Saturday, January 27, 2007

7:07 am...on a Saturday

So...evidently, there are LOTS of people who want a free queen bed. Lots of them. Gotta love Craig's list. Time to post all sorts of other stuff I have on there.

7:07 am. For some reason, my better half thought that would be a good time to wake up this morning. Yeah, it is Saturday. No we are not going to look at Eagles. Yes, he is tinkering with the computer. And of course we watched Little Miss Sunshine. That is only one of the bestest movies ever. I mean...think about it:

It's totally short.
It starts out in Albuquerque
It has Miss America clips
It has a VW love van
It makes the abnormal so very casual...and causal for that too

NEWS FLASH! The Ferndale School District can't put a crossguard at a dangerous intersection because they have to review the procedures at all schools. I particularly like how the school district superintendent who said "Well...if you think about it...crossguards don't cause or stop accidents. Cars cause accidents."

Ah it reminds me of the "Guns don't kill people; people kill people" Okay. Back to why Little Miss Sunshine is so fantastically great. Or maybe not...I think those five reasons above are good enough.

So...someone is coming to pick up the bed this morning. And I might give them a king bed as a bonus because we're not using it.

But you know what? It is official. I have my keys, my garage door opener and this is the first weekend we've been alone. Together. Just us. WOW. Although, admittedly, I'm not ready to totally call it official until I finish vacumming and turn in the keys at the other place. But that is a matter of hours really. Oh my word.

That was a nice bottle of wine last night. Eaglepoint Ranch Syrah 2001. Long weekend of stuff. Supposedly, at some point, we're painting what will soon be my office/scrap room. I'm going to go and clean the other place. And play with scrap stuff. Tonight, if the weather clears, I might be able to convince the other half to play roaming photographer with me. Real photographers are really not that into that kind of stuff. But I'll make up a really neat scavenger hunt of some sort and then we'll see what we can come up with. Tomorrow, some stuff to take care of--including potentially a meeting for the clinic. Then I'm sure there will be a nap time in there. In the meantime, my teeth just feel so dirty from the onion enchiladas last night. Sinful. But it tasted so good...

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