Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What's a Girl to Do... is you know where your life is? I mean seriously. I'm all caught up on bloglines (102 feeds...that is quite an ordeal let me tell a head start yesterday so in all fairness, it wasn't THAT hard), I've read up on message boards, paypal'd payments, handwritten notes, arranged for direct deposit into the joint account, pulled files to read, had a very (VERY) filling lunch of Bento heaven (and even logged it...which I couldn't do last night and it threw me into such a panic that I had to step away from the computer before I went crazy up on it), and I'm here. At 3:45. Trying to figure out what to do next.

I'm not in the most fair mindset to read files so I'm (admittedly) procrastinating a bit on that. I need to go and pick up new business cards and send out another round of admits. But beyond that...not much to do but blog on my break. Which will take like 3 minutes and then what do I do with the other 12 minutes?

Yeah. Already looked up caucus rules for WA. And yeah, I already took a picture of that light post too (I need to post that when I get home since while I have a new computer and printer, I STILL don't have a memory card reader of any sort at work). I know...I can book the trip to San Francisco. Got some folks interested in dinner and I get to see KL this time around AND Lisa (not Liisa...Lisa) and N and S and...I really love the Bay Area. Obviously, for some reasons more than others (smile).

So I'll book that. And see about booking more wedding hotel rooms. And now...well, when A comes back, I'll help with assembling files. Which I actually really enjoy. I'm weird like that. I like sweeping floors, washing dishes, distributing mail and pulling files together. Something about taking a pile of something and diving through it and getting it all done (and seeing progress right before your eyes) is really appealing to me.

Off to book a flight!

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