Monday, January 28, 2008

And the Over has it

Lisa with one "i", you win! You were one of like 4 folks to email a take for the over. Overwhelmingly, folks went for the under. Truth be told, as did I. And if it were not for a super determined set of two, I would have had it. Alas...there are three of us here today.

Blogger outage at 4 pm PST. whatever shall I do with my day? Lara, resume critique almost done...winging back to you by 5 my time tonight. Scintilating reading to be done of - no, not applications although that did get MUCH better last night once I got into the right frame of mind. But I can read survey results. All 40 pages of it. Now THAT is fun times.

Lisa I'll email you for your addy and get you a little something something in the mail.

Till blogger decides it is okay to play again today...or I get even more bored than I am...

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