Sunday, January 21, 2007


wow. Officially, it is just us. We. Him and me. Wow. I keep asking him if he's freaking out yet. He's not. I'm not. I think I'm not (smile).

No more behaving because the roommate might disapprove.
No more having someone else to blame the clogged toilet on.
No more loveseat.

Lots of no more, lots of lots more. I am super excited and beyond scared. So then. So.

This week, I'll be in Olympia Monday, some bedrest or something on Tuesday. Reading from home Wednesay and back up and getting everything together Thursday. Fun times. Fun times indeed.

I have a living room full of stuff to integrate. And a house full of trash to get rid of. And clean. And then, before the 31st of January, I get to upload all of my fun Valentine's stuff at Diversity Designs and shortly after that, all the stuff from my midmonth kit over at Crop Addict. But more scrap stuff on the other blog.

This weekend was fun in a "settled in" kinda way. We went out to Daniel's Broiler for dinner on Saturday night. My better half thinks the place is orgasmic (smile). I don't eat meat. But I was STUFFED after that place. I had a spinach salad, lobster bisque, balsamic mushrooms and creme brule to top it all off. Ugh...came home and was down for the count.

Tonight, we went over to Robert's (the other Robert's) place and hung out with R, L and Lee--the downstairs neighbor. We watched the Colts beat the Patriots. Which, well, you know I was so loving. Loving the comeback, loving the way the game ended (well, in some ways), loving that the Super Bowl is going to be historic. I love history. I loved that this was the biggest comeback for a title game. I love that this Super Bowl will be the first one won by a black coach. Some folks will say "well, color shouldn't matter, it should be all about the best man winning." Well, I respectfully say to that, wtf? Color won't matter when it is no longer mandatory for NFL teams to interview at least one minority candidate for open coaching positions because minority candidates will already be up in the mix. I mean come mean to tell me that an industry full of minority players can't produce one said player to go on and become a coach? Yeah. Soap box done for the night.

Frito Chili Pie was for dinner tonight. I think I'm going to be sick. Football food is so bad for you. So very bad.

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