Thursday, January 31, 2008

My hump day +2


Nope, we're not voting on dresses, just a few I have saved in Kaboodle that I love. My grandmother's name was Julia and we never really called her Jewel (or jewels for that matter) but you try google imaging "Julia" (smile). Julia Roberts would have been a good photo for that eh? Live and learn. And for the travel...I would like to travel to EBC again (it was amazing), but my fave place was/is Tibet. Especially all the monastaries. Name of a past pet...I had a red Beta fish named Cornell (go Big Red!). Right after I killed the bright orange goldfish named Syracuse (Orangemen and all). Won them both at the NY State Fair (in two different years). I know I know...corny.

***Update over***

Okay okay...a real (long) post is what you get. So was checking out my goods and came across some fun stuff out in blog land.

From five and a half, you so totally have to do this:


Put "Postcard please" in the subject line and your mailing addy in the message. You can read all about it on their blog, but fun times with randomness promise to abound.

Be sure to visit their studio and buy me, I mean, buy yourself a really cool journal. Yes. Why yes I do love journals. Really. Go to the studio site. What is not to love?

And Field Negro is in rare form today. But...READ THIS WARNING!! He is NOT for the faint of heart. So much so that I won't even link that. Google is your friend.

So is Kaboodle. Some dresses I'm feelin':

dress 1 dress 2 dress 3 dress 4 dress 5 dress 7

And since I'm clearly in a pictorial mood and in these instances, I love reading CJ's blog (warning, if you're reading at work, hit volume mute--just cause I rock out everyday to her blog doesn't mean everyone has it like that) because she always has a good list of some sort to spread the blogger addiction love, I give you far more information than you ever cared to know. Don't get frustrated if you can't figure it out. Just means we're not that close. I ain't mad at ya. I'm messing...but some...not so obvious...some a bit more loosely translated, but all fun and games trying hard not to read files. Fun with flickr and yahoo image search.

1. Age on your next birthday?

3 1

2. A place where you would like to travel


3. favorite place?


4. favorite object?

Canon L series lens

5. favorite food?


6. favorite animal?

curious george

7. favorite color?


8. town where you were born?

El Paso

9. name of a past pet?


10. nickname?


11. The town in which you live?

Space Needle

12. what are you listening to?


13. your last name?


14. A bad habit of yours?

procrastination messy desk

15. Your first job?

cotton candy

16. Your grandma's name?


(well, sort of)

17. your hobby?

going places

And just for the record. Sometimes, people who call me for advise on applying to law school freak me out. Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes they make me want to cry. It is rare that they are all three of those.

Happy Hump day plus 2. Or is it one? Oh no matter...go search yahoo and flickr for some cool photos.


Michelle McGee said...

Hey... I like the first dress!

Liz Beth said...

Are we voting on dreses? if so then 2 0r 4, I like 4 best.

Your favorite place to travel was base camp 1 .... talk about freezing your !@# off!

I didn't get the name of a past pet..

Is grandma's name Pear? or Jewel?

I like the whole concept of the pictures though. Very cool idea, I am a teacher, and this would be a great project for my kids, its so hard to keep them interested in anything.