER have a snow day)
  • I get to email him like all day long (what else is there to do??)
  • I get to bundle up in my favorite scarf and wool coat
  • chai nog tea lattes are totally justifiable on days like today--unfortunately, this day came late this year and so it won't be a chai nog tea latte.  Important distinction there.

Everybody and their mama...

...has a snow day today. I'm taking bets that no one in my office will be in today. other person (making that two total) will be in. Who has over and who has under?
I tried once comes shiver time for the bus. Last time I did this all out effort, I got a McDonalds McGriddle. I vowed never to struggle like this again. Sigh. My memory can be so short like that.

Chant with me now...snow day...snow day...snow day...

Sigh. Guess not. I'm not everybody nor their mama so there is no snow day for me.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lord Help Me please...

...17 down. 43 to go. I just can't even...all the sameness, all the blandness, give a girl some diversity already. If I have to read about how trying out for the baseball team and not making it one year and trying again the next means that I'd automatically make an excellent attorney...I just might have to gouge my own eyeballs out. Someone. Anyone. I can't wait to read a creative personal statement, perhaps from a scrapbooker, from someone "different" that lights my fire. That makes me say "Yeah, her definitely!"

But in the meantime, I have 43 more aps to go through tonight and I hope to dear sweet Jesus that SOMEONE feels that they are more than an Eagle Scout with a past DUI who's hardest obstacle in life has been getting over his father's loss of a job 15 years ago that forced him to go out and work his way through college. Interesting. But once you read that for the 37th time in one month, not so unique anymore.

Gotta love rolling admission.

I love that guy

You know...the one i live with? And since it is Sunday and we should be happy and content, here are ten reasons why I'm feelin' him this week:

* he knows exactly where all 15 are missing from (smile)
* "I think I saw your brain walking around outside trying to get back in..."
* deep analysis of U2 the band during U23D...I mean, Christian Rock? who knew??
* he lets me drive the heavy THAT is love I tell ya
* he would so go out and buy that hideous duvet cover JUST to get a laugh out of me
* he's going to get that million dollar coverage asap so that we're safe and covered on the cruise (smile)
* he ventures into my scrap room every now and again to make sure I'm still with the living
* though he jokes about wire hangers, he'll put his money where his mouth is and be down for the cause
* the boy can work a spreadsheet like no other...such a turn on (smile)
* baby pictures...lots of them. Now he wants to see mine...fair enough trade I suppose

Saturday, January 26, 2008


...WoW South Carolina!
U23D...sit towards the middle, don't move your head...touch the greatest man living. On stage at least.
Thanks for a good night EM and good to see you again too M.
Early services tomorrow and thank you Jesus, Fr. Paul called to reschedule.
Amen. Goodnight.

Shush your mouth girl...

So. One a month is NOT enough. Because then I end up w/garblygooblygook thoughts such as:

Cyanide. Why you ashamed? Sexy dark. More and more beautiful everytime. You mean REALLY kill someone or just say it? "I understand that black people can be scarry, but they are people too." [classic!] This ain't my first rodeo and could you get mint flavored spray next time? Gotta give me more than a color, I need a fabric too (which, I'm slow, I know but hot damn if she can't make a quick buck there really). "Family" weddings with Uncle "What your name is...are you he cheat on him?" (or, in my case, Uncle F who really is saying "fork" not...well...anyway...). Contingency wedding party plans for those who "might be detained" and unable to stand up for you after all. packin' heat. makin' change up on the stage. cemetaries, churches and video cameras. man capris. the cheerleader, the village idiot, the holy roller and Dr. Q medicine woman. shread that shit. just left me high and dry before, I'd make sure you didn't work in this here town (or any other) ever again. The comical, the daily zero and small town mayordome all to write press releases. he makes more in bonus than we make a year. heck she makes more than you and I make combined. he got his own frying pans up in this here thing. now did you REALLY run out of brownies? cause it's 6 o'clock and we've been here since 4:30 and we ain't seen no one have a brownie yet today. Kevlar corsets. Do you want that baby up in there to see his mama? Did I say I wanted ranch? Oh hey V man! Oh wait...he kickin' people out...whoa now...we don't know him. You'll get your damn point! Be the old man up in the club. Big White...I got your back! Remember black lavendar? My True Love. Worse than that. Oh yeah worse than that too. Oh wait now...that there is a tossup. We were all wondering how he ended up with a girl like that. She's gonna be in a world of hurt when he leaves--just make sure he takes the life jacket with him just in case. Oregon and Alaska...what it do about it? He gotta lay the pipe AND be paid and he can't be half bad looking either for it to last that long.

