Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So she says...

...that there is drama and a half going on. So she's persistent and she calls me. I so love that woman. I don't deserve a friend like her. Anyhow. So check to need to make phone calls there, but should get in touch with others. In particular, one other who emailed me out of the blue this week with some really awesome pictures. If I had the link handy, I'd highlight one of them on the shots fired blog. Alas, you are stuck with one of my crazy shots on that blog and some uploaded layouts. More digi stuff. And tonight I need to photograph my projects for diversity designs. So lots of updates on the "other" blogs. What to say on this one.

Totally tired lately. But lots to do. Should start making lists again and doing them. But in any event...for now...I'll leave you with this.

It is almost time to go. I so cannot wait until our trip. I'm almost all moved in here with the better half. Few more things here and there and a scrap/office that really needs some loving attention. But got quite a bit finished today. Including a decent shipment off to mommy. So cool bones there!

Okay. I'm saying not much important tonight. Update the scrap blog with some cool stuff and call it a night. More interesting updates to come including a bit of a breakdown of that list of 10 great places to visit. Coming sooN!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

7:07 am...on a Saturday

So...evidently, there are LOTS of people who want a free queen bed. Lots of them. Gotta love Craig's list. Time to post all sorts of other stuff I have on there.

7:07 am. For some reason, my better half thought that would be a good time to wake up this morning. Yeah, it is Saturday. No we are not going to look at Eagles. Yes, he is tinkering with the computer. And of course we watched Little Miss Sunshine. That is only one of the bestest movies ever. I mean...think about it:

It's totally short.
It starts out in Albuquerque
It has Miss America clips
It has a VW love van
It makes the abnormal so very casual...and causal for that too

NEWS FLASH! The Ferndale School District can't put a crossguard at a dangerous intersection because they have to review the procedures at all schools. I particularly like how the school district superintendent who said "Well...if you think about it...crossguards don't cause or stop accidents. Cars cause accidents."

Ah it reminds me of the "Guns don't kill people; people kill people" Okay. Back to why Little Miss Sunshine is so fantastically great. Or maybe not...I think those five reasons above are good enough.

So...someone is coming to pick up the bed this morning. And I might give them a king bed as a bonus because we're not using it.

But you know what? It is official. I have my keys, my garage door opener and this is the first weekend we've been alone. Together. Just us. WOW. Although, admittedly, I'm not ready to totally call it official until I finish vacumming and turn in the keys at the other place. But that is a matter of hours really. Oh my word.

That was a nice bottle of wine last night. Eaglepoint Ranch Syrah 2001. Long weekend of stuff. Supposedly, at some point, we're painting what will soon be my office/scrap room. I'm going to go and clean the other place. And play with scrap stuff. Tonight, if the weather clears, I might be able to convince the other half to play roaming photographer with me. Real photographers are really not that into that kind of stuff. But I'll make up a really neat scavenger hunt of some sort and then we'll see what we can come up with. Tomorrow, some stuff to take care of--including potentially a meeting for the clinic. Then I'm sure there will be a nap time in there. In the meantime, my teeth just feel so dirty from the onion enchiladas last night. Sinful. But it tasted so good...

Friday, January 26, 2007

Oh really now... Craig's List (when it works) really DOES work. I think I just might have to get rid of all my stuff that way. Posted an add for a free queen bed and 20 minutes later, 5 gagillion phone calls later (and 27 emails), I still have said bed but lots of folks promising to come and get it. It is late, we've just taped (for painting tomorrow morning) and we'll deal with the overwhelming response then. Later. Not now. Now, I'm watching the BF try to get the bootleg, I mean, "altered" movie up. So that we can watch Little Miss Sunshine. I saw it already but totally want to watch it with him. It is the best. I hope it win's best picture since my really hopeful Dream Girls got snubbed. know how you know when you're really old? When you've seen all the nominated movies for the Oscars, but none of the movies for like the People's Choice Awards...then you know you're old. Old. I'm almost old.

Totally love my student workers. Totally. They are just so...lovable. All of them. I really appreciate them and could probably never really truly express that to them without finding myself in the midst of some sort of sexual harrassment lawsuit of some sort. So. I just leave it at that. I love my student workers. They are adorable, inspiring and I know I'll read great things about them someday. I'll never know all 1000 some odd students at the school like my boss does. Come on, she's superhuman. But. I will know my student workers. And because I've worked with this batch since day one, I honestly think I will stay in touch with them.

