Friday, January 25, 2008

They're bAAAAAAAck...

ca...cah...cah. Honey...remember how I was listening to the crows and owls on my itunes the other day? well yeah. iTunes is off, and I'm pretty sure I am not imagining it. Though I don't see them anywhere on the rooftops, I'm certain spring is springing and the crows have returned. There it was again. I promise. I'm not going crazy. They are here.

Carry on. Crows are cool. Not as cool as the chickens that live up the street from us (roosters to be exact), but cool nonetheless. welcome to "city" living.

Windshield guy is here and if it were not so damn cold outside, I'd watch him pop it out and do it. But it is warmer here and I can go take a shower and everything is on schedule for the alignment and brakes next. Oh yeah...gotta look up the addy for that. And figure out the page count for the invites...that whole 15% off coupon and all.

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Michelle said...

..there are chickens in your city?? he he...sounds interesting...And that 1001 questions book below sounds like a hoot =) Off to check out the rest of the books on the list =) happy weekend!!