Monday, January 28, 2008

Why I love almost snow days

  • it is so so very quiet.  You can hear a pin drop
  • it takes me 16 minutes to drive in from home
  • I can actually go 60 on the 6/10ths of a mile on I-5 (yes, I-5, not "the 5") that I hate to navigate each morning.
  • there are lots of fun snow pictures to be had
  • I get brownie points for "braving it" and coming on in
  • I get leniency if tomorrow is indeed a worse day
  • I get to see the "convergence zone" up close and personal (and for the record, I live waaaay too close to work and the convergence zone essentially means that my school will NEVER have a snow day)
  • I get to email him like all day long (what else is there to do??)
  • I get to bundle up in my favorite scarf and wool coat
  • chai nog tea lattes are totally justifiable on days like today--unfortunately, this day came late this year and so it won't be a chai nog tea latte.  Important distinction there.

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