Tuesday, August 11, 2009

today was the day i knew

I am not sure WHAT I knew. But he gave me this look. And I don't proclaim to be psychic or to have visions but that look (and my response) flashed me back to october 2008 when he proposed. More specifically the look he gave me when he picked me up from SF0. I didn't know then that he would propose that night, but I had the same "I know something feeling I have today.

Just saying.

We are nomads. Up in Bothell which is actually NOT as bad a commute as I thought it would be.

Waiting on the close of our old place so that we can move on our new place. Didn't happen Monday. Our agent bet on today which means not only did it not happen today, but it won't happen tomorrow either. Uhg.

Otherwise, getting reaquainted with my nintendo dsi. Still brainy in brainage but about to polish off all the suduko puzzles so might have to get a new game or two. Still eyeing the walking one since I'll have miles of trails to walk to here shortly.

Health care townhall tomorrow.if you support reform get there! I know you are probably gainfully employed and want to stay that way so 5 will be hard. But do it. The rest of all stay home. Or at least promise to use our indoor voices.

My fave person in the world is home now.

I'm out.