Sunday, January 14, 2007

Domestic Diva?

Get out of way. I mean truly...just because you whip up a tasty something or another every now and again does NOT make you a domestic diva. But if you can make some stuffed portobella mushrooms and rice pilaf (and of course perfectly steam some asparagus) unlike the likes of any other, wouldn't it be close? Maybe if the laundry were done, the beds were made and the dishes were washed. I really shouldn't kid myself because when it all comes down to it, I play house with the best of them, but if I really had to REALLY go to work all day and then come home and do all of this, I probably wouldn't be able to do it. I envy those who can "do it all" but I know my limits. That all being said. I LOVE to cook. Love it. Now I don't typically just walk up in the fridge and start throwing stuff together. I mean, I have a pretty good memory (right down to measurements) of how to do something once I've made it often enough. And my sister got all the gifts of being able to whip a pie togethe (including the crust) from scratch with no notes. But me...I love to look up recipes--in books, online, where ever they may be. And I'll alter the recipes because really, when I make seafood gumbo, I prefer scallops to white fish fillets and I don't need chicken if I already have turkey sausage. I digress.
So I went shopping a week and a half ago. Got enough food for two weeks of meals. With leftovers, plenty for lunches too. He likes that I love to cook. I love that he likes to do the boy stuff--take care of the car, drive me to work in the super slick snowy hills of West Seattle. Together, we make a pretty good team so I feed him stuff like this--stuffed portabello mushrooms. Tonight...perhaps mustard roasted, goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts with rosemary potatoes. And some broccoli on the side. Love it. Just really enjoy taking out a bunch of ingredients, tossing them together and coming up with some really yummy flavors.
1:24 left in the game. Tied. Seahawks have the ball...time to score a field goal...that would be something wouldn't it? Really...we just need to NOT turn it over (which is saying a lot)...

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