Sunday, January 14, 2007

So as I was saying...

Remember the pics that wouldn't post? Guess that was all a ploy to get me to switch to the new blogger. Fine then. Anything for blogger.

I was saying though...our April trip to China...(Tibet and Nepal). The pictures are amazing. Absolutely amazing. The color, the air is thinner, more full of vibrant life. I'm a tad bit worried about food because I'm sorta a vegetarian. Sorta. It's all a texture thing. So I am pretty sure I won't be eating meat out there but I'm also a bit adventurous so who knows...not everyday you get to try yak meat you know?

Here was the South Africa photo collage. I mean really...we had to decide if we wanted to do Tibet or South Africa this year. I think only because I came so close to going to SA did that really and truly even become an option worth almost doing. But now, it is time to start doing my research. On the South Africa trip, we're looking to do something a bit more service oriented--and throw in a safari while there. No not that kind of shooting safari, but a photo shooting safari.

did i say wow yet?
oh yeah
Back to real life and watching the Seahawks who are (remarkably) WINNING in the 4th against the bears. But only by 3 which makes this very likely not going to be a win. I need to go and get ready because we're going out to watch the San Diego game. Not so sure why (because it is supposed to be a good game) but there are a couple of rooms here filling up with stuff. And I purged so much...including a toaster. Which is something that I probably should have kept. Less toast and less peanut butter on said toast is probably a good idea.
Go Seahawks! Go Seahawks! Go Seahawks! Make me feel better about being a Cowboys fan!

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Keianna said...

Wow, that dish looks really tasty. I am excited for you and your trip :-)