Friday, May 22, 2009

Exactly a month ago...

...I blogged. And that is attrocious. Really attrocious since it took me still more days to actually update this blog from that realization. I realize this. And you know it is either my will or my wont to do a list or a really (really) long post to get caught up. I'm fighting it. But don't say you were not warned.

First things first: I ROCK! Level 14, 100+ club (that's 100K+ point...I stand corrected). yes. In one sitting. yes. That is an hour of my life I will never get back. But it felt so dang GOOD! Not that I've ever been a crack dealer (or an enabler for those that prefer gentler terminology) but

Bejeweled 2 is really addicting. I'm doing very scientific research to determine if I make it farther when the sound is turned down (aka, I'm trying to hide from my hubby the fact that I'm waisting my life away on java script games when, yes, he sits downstairs playing xbox. whatevs). I'm also trying to determine if earlier morning play helps. Or if early morning play paused while I go to work and resumed when I get home has an impact. I don't think I've played nearly enough to figure that out yet. All in the name of science though.

In the name of COOL however, stay tuned. Potentially really exciting, cool, girl, games, tagalicious post coming. Not that I EVER tag posts. Well I did during the election. but then it got boring. And too bloggy. and I got bored. And moved on. Kind of like now. But in the long time it has taken me to write this post I have confirmed that exciting coolness will be going down June 18 and you will NOT want to miss out. Promise. This is HUGE! Well, for local gals that is.

So you're curious just what in the heck I do with my life when I can't bother to check in for a month? Well, aside from the Bejeweled addiction. Oh and the blackberry tampering trying to figure out why in the heck I don't get work emails anymore (answer = crappy server, imagine that). Oh yeah and tagging Pandora goodness. There. I do play tag. Just not on my blog.

For the longest time, I've wanted to update my blog. but I'm a creature of habit (and apparently, of lower case letters). That and start a couple more. Yes. I know that is crazy because I never update the Photo Blog (surprise surprise! Bet you weren't expecting THAT! lol) and if you're savvy or internet gallery addicted like I am, you don't necessarily get much special from the Scrap Blog (well, another surprise...I'm FULL of them today!). And never mind that I had an election blog, a wedding blog and one other blog that no one shall speak about. All said, I think it is time. I cannot believe how long I've actually stayed committed to this blogging thing. I think I keep doing it because it is an easy enough way to remember how long I've known my better half who refuses to live his life on the internet. I started this here blog right before my toilet exploded at Capitol House (this will be relevant below) that one fine Thanksgiving weekend.

My how far we have come.

Anyhow. That list. 30 or so things I've done in the Month of Sundays since I last blogged:

* Created a TON of pages from those gorgeous wedding photos by Gerald and Airika.

* Managed to get a NON wedding photo page picked up for publication by Scrapbooks, Etc (okay, but it was an engagement layout full of photos taken by your’s truly).

* Debated the merits of progressive/regressive tax structures with Miranda and Erick

* Attended an amazingly inspirational breakfast (900 folks!!) and dreamed of consulting again.

* Got a text (or two) from a crazy woman on her way home who ain't fraid of no hands free law.

* Got a call from a crazier woman (aka my sister) wanting directions to the Las Cruces Wal Mart (just in case she needs those again...I got her back and yes, that is Las Cruces...New Mexico...and no I have not lived there for…oh…5 years??)

* Won a bet about how long it would take to walk approx 4 miles (over 45 minutes)

* Realized that you CAN teach this old dog new tricks because my Sushiland is so much better than YOUR Sushiland. Kirkland has promise.

* Turned my Swag On and realized that My President is Black (parental advisory) before putting my Halo back on and realizing I need to keep it clean (and that maybe she needs to remember she is married...just saying).

* Missed Fred and his cousin and started to wonder why we were naming certain visitors to our pad.

* Realized that I'm too old to attend Summer Jam because all the teeny boppers will be out to impress yet, somehow, I am not too old to attend a Green Day concert. GA. In the pit. With my ex-security 6'6 hubby. That should be the last concert like that we do. But then again, we said that before with Sean Paul, JT and Modest Mouse. I'm just saying...

* Started a twitter account. Which I have a (relatively) lot of followers wondering why they've never heard a peep (or is that a tweet) out of me.

* Managed to STILL not call my mom (I love you mom, miss you too...and Q too...I wish I lived in El Paso. Okay. Well. Not really. I wish you guys lived here. But it rains a lot here. Especially lately). And in the months since I started this post, I’ve REALLY missed them even more. And I’ve wished for the rain to come back. No such thing as global warming though. Nope.

* Found a million dream homes on zip/redfin and realized why I never want to live in El Paso again (try to find homes on either of those sites. Yeah...I need a city...and Seattle is barely a city by these standards).

* I prayed really hard for Robert's sister's hubby. And that is saying a lot since some folks believe I'm the anti-Christ and...

* I got called out in church because it had literally been a month of Sundays (might have been a month in a half) since I had been to church. Specifically, Father Paul looked me dead in the eye and told me I was NOT to dip my cracker into the wine. Something about swine flu. Whatevs.

* Went on the great hunt for thickers. Found said thickers. Had to contain my habit over said thickers. Now the hunt is over and I’m being altruistic with those thickers.

* Almost melted off the face of this earth. Jury is still out on that one. We have a genuine heat advisory in effect. We’re shattering records. But remember, there is no global warming.

* Watched half of Earth 2100. If I could stay awake in the heat on my couch, I’d watch the whole thing.

* I of course watched all of Inside the Obama White House. Come on. That was a given. I still watch West Wing (much better than the official site) reruns.

*Rescue Me is still my fave boy soap opera. I still cannot stomach cops and everytime I hear Operation Repo on in the other room, I swear I can taste just a little bit of throw up in the back of my mouth. And you know what THAT means (taste it, hear it, see it, smell it = do it…or think really hard about strawberry cheesecake and smell a handful of baby powder to calm my stomach down). I do LOVE Southland though. To pieces. Which means it will be cancelled. Alas.

* I need new shoes. Apparently, not as bad as I needed those thickers.

* I’m so totally nesting (but totally NOT expecting). I bought a book on 99 ways to not lose it when teaching your kids manners. While I do want to have kids, I’m about 99 percent convinced that there was subliminal messages channeling from that screaming kid’s mouth who was running through the store when I picked that up. And I got the book on 99 ways to not lose it when dealing with your kids’ food issues because, well, I was hungry.

* My favorite snack lately? Well, since perfect margaritas don’t really count as a snack. Especially when you’re NOT having them on a Tuesday night. What was I saying? Oh yeah…perfect snack. I cup light French vanilla yogurt, two jumbo Costco strawberries sliced thin and two tablespoons of Cascadian Farms granola. Heaven. Oh dear sweet Lord thank you.

* Speaking of Costco. Aside from it being ridiculous to shop for a family of two there, you know what else it is ridiculous to do at Costco? No, I’m not talking about the fitness pass thing again. I’m done and over that one. I was going to say that it is really ridiculous to buy a tub of humus from Costco. No matter how much you love humus and have co-workers who do as well, there are just not enough wheat thins in the WORLD to eat a whole Costco sized tub of hummus. Not that I am speaking from experience or anything like that.

* Oh the toilet. Finally just have to act on that. which means I should follow up with my lawyer. Yeah...I'm big time now. "My lawyer". That's a trip.

And on that note, this post has reached ridiculous proportions and really, you should just hit me up on facebook where they limit the characters I can type. Yeah Twitter does too, but I don’t have a cool twitter ap for my crackberry so Facebook wins. For now. Until someone so politely hooks me up.