My eyeballs are STILL welling up from last night. I so so SOOO needed that and V thanks for making an appearance...cell phone and all. I know this post will frustrate the hell out of most folks who read this, but if you've read long enough, you know my brain goes into sensory overload after hanging with Ms. Two "i" Liisa and this garbled transmission is only to be expected on the hungover morning after. Didn't have a drop of hard liquor (and you know I don't drink that nasty other stuff), but DID have a pear champagne sorbet for desert ( brownies no more Plenty) that went down aight.

Today...back to "normalcy". U23D tonight...after pizza and drinks here first. Get to see the old roommate again and shoot heckfire and save matches if my dear pal A didn't come back out the woodworks. Girl if you work at my school you know you're dead wrong. This invite list is growing like wildfire. Gotta tame that today.

Friday, January 25, 2008

They're bAAAAAAAck...

ca...cah...cah. Honey...remember how I was listening to the crows and owls on my itunes the other day? well yeah. iTunes is off, and I'm pretty sure I am not imagining it. Though I don't see them anywhere on the rooftops, I'm certain spring is springing and the crows have returned. There it was again. I promise. I'm not going crazy. They are here.

Carry on. Crows are cool. Not as cool as the chickens that live up the street from us (roosters to be exact), but cool nonetheless. welcome to "city" living.

Windshield guy is here and if it were not so damn cold outside, I'd watch him pop it out and do it. But it is warmer here and I can go take a shower and everything is on schedule for the alignment and brakes next. Oh yeah...gotta look up the addy for that. And figure out the page count for the invites...that whole 15% off coupon and all.

List of all Lists

Yeah you know what time it is.  9 minutes till windshield guy and craziness of a day.  So lists...I'll give you a good one:

And she said "hmmm...I'd like to read again":

So in no particular order, she picked up the following for some particular reasons.

1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married
by Monica Mendez Leahy

Read more about this book...

Pretty obvious.  And pretty funny.  We were supposed to start classes at church yesterday but, and I'm not sure if I should be concerned about this, I think someone forgot us.  We ended up with a nice dinner instead and had I been thinking I would have whipped this little puppy out for some mid week entertainment.  I mean 1001, you can imagine that there are some oddball ones in there.  Like:

"Would you attend a time-share or other sales presentation?"

Heavy stuff there.

The Hazards of Good Breeding: A Novel
by Jessica Shattuck

Read more about this book...

I've been to Boston.  Once.  No wait...twice. I liked it well enough. Most of the folks I went to school undergrad with were from NYC and they had this "thing" against Boston.  I don't know...I'm a Texan.  In any event, I love reading stories of "old money" and the secret lives of people so this I think will be a quick read.

Pedagogy of the Oppressed
by Paulo Freire

Read more about this book...

Back in grad school, I struggled through this book.  The whole po folks havin' to rise up and save themselves left me feeling...well...hopeless.  Which I guess makes it appropriate that there is a very hopeful followup to this one.  Nonetheless, going back a little wiser, a little smarter, I still can unequivocally say that it will take more than the oppressed saying "that's enough" to enact change.  Yeah, the oppressed have to realize they are oppressed, but the oppressors also have to realize there is a better way.  There is benefit to stopping the madness.

Dreaming in Cuban
by Cristina Garcia

Read more about this book...

Love me some Christina Garcia. And for a long time now have been fascinated with the prospect of going to Cuba sometime in my lifetime.

A Cure for Dreams
by Kaye Gibbons

Read more about this book...

