Friday, January 26, 2007

Oh really now... Craig's List (when it works) really DOES work. I think I just might have to get rid of all my stuff that way. Posted an add for a free queen bed and 20 minutes later, 5 gagillion phone calls later (and 27 emails), I still have said bed but lots of folks promising to come and get it. It is late, we've just taped (for painting tomorrow morning) and we'll deal with the overwhelming response then. Later. Not now. Now, I'm watching the BF try to get the bootleg, I mean, "altered" movie up. So that we can watch Little Miss Sunshine. I saw it already but totally want to watch it with him. It is the best. I hope it win's best picture since my really hopeful Dream Girls got snubbed. know how you know when you're really old? When you've seen all the nominated movies for the Oscars, but none of the movies for like the People's Choice Awards...then you know you're old. Old. I'm almost old.

Totally love my student workers. Totally. They are just so...lovable. All of them. I really appreciate them and could probably never really truly express that to them without finding myself in the midst of some sort of sexual harrassment lawsuit of some sort. So. I just leave it at that. I love my student workers. They are adorable, inspiring and I know I'll read great things about them someday. I'll never know all 1000 some odd students at the school like my boss does. Come on, she's superhuman. But. I will know my student workers. And because I've worked with this batch since day one, I honestly think I will stay in touch with them.

Speaking of staying in touch--girl, I gotcha. Weekend. Time to call. And out of nowhere, one of the better half's ex-co-workers was back in touch. He forwarded her message to me and without asking, I responded back to her cause...well, I liked her. Well, he responded too. Unbeknowndst to each other, we pretty much emailed the exact same message. Her response--she better get an invite to the wedding (smile). No pressure. My people don't pressure like that.

And we get to go to the boat show this weekend. With some of his friends.


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