Sunday, January 20, 2008


Which is saying a lot for me. In a bit of a funk lately for no good reason...just getting restless I guess with too much time off of work. A week full of exciting stuff to come (including, finally got a date set to chat with the church and hopefully, finalize everything enough to print invites--yes!!), so just getting moody having to wait for it all.

When I get in moods like this, there are a few things that can snap me out. One is thinking a lot about a very important issue. I've already done the politics and other soapbox threads, but briefly, I went to "caucus training" today and was sufficiently pissed off when I left. Like "Fine, I just won't vote" pissed off. How he puts up with me in those moments I don't know, but I feel better about it and begrudgingly will work the system to change the system. To get folks feeling as though they own the process again. Just gotta stay "blind" to the negative stuff...pretend you don't hear when somone says "Yeah, and if they say they are for so and so, tell them have a nice day and then keep on walking." As in, don't remind them that in our wacky state, yeah, each party has a caucus and a primary. And in our state, one party plays 50/50 with each of those and the other party (ahem) pretty much does the primary because they have to, but actually selects their state delegates at caucuses. On a completely different day. That the major city paper is reporting incorrectly. Well, at least confusingly. Guess I always need to be careful what I wish for. This is the third most recent opportunity where I've said something like "I wish I could participate in a caucus" only to see that I actually DO! Imagine that. Pays to be educated. By the right people. On the right topics.

So, KK donuts aside (I was such a good girl...because the margaritas are to die for and if I'm going to waste points, it will be for margaritas, not donuts), and wrong time making me even grumpier aside, the "think about important things" remedy wasn't working.

In turn, I decided to think about silly things. Like that Disney commercial. The one where it advertises that kids fly free. And the dad is all excited and he comes bouncing down the stairs with his goofy hat on? That is my better half. To. A. T. Or is that "totally?" No matter except that he gets THAT excited about Disney and I so can't wait to have kids with him so that we have an excuse to go just for the heck of it. That commercial ALWAYS puts a smile on my face.

Not so much in turn and moreso a digression, but 3:10 to Yuma. What was the point of that movie again? Oh...well a bit ago, when American Gangster came out and it was all "who is the better actor...Denzel or Russel?" I was all, come on, no brainer (DenZEL...hello??). But then as I was watching Mr. Crowe last night and thinking back on the movies he's been in, he has SUCH a dynamic range. Then I started thinking about Denzel's movies (yeah, we're first name basis like that...I ALMOST saw him in NYC when I was there last year and he was there in Harlem...really...instead I saw...who was it...not Hootie and the Blowfish...uhhmmm...Coldplay. Yeah...what a digression!) and really, he's friggin' Malcolm X. Just amazing actors. I love those that can play other REAL people or period wonder I have such a hard time choosing between the two. But again...what was the point of the movie 3:10 to Yuma? Right.

I think that's about it. Sloppy joes tonight (yummy) and Boston Creme looking forward to that. One more day off of boring myself to death. Then work for three days. Then another three days off. Getting close to dress try on time...I can't believe we're only 6 months out.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the winter funk has set in for you.... Yah its the planning... they all love the planning and the playing... its the real life day to day you have to learn how to get through.... Bored? well it took long enough, usually only about a year, then the slow but sure tapering off to nothing...Good luck with that. A bit of a reality bite... life is not the wonder of love... and a marriage is not what you look forward too but what you look back on. You won't know if it was good or not, until the end when you can look back and really see it. To everything a season... and apparently its Winter in your world, Dont worry spring will come, and with it change... good bad or indifferent it WILL change.