Speaking of staying in touch--girl, I gotcha. Weekend. Time to call. And out of nowhere, one of the better half's ex-co-workers was back in touch. He forwarded her message to me and without asking, I responded back to her cause...well, I liked her. Well, he responded too. Unbeknowndst to each other, we pretty much emailed the exact same message. Her response--she better get an invite to the wedding (smile). No pressure. My people don't pressure like that.

And we get to go to the boat show this weekend. With some of his friends.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

down....for the count

so utterly sick of being sick. Not totally sick, but not being able to breath, not good. So instead, I do bed rest. And look at all the stuff I should be doing today. The stack of files, the living room full of stuff, the Feb projects, the mid Feb projects, the looming deadline.

Ahhh...the pressure. Maybe I'll go back and watch some I Love New York. VH1 reality programming at its finest. If you thought Flavor of Love was good...oh you ain't seen NUTHIN' yet!

Ms. your message...I will call, I promise. Now, I know...really I know. Reception for the column writers last night was totally fun in Oly. Wish my better half could have been there but by the time he would have been there from work, we'd have been heading back. finished in Oly about 11:30...can you believe that? I was heated for a moment because I didn't know what to do with myself for 6 hours! Of course, I went shopping.

I love Lane Bryant because I feel so small in there, YET they have my boobie holders that FIT in a right size at a decent price. Bought one got the other half off and got two more for $15 a piece. I love a clearance sale let me tell ya. Almost bought some clothes but they just didn't look right...maybe I'll go online and look. Anyhow...also managed to stop at my fave stamp store and just oggle all the wonderfully yummy stuff she has for sell. Oh my I was in heaven. And only spent $15 all in the name of DD Feb stuff.

Okay...pooped and time to just go be. I should have all the Ebay stuff up tonight (fingers crossed) and then I'll post links on the scrappy blog. Maybe I'll even have some scraps to post there. And pictures for here and a revamp of the photo blog. This week...not necessarily tonight.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


wow. Officially, it is just us. We. Him and me. Wow. I keep asking him if he's freaking out yet. He's not. I'm not. I think I'm not (smile).

No more behaving because the roommate might disapprove.
No more having someone else to blame the clogged toilet on.
No more loveseat.

Lots of no more, lots of lots more. I am super excited and beyond scared. So then. So.

This week, I'll be in Olympia Monday, some bedrest or something on Tuesday. Reading from home Wednesay and back up and getting everything together Thursday. Fun times. Fun times indeed.

I have a living room full of stuff to integrate. And a house full of trash to get rid of. And clean. And then, before the 31st of January, I get to upload all of my fun Valentine's stuff at Diversity Designs and shortly after that, all the stuff from my midmonth kit over at Crop Addict. But more scrap stuff on the other blog.

This weekend was fun in a "settled in" kinda way. We went out to Daniel's Broiler for dinner on Saturday night. My better half thinks the place is orgasmic (smile). I don't eat meat. But I was STUFFED after that place. I had a spinach salad, lobster bisque, balsamic mushrooms and creme brule to top it all off. Ugh...came home and was down for the count.

Tonight, we went over to Robert's (the other Robert's) place and hung out with R, L and Lee--the downstairs neighbor. We watched the Colts beat the Patriots. Which, well, you know I was so loving. Loving the comeback, loving the way the game ended (well, in some ways), loving that the Super Bowl is going to be historic. I love history. I loved that this was the biggest comeback for a title game. I love that this Super Bowl will be the first one won by a black coach. Some folks will say "well, color shouldn't matter, it should be all about the best man winning." Well, I respectfully say to that, wtf? Color won't matter when it is no longer mandatory for NFL teams to interview at least one minority candidate for open coaching positions because minority candidates will already be up in the mix. I mean come mean to tell me that an industry full of minority players can't produce one said player to go on and become a coach? Yeah. Soap box done for the night.

Frito Chili Pie was for dinner tonight. I think I'm going to be sick. Football food is so bad for you. So very bad.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ready for next Christmas...

...I mean really. Our neighbors, across the way, the ones where we can see straight into their aqua blue living room's aqua blue and maybe also because we don't really have curtains or blinds on that window (it is a HUGE window...and we like the lighted look...yeah. Roll with it). Anyhow...they don't have any qualms with plugging in their Christmas tree every night. Yes. Their Christmas tree. As in it is January 16, halfway through the first month of the new year, and they still have their tree up. And lit up. They still have the spirit. I think it's cute!

