Tuesday, January 23, 2007

down....for the count

so utterly sick of being sick. Not totally sick, but not being able to breath, not good. So instead, I do bed rest. And look at all the stuff I should be doing today. The stack of files, the living room full of stuff, the Feb projects, the mid Feb projects, the looming deadline.

Ahhh...the pressure. Maybe I'll go back and watch some I Love New York. VH1 reality programming at its finest. If you thought Flavor of Love was good...oh you ain't seen NUTHIN' yet!

Ms. thang...got your message...I will call, I promise. Now, I know...really I know. Reception for the column writers last night was totally fun in Oly. Wish my better half could have been there but by the time he would have been there from work, we'd have been heading back. finished in Oly about 11:30...can you believe that? I was heated for a moment because I didn't know what to do with myself for 6 hours! Of course, I went shopping.

I love Lane Bryant because I feel so small in there, YET they have my boobie holders that FIT in a right size at a decent price. Bought one got the other half off and got two more for $15 a piece. I love a clearance sale let me tell ya. Almost bought some clothes but they just didn't look right...maybe I'll go online and look. Anyhow...also managed to stop at my fave stamp store and just oggle all the wonderfully yummy stuff she has for sell. Oh my I was in heaven. And only spent $15 all in the name of DD Feb stuff.

Okay...pooped and time to just go be. I should have all the Ebay stuff up tonight (fingers crossed) and then I'll post links on the scrappy blog. Maybe I'll even have some scraps to post there. And pictures for here and a revamp of the photo blog. This week...not necessarily tonight.

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