Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A little this, a little that.

Like I don't know. Trust me on that one.

Just finished mailing out a billion and one offers of admission.  The season has started.

I REALLY should do SF travel stuff. Tomorrow. Maybe.

About freaked out this morning. But then all was right with the world again and I was tucked back into my warm bed for another 20 minutes.

I got to scrapbook last night.  And it felt good.

Aha moments are good...still need to call my brother, my sister and my mother.

Last night, I got to look through some old photos.  Of a little boy.  Who was the cutest little boy well before I was ever born.  I could just post those photos all over my walls and smile all day long.

Field Negro continues to crack me up and Kaya over at Afropologe...I still gotta comment on some of her posts though I just can't finish wrapping my head around it all. They know what I'm going through this here election cycle. Which reminds me that I wanted to buy this book.  After caucus training, I really REALLY want to get this book because clearly, I am very naive about how American politics works.

How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative
by Allen Raymond

Read more about this book...

I'm really thinking hard on the Anaheim thing. I mean, when there are Fgirls and CHA sneak peaks making me drool (uhhmm...Maya Road, American Crafts...Chatterbox is even coming back) is hard to step away from the credit card.  Don't worry...I've not up and bought a ticket to the OC (remember that whole SFO planning that keeps getting put off), but for it to be so close yet so far is tough.  I mean, I could probably even manage time to go see C, not my sister C, but my sister C down in San Diego.  She's about the smartest person I know.  Second smartest. as in wise beyond her years and Ivy educated book smart and then some smart.  Really need to give her a call.

But, instead, I was supposed to be getting together in Chicago with some high school buddies.  High school buddies who I still have to post my NYC pics of...I got ya Rachel, I got ya.  Friday.  I'll do it then.  But I have heard nothing more and we all know I'm not the best at the whole returned emails and thank you notes thing so...

Time to work on working the LSAT.  Nothing like calming the nerves of a bunch of wannabe lawyers on a Saturday morning when so many of them would rather be out campaigning for their presidential candidates (cause they all volunteer for the is the prelaw thing to do this year) before Super Tuesday.

I love this time of year.

Some other things I love right about now:

          image 5image 1image 18

All in the name of blue, brown and (ahem)...a little something else too.




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melanie said...

that sounds like a lot, not a little. love the pics.