Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh no...snow!

Yeah...and lots of ice. which means that yesterday I had no school. And today, I have "no school". And tomorrow I will likely have "no school". At this rate, I may like being a stay at home...well...not mom since I have no children. Yeah who are we kidding. I'm going stir crazy and if I spend more time in bed, I'm probably going to develop bed sores. But it IS so friggin' warm up there. But alas, no internet. well, not really. Choices...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh and yeah...

I got to "celebrate" my birthday a bit early. Oh yeah and I did. I got a red purse (you gotta know me) and...

wait for it...

still waiting?

Really...this is good.

Well I got a Canon Power Shoot SD700!! That bf of mine knows how to make me click! He's a cutie. He's a keeper. He's so mine! Now we have two cameras--the big one and the baby and I quite like the baby--although the big one took some pretty cool pictures this weekend. I can move on.

Expect something different?

Of course not. I don't know why I take things so personally. but let me tell you this. I HATE (I know...hate is a strong word, but still) I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the blondes.

Almost as much as I am starting to hate the Amazing Race. I mean seriously? How obvious is it now that if you create any kind of drama--be it good or bad--that you will miraculously come in last on one of the "non-eliminiation" legs? Right...but we live in the dumbing down of America age. And I'm lucky enough to live in the land of folks who fall for this stuff. Season after season. Election after election.

Yeah, let me tell you how I really feel about it. lots of great information on a dream I've been wanting to pursue for some time now. I need to start setting some static goals for it to become reality, but I'm getting pretty encouraged.

And guess what? Life is great! It is SNOWING outside. I called my mama to let her know the great news and she was happy that she got out of town just in time. My nephew was a bit dissapointed to miss the snow.

Speaking of them--it was such a fun Thanksgiving! Family was in town, and I cooked. Now, I almost never cook. Well, when I do, I usually go all out so that's more why I don't cook--because I don't want to go through all the work. But it was fun. Created some new dishes, took my time and finished on time. It was fun. And here on Sunday night, I split the wishbone with Robert. It was almost exact even. But he got the knob so he won. He won't tell me what he wished for though. Crazy boy. Crazier that he had to go in to work today. Yeah...really.

So maybe tomorrow I have to go to work, maybe not. Venting about the Amazing Race is over. So mad that Nate got voted off of Survivor but I have no illusions of ever going on that show so it doesn't hit home so much.

Evil blondes. Some folks know what I really think of them. Back to digi photography. One week at work just reading files. I actually kinda look forward to going in.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Totally good weekend

so I slept most of it away. I don't feel sick and tired (obviously) but my word! In any event, some of the fun highlights:

Met with some really amazing women about a cause I am passionate about. Passionate in an interesting way though. In a way that most folks wouldn't believe or even begin to understand why. All I can say to that is "I get it" and if you take the time to would you.

Had sloppy joes last night. Totally simple, totally good. Totally LOVE it. Had asparagus and broccoli on the side. Now...growing up I hated vegetables...especially green ones. LOVE them now.

Got all three folks checked off my Christmas shopping list. The cute one gets lots of legos to spread among the chaos of his room back home. The so similar but so different one gets a GC to a place she'll love. Probably will also pick up a stack of mini somethings (they gotta be able to get it back in carry ons) too. And the one I love totally...she gets a purse...that I'm not sure is really her. But I can tell you that I found quite a few that were me and relatively inexpensive. But until I get back onto the girly kick and a bit more caught up in life (as in caught up enough to be able to "wear" purses as opposed to carrying one...difference being the coordination required to switch stuff out in a worn purse as opposed to the convenience of carrying one that always has the right stuff in it. Almost always.

Spent time with the bf. Fun time. And the weekend isn't even done yet.

Cowboys won! Cowboys WON! How's that first defeat of the season feel Colts? Only downer in this day of upsets was that the Seahawks lost. Ugggh.

Got a layout done. Really...this is major. I've been hacking away at photo books so intensely these past couple of weeks that I really enjoyed being able to get back to my layouts. Creativitiy. wanna see it? Over to B3 Designs you go.

Work even feels good. Although I know that I need to pass a particular prospect along. I'm almost certain the JD was only the in to being able to chat with me a quick moment. That sounds vain and full of myself, but I will assure you this: If *I* noticed the above, then it must have been blatantly obvious to all others since I NEVER notice that stuff. In any event, we had one very unique commonality that would be another of those "wow--I didn't know that about you B!" type moments. He was pleasantly surprised and so now wants to grab tea or something some time. Yeah...the "or something" cemented my thoughts on this that maybe I was over-reacting. I'm not.

Three more days and I wake up to a cutie nephew in my presence! So loving it.