For a hot moment there, I was all about anything southern.  Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me was another good one that kicked it all off.  But this one is about the girls, generations of them, telling stories, getting by, loving and having hearts broken.  I think I picked this one up again because as I was on one of the boards and reading profiles over at SiS, one of the questions asks for fave movie line.  One of the sisters quoted a line from the Color Purple.  Which I have seen, but never read.  I have to work up to Ms. Walker though.  Still trying to get over the Toni Morrison bad taste

Don't Play in the Sun: One Woman's Journey Through the Color Complex
by Marita Golden

Read more about this book...

I picked this one up a while ago at Powells in Portland.  At the time, when I checked out, the cashier gave me a really good recommendation on an African American women's collective writing project.  Which I have promptly forgotten the name of.  I so wanted to get that book.  She said I would love it and I think she was likely right.  I need to research that.

Tyranny of the Majority : Fundamental Fairness in Representative Democracy
by Lani Guinier

Read more about this book...

You know I'm on this tip lately...all riled up.  On the way back from Psyche, not REALLY caucus training the other day, while I was railing against the system, my more astute better half was saying "What's the difference between a Republic and a Democracy?" And that spiraled into a conversation on how corrupt the two party system in America is because money and people (he would argue power...but power wielded by PEOPLE is what I would counter...more specifically, only a select handful of people) just went up and did it to it.  Anyhow, Fundamental Fairness has been my kick for...oh...about 3 months now.  But I'm not going there again.

The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time
by Jeffrey Sachs

Read more about this book...

Forward by Bono was actually really good.  A bit dense and academic, and anyone who knows me knows I'm not on the "relative poverty" bandwagon.  Mostly because of my own selfish background and my travels and experiences with "what is happy" and "what is enough" exposes BUT.  I get it.  Academically.  Theoretically.  Practically though...I think I've matured enough to move beyond that impasse to get through this book this time.  That or I'll just read Collapse again.

Beyond Civilization: Humanity's Next Great Adventure
by Daniel Quinn

Read more about this book...

Have always been and will always be fascinated with the end of time and what is next.  Who will come and dig up who we were.  What will they be, what will they wonder?  Another one a bit academic in nature looking back at how civilizations have been built and abandoned back to a more "simple" way of living.  Here, he tries to imagine what, well, what might happen if we evolved into something bigger than civilization.  Hopefully, before we destroy what we have, but my brief stint in genetics/evolution leads me to believe that it is only because of destruction that we'd be forced to consider "what next." I'm marrying a finance geek, he's marrying a latent evolutionary believer.  I'm contradictory.  I know that.  I like it.  I like shades of gray.

Love, etc.
by Julian Barnes

Read more about this book...

Travel.  Love triangles. Past, present and future. Tragic, funny, awesome and awful.  So it goes. It's a novel without a very novel base.  Sometimes mindlessness is good.

Spending: A Novel
by Mary Gordon

Read more about this book...

Another mindless one.  Mindless for me because I LOVED the Thomas Crown Affair and this is about that.  But one step further.  When he loses it all and she gets it all and the power and attraction shifts...what happens then.  This will take me like 2 hours to read.

Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership

Read more about this book...

More from grad school.  Truth be told, the only book I read cover to cover in grad school.  Lots of branching off and it was the impetus for me even looking up, applying for, getting a spot and ultimately having to turn down the GSE South Africa trip.  I need to look one of those up again.  Out of Seattle, competition would be stiff, but I think I could manage to make it again and go somewhere absolutely amazing to do amazing things.  Man, the photos I could have had in SA...I need to get there.  I will get there.  Now that I'm "in that club" I so railed against in grad school...still trying to cope with that.

Black Beauty: A History and a Celebration
by Ben Arogundade

Read more about this book...

Thought this was something else for the past couple of weeks and when I picked it up and settled down today to do it to it, I was at first disappointed (think of anticipation for apple pie and ice cream and all they have is cherry pie and whipped cream...blech).  Then, I was very pleasantly surprised.  There were some things I was looking for (primarily, face shots to take in for a consultation on wedding makeup and hair) but the history in this book and the "beauty" as not just external.  Love. This.

Now I must go find the windshield guy.  Happy reading.