Thursday, January 24, 2008

YES!! (6)| The Little Things

So today...on my way to work, I started thinking about the little things. Things like:

6 is a multiple of 3. Negative 6 is a good number indeed (smile).

Rachel is one of the bestest girlfriends a girl can have for a reason. Reason today being that I saw a newsstory this morning about fighting couples living longer about non-fighters and of COURSE there was a link to said story in my email when I hit the desk at work.

For that matter, so is Liisa (25 more hours). Reason for her being that she knows all about the frying pan. Don't believe a word she says about it, but she knows.

Parking. Who knew. Right up the block from where I was PO'd that I was too busy following the rules (no parking between 7 and 9 and it was 8:55...I was going to circle the block and then park only to see that at 8:57 when I made it back, all 8 spots were long taken), there is a whole strip of all day free parking. Just make sure you get there right at 8:55 and slow to a crawl. That way, when the hour strikes 9, you're in place. Live and learn.

Bypass the candy dish, eat breakfast, understand when half a portion is just as filling as, oh...say a whole box of wheat enough. Three weeks. Aside from the attrocious addition last week of Nordstrom yummy tomato soup and Pizza Hut to the mix (some of you need to use the weekly points and suck the life out of your daily points...that just does NOT work for me...evidently), hopped back on the horse and wow. WOW.

Windshield will be repaired tomorrow.

Brake job will be quoted tomorrow (alignment done...brake job actually scheduled to be completed) as well.

Did I mention I get to see Liisa tomorrow? Oh yeah huh?

15% off at PaperZone:

means that I get to get the last of the wedding invite stuff and I can probably just go ahead and get the goods to create save the dates instead of waiting to have them printed and shipped. I can deal with that. If you're local and want the coupon, shoot me an email and I'll forward it to you.

and tomorrow is Friday. Which means that I get to post lots of cool stuff. I can't wait.

Till then. Glad that you liked the box of goods Traci! And thanks for the thoughts on "We Are Not Invisible". I loved that one too. Chris...get your box yet? I know you're on vacation so...when you're back.

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