Saturday, January 12, 2008


...exhausted. Had a good day of cleaning. And I mean really REALLY cleaning. Think spring cleaning (steam the carpets, scrub on hands and knees, etc.). Though yes it is very much still winter.

Poor Seahawks. They probably gave themselves a heart attack after touchdown #2 and just couldn't FATHOM that they were going to knock off GB. And so they didn't. If only the Jags could get past the Pats. If only. If only.

And then there is tomorrow. Cowboys I swear.

But scrap room is clean and I can't figure out where my save the dates are (they better be here by Monday), but we DID get the save the dates for his cousin's wedding so Atlantic City here we come! We might just come to love the east coast after all. It has been a while since I have been back there so many times. So frequently. Speaking of which. I have a camera somewhere. With pictures on it. Of going east. Philly and more Philly. That was good times. I was told that if necessary, I might need to hold off on my "bar tab" estimates for the wedding until after I met this crew. I have to say I agree (smile). Even more happy we decided to go with the place we decided on.

Talked to my mom today. I really wish I could have my cutie nephew living here with me. I really do. She "threatens" him when he's bad that she's going to ship him off to live with me and his response? "Please!". He loves him some R. And I think he kinda likes me too. My nephew does...not R. Although I'm pretty certain R likes me too. Especially after what he brought home for me last night. Honey shrimp is TO. DIE. FOR. Portion control is a good thing. Especially when we're looking at another killer week.

Talk about feeling great! Shortly, I think I might even start jogging. Only scary thing is that it is dark here at like half past noon nowadays. Okay...4:30. But still. And it doesn't get light lately until like 7:30 especially when it is cloudy. I'm not afraid of the weather. I am afraid of the dark. Especially after this one woman was sliced up on Cap Hill right after (or was it before??) Christmas. Especially after that UW student got attacked going back out to move her car. Scary stuff. Just gotta be careful right?

Okay. Chris, I have a package to pack for you. And Traci, I've got a package to send to you. Now that I can find stuff, why not eh? If I can find my camera (yeah, the one with the camera card so that I can find those east coast pics...and the one I'd use to take photos of the scrap stuff for the other blog...and yeah, the one with the photos I want to take to supplement this post), I'll get another post here tonight. Otherwise, back to remixing photos on shots fired and finding some scrap inspiro for B3. Once I mail the save the dates, I promise, no more wedding stuff. All that will be at the other blog. Be sure to get signed up as a reader per your save the date instructions.

Stay sane, don't stare. Be nice.

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