Almost as cute as the little kids we saw at Ikea waving goodbye to their Christmas tree. It was sad. It made me want to have kids. So that I could carry around a camera. Catch them doing something like that but not have my camera on me and then make them stage the scene again. Hey...just being a good scrapbooker and all (smile).

So much to talk little time. And I should have pictures eh? Let's see if the new blogger will let me insert them at the right places...
So nope...I still have to be thoughtful about where I'm going to place my pictures. But in any event, that picture of me is not about me saying "I'm the stuff, check me out." No, alas.
Out the woods. That is what is going on right now (or, write now, as I almost wrote). See...I'm absolutely determined to do this. Not quite yet sure what "this" is, but I do know I spent like $80 today on part of this here "this" so...really, I need to focus. This is multifaceted. It has to do with the job, the home, the love, the life. And it all needs to be done now. As I look up from the laptop and see him. As I avoid email and that. As I wonder what in the world I'll do tomorrow when I don't have to work. As I contemplate how I'm going to drop that off next week--especially if we're still in the midst of snow days.
Maybe it won't be so slick tomorrow and I can make it to the old place and get the last of the scrap stuff and post it on ebay. Another "now" thing. That would be some great pictures to post. Coming soon...I promise!
I think a written list is in order, but I'll be criptic about it and then I won't know what the hell I was talking about when I check back in on it so I'm going to move on from here and post pictures to the other two blogs. Shots many challenges and here I sit on many a photo. Really. Then on the scrap site...really have to get a few projects up. Been working on lots of stuff (mostly digital). Some I love, some I don't but everyone has their own opinion so...
Till tomorrow comes.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Domestic Diva?

Get out of way. I mean truly...just because you whip up a tasty something or another every now and again does NOT make you a domestic diva. But if you can make some stuffed portobella mushrooms and rice pilaf (and of course perfectly steam some asparagus) unlike the likes of any other, wouldn't it be close? Maybe if the laundry were done, the beds were made and the dishes were washed. I really shouldn't kid myself because when it all comes down to it, I play house with the best of them, but if I really had to REALLY go to work all day and then come home and do all of this, I probably wouldn't be able to do it. I envy those who can "do it all" but I know my limits. That all being said. I LOVE to cook. Love it. Now I don't typically just walk up in the fridge and start throwing stuff together. I mean, I have a pretty good memory (right down to measurements) of how to do something once I've made it often enough. And my sister got all the gifts of being able to whip a pie togethe (including the crust) from scratch with no notes. But me...I love to look up recipes--in books, online, where ever they may be. And I'll alter the recipes because really, when I make seafood gumbo, I prefer scallops to white fish fillets and I don't need chicken if I already have turkey sausage. I digress.
So I went shopping a week and a half ago. Got enough food for two weeks of meals. With leftovers, plenty for lunches too. He likes that I love to cook. I love that he likes to do the boy stuff--take care of the car, drive me to work in the super slick snowy hills of West Seattle. Together, we make a pretty good team so I feed him stuff like this--stuffed portabello mushrooms. Tonight...perhaps mustard roasted, goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts with rosemary potatoes. And some broccoli on the side. Love it. Just really enjoy taking out a bunch of ingredients, tossing them together and coming up with some really yummy flavors.
1:24 left in the game. Tied. Seahawks have the ball...time to score a field goal...that would be something wouldn't it? Really...we just need to NOT turn it over (which is saying a lot)...

So as I was saying...

Remember the pics that wouldn't post? Guess that was all a ploy to get me to switch to the new blogger. Fine then. Anything for blogger.

I was saying though...our April trip to China...(Tibet and Nepal). The pictures are amazing. Absolutely amazing. The color, the air is thinner, more full of vibrant life. I'm a tad bit worried about food because I'm sorta a vegetarian. Sorta. It's all a texture thing. So I am pretty sure I won't be eating meat out there but I'm also a bit adventurous so who knows...not everyday you get to try yak meat you know?

