Wednesday, December 02, 2009

You Know it's Been a While... know it's been a while since you've blogged when:

1. a whole THIRD of a year has passed since your last dated entry.
2. you've bought a house on the course and switched jobs since the last time you blogged
3. you can't remember your password to sign in.
4. you freak out that you don't remember changing your login to what it now is.
5. people randomly post your posts as comments to be moderated because they want you back
6. your best friend's BEG for the work distraction you once provided
7. you sign in to blogger and find blogs on your profile you didn't know you owned
8. you've seen love plant, blossom, grow, get blown away and come back again strong
9. facebook has constantly told you that you're over limit and should probably get a blog already
10. you have so much to say and know that if you write it all in one post, no one will come back

I'm just saying.

A LOT happens in my life in 4 months. Most folks wouldn't care, but you're here on my blog so, I presume you're not most people.

There have been 113 days since I last blogged. Pre and post stalker, I was a normal blogger about every three days. Even that means that I would have had something like almost 40 blog posts since then.

My Christmas gifts to you folks who love to know everyone else's business? A faux preview of what I WOULD have written about in those 40 blog posts. Numbered, but really in no order of any kind of importance:

40. Pulled a Salahi photo op on Barney Frank - photo to prove it!
39. I WAS invited to the White House and all I had to endure was an "awesome" Capitol tour
38. Why procrastination is good: aka how I missed Sotomayor's Senate confirmation hearings
37. I'm scared to go there alone: Part I of my trip to a Health Care Townhall (Everett)
36. Sometimes, being "that black girl" is awesome...especially when you're in Everett
35. The best Mongolian BBQ ever with the worst service ever
34. I didn't MEAN to take that Solstice parade picture
33. I'm going to miss West Seattle so much...
32. ...that I will take a job an hour from home to be close to West Seattle
31. What do you mean YOU quit?! I was going to quit today!
30. They are non-alcoholic of course...this is the Girl Scout office you know?
29. Yes, but can Pam's hold a candle up to KingFish? I'll purge a little to do that test
28. There's a REASON why everything should be slower in Mexico...remember Wal-Mart
27. Is this appropriate behavior?
26. Yelapa, Mexico is where I want to retire
25. I don't care about the runs, just fill me up with more Chunky Monkey please
24. Are you sure we're on the right bus?
23. Down with Washington Management Company!
22. Up with good credit
21. Wait. I KNEW that cop-killer!
20. Wait...that other guy was a "nice guy" too who just did really terrible things?
19. Why sometimes, this colored white thing leads neighbors to dial's just a discussion.
18. I always call it cause I "get visions" like that. "Minor" accident my hiney...
17. Where the angry people at? Part II of my trip to a Health Care Townhall: (Seattle)
16. Uhhmmm...where DID I park my car? Maybe *I* should be a million dollar realtor
15. Not like our thousand dollar realtor did all that much work, but the place looks GREAT!
14. What?! Our neighbor's sister was foreclosed on? That explains why they won't talk to us.
13. Our other neighbors sure are friendly. Did he just ask what we use to clean up the stains?
12. Tether ball WAS awesome. I can't wait to have kids that are easy to entertain
11. Why yes, there are three levels. Uhmmm...two of us. Yes, just two.
10. Because I want her to move into the bottom level. Or heck she can have the top. Just move.
9. It was funny but then I cried. Cujo was a scary movie mom.
8. Colorado isn't that far away, but then neither was Las Cruces either.
7. You can't have Thanksgiving without Turkey just cause your wife is odd. Turkey tacos?
6. And yeah we shopped at Mike's on Thanksgiving day...and what?
5. Someone is trying to tell us something - flat, cards, trash, anything else you want to say?!?
4. Half a clue would be nice, but then again, so would a watch battery
3. Penguins. I know. Just stop waiting (aka procrastinating) already
2. I NEED to get my house in order. And find bulk push pins on the cheap
1. Three trees. I've got one, just need Ikea to call a sister back already.