Friday, January 11, 2008

TGIF: Reading | Priorities

So thank goodness it is Friday. Now I really love Fridays. I struggled for a while to decide on which day this year I would work from home. Last year I had Wednesday which was nice because it was middle of the week and a good something to look forward to and come back from. But I couldn't get Wednesday this year. I was sure not to choose Monday (all those "day of the week" holidays are Mondays and all) and didn't think I'd be able to get Friday but here I am...Friday at home.

It feels really REALLY good to sleep in and then pull up a stack of files from the comfort of bed. Trust me...this is a VERY good mood to have me reading files in. I was amazed with how quickly I could get files read from bed last year. I've got to get back up to speed this year, but it already feels great because I have the weekend to back me up if I don't get as many files read as I wanted to. That and I had a new goal of getting 30 a day done while in the office as well so...this should be a very productive year.

I most love reading from home Fridays because there are no phones to answer, no emails to check...just the files and my sharpies (smile).

Sometimes though, the priorities can get a bit skewed. I STILL need to get out and run errands, but I did clean some (my scrap room was a hot I can find stuff again) and tonight, I'll get some more wedding stuff done.

Speaking of wedding stuff, yes we finally did set a date. Yes, it is top secret. No not really. But I THINK I should have save the dates waiting for me in the mailbox or here by tomorrow. I'll get those out in the mail by early next week. Make sure I have your current addy! On the flip side of the Save the Date is the blog addy for the "invite blog". Once you hit that blog, it gives you instructions for getting access to the wedding blog. For all those folks coming, it is all the details you need from hotel to more on us, etc. For those folks who won't be able to be with us, after the fact, there will be lots of info and pics and everything. We'll do those sign ups off of the announcements.

So. Wedding on track and getting totally exciting (in so many ways...this would be nothing but a wedding post if not for the other blog so I had to get back to "normal" life here before I bored everyone to death). Life going well. Really well (smile). -8 well. Exactly. And that's a DOUBLE -8. I'm on a roll and it feels GOOD! Going to do Courtney's annual challenge a bit different in that I'm going to do a wedding book...especially since I just found my original notebook that I was going to use for it. I think I'm going to do a binder for general planning and a smaller book for wedding dress stuff. I think, gasp, I might go custom there. I know I know...this wasn't supposed to be a wedding post.

And I'll stop. Have a great weekend! Go Cowboys!

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