Here was the South Africa photo collage. I mean really...we had to decide if we wanted to do Tibet or South Africa this year. I think only because I came so close to going to SA did that really and truly even become an option worth almost doing. But now, it is time to start doing my research. On the South Africa trip, we're looking to do something a bit more service oriented--and throw in a safari while there. No not that kind of shooting safari, but a photo shooting safari.

did i say wow yet?
oh yeah
Back to real life and watching the Seahawks who are (remarkably) WINNING in the 4th against the bears. But only by 3 which makes this very likely not going to be a win. I need to go and get ready because we're going out to watch the San Diego game. Not so sure why (because it is supposed to be a good game) but there are a couple of rooms here filling up with stuff. And I purged so much...including a toaster. Which is something that I probably should have kept. Less toast and less peanut butter on said toast is probably a good idea.
Go Seahawks! Go Seahawks! Go Seahawks! Make me feel better about being a Cowboys fan!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Sometimes, I swear to God I hate blogger. Then I remember who I am. And I apologize to God. And I try to remember what I typed. I realize that my wit is fleeting and I just move on to recap.

Short of the story is such:

Ticket from Seattle to Beijing. Check

Ticket from Delhi to Seattle (via Houston). Check

And today…(gulp!!) driver/guide for trip, time to book it. Which means that we’re also going to have the ticket from Kathmandu to Delhi taken care of, the train tickets from Beijing to Lassa purchased and the trip of a lifetime will be on. I think that makes us officially “Chinese tourists”…with Tibet and Nepal guides thrown in for good measure (smile). Wow. Wow!

Never in all my life did I EVER think I would be going to Everest Base Camp. Aside from being disbelieving and totally scared to death, I’m also so psyched for all of the amazing pictures we’re going to get. Pictures like these:
Okay...I give up.
Pretend you can view really neat collage that took me all night to make.
Everyday I read essays from kids half my age going to all sorts of really neat places. Neat places I never dreamed I would ever go. I mean yeah, when I was little I was sure I would go to Africa at some point in my life. And it was crushing when that slipped through my hands last year. And it was so crushing when I thought this trip might slip through our hands this year. But through all the disappointments, life goes on and when it all boils down to it, I have a pretty amazing life. Absolutely amazing!

So, this deserves a list. Perhaps a list in pictures. Of the top ten places I absolutely want to visit before I die. Probably before I retire. Maybe even within the next ten years. Yeah, because next year this time, I’ll be writing about the amazing South Africa trip I’m about to take. Let’s mark those words.
Top Ten Places I want to visit
(sooner rather than later)
And here...this is where a really neat South Africa Collage would be.
You'll have to take my word on that too.
South Africa/Mozambique

Alaska Iditarod

Antarctica/South Pole

Middle East
Gaza Strip




Nova Scotia

New England, U.S.
*fall foliage season*

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Oh goodness...

Oh goodness. Yep, that about sums it up. Totally swamped at work with reading. Totally swamped at home with packing. Totally have things I'd rather be doing (scrapping with my kit, back to my artists salons, taking pictures...seeing eagles...curling up with him).

So anyhow. And then what. Then she said...okay.

I kinda like being this domestic diva. Cleaning the house. Cooking dinner. Going to work. Going to meetings with truly inspirational women. Going out tomorrow night to a gallery show. Staying in night after and bbq'ing as we watch pitiful Bernadette's tem number 1 take on pitiful Bernadette's team number 2. But all that is great but still not enough.

My word for the year (scrappers shall know what I'm talking about) is:


Imagine that (smile). Which means I have to go and purchase something real quick. And I finally got my lovely gift for the bf. Now if his santa gift to himself would come, we would have a nice little happy home. Back to finish dinner.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Home feels so good to really be home. Not, "in house" house that looks like it should be in some design magazine, but actually home--with love.

So now I officially stay over there. I have a month to get my stuff transitioned and it is actually going okay. Got the bathroom and kitchen moved (impt things first) and have good chunks of the scrap room packed up. Speaking of which, with that whole moving sale, I've shipped off 4 large boxes and 2 small ones. Come Saturday, we'll go to week 2 prices and week 2 selection. Once I get it half together, I'll post pics of what the lucky first 4 got.

Other than that, just going to read like the Dicken's today--50 files during the day and 50 more tomorrow.

NYE was great! Went to Kianna Lodge and had some fantastic salmon (which is saying a lot cause I'm not much of a fan) in a great setting with a great guy. Had a little too much fun (smile), but that's why I love him. Sappiness over.

Well it's a rainy Seattle day (love it!) and I get to work out tonight and get lots done tomorrow. Resolution time!