So I suppose that is about it. Got to scrap, got to cross folks off the list, got to spend time with the BF, work is even good. And it just gets better. I like this aging thing! Almost 30...well and year and some days soon enough.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Happiness

Only 17 more minutes of work. then some grocery shopping and some cozy couch time. Friday night movie? Probably not...a bit too sick for that still. But definitely high time to get it in order for next week.

Guess I should put some blog overhauls up but guess what? We're coming up on the 1 year birthday of this baby. I should do something for that eh? Yeah I should.

Okay...dry hack must go and meet wet hack (we're both kinda under the weather) so I'm off! Fun times with my clinic board tomorrow and I think I have an artist salon this Sunday. Should figure (or re-figure) that out.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

and then there was one... more night in a hotel room. more fair to do. last trip.

I am burnt out. As in I can hardly breath from the hacking fits and it even hurts to take deep breaths because my ribs seem very sore and bruised. This is to the point that I even want to go into my doctor. yeah...that bad.

But on good and happy notes!

Last night in a hotel room for this season. Last fair tomorrow morning. Get on a plane going home to the flooding (hopefully, there is still a home to go to) tomorrow evening and get to snuggle up to the man finally for good. All this and (forgive me the unforgiveable since I come from a heavy military background and...well...) I had forgotten that we get Friday off. I don't know...I've worked in higher educ so long with the weird extra holidays and the working "not PC" holidays that I can't keep em straight anymore. But I am so very happy I don't go in to work until Monday. My head hurts (probably from the paint fumes next door), my ribs hurt, my heart hurts (which is kinda odd...) but my spirits are well and better!

Not even 7 and I want to go and climb into bed with my Sweet Dreams pillow and crash out. Still not QUITE sure how my $19 VERY yummy shrimp diablo (although, admittedly, nothing has come CLOSE to the shrimp pasta at the SeaTac Marriott) came out to $30 but then who am I...not the math genius that's for sure.

Lots of notes on making these trips a lot cheaper next year. Here's to NOT having to drive 45 minutes to go 7 miles tomorrow morning and a howdy to the folks in Bel Air. Wow. All I can say is wow.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

what a week...

...and it's still only Sunday. And I sit at the gate with a 2 hour layover. sigh. But in PDX. SCORE! Why? Well, because they have free internet access! I think I could live here.

Guess what? I got on an Alaska Airlines flight and I wasn't delayed! How you like them apples? The man swears by them. The man was also watching a banned show today but we won't go there. the past week or so, I've been to my high school reunion, my high school football team is undefeated (I'm from Texas...West there's some context for you), I went to the CKC-Seattle and I hosted the 2 peas pub dinner. More on the last on the other blog. But as I sit here with plenty of time, I figure I should get some good stuff said here.

The good:
  • Just a couple more weeks until I get to see my totally adorable nephew again. For the third time this year. Hadn't seen him in almost 5 years before this. Lovin' it.
  • Last work travel trip of the year! Then I get to spend more time at home. More time with the man. More time making dreams come true.
  • Lots of calls for publication. This year has been so wow in my alternate life.
  • Guarantees that actually pay. That's why I love that hotel--but only the updates ones...
  • Students that actually work. I have such an amazing group of student workers this year.
  • The Target Toy insert. And seeing grown people get excited by it (smile).
  • A real Christmas tree this year!
  • Thanksgiving at home.
  • A thick, thick, THICK envelope of design inspiration to sift through.
  • Beyonce's Dangerously in Love. But I also love Irreplaceable and Ring the Alarm too. Which reminds me that I love folks that can consistently be good. Like (shhhhhhh....) Justin T. I mean, he always has me moving...even when he was a teeny bopper.
  • Long life batteries.
  • Christmas in downtown Seattle. At night. Better yet, on my campus. Wow...beautiful.
  • Tall boys. Well, one in particular. Very much so now. How he puts up w/me...I don't know

The Bad:

  • CKC-Seattle Vendor Faire. Oh come, madame "I can shop" bought $27 worth of stuff. And that was $15 worth of buttons only because one booth required a $10 min purchase for debit cards. Bought lots of glue though...can never have enough glue.
  • Rainy season is back. Better shut my mouth about that whole "it NEVER rains like this in Seattle". Guess I know who's really in charge there.
  • CRASH! Totally just crashed out last night. Knew it was last night I'd have with the man for a little bit (short trip, but still) and just could NOT get out of bed to go and see him. The silver lining to that cloud? He came to me...that's why I like tall boys. Well...that one in particular.
  • Way photos. Have lots of scene shots I can put on my wall. Have lots of Robert shots to replace in the rest of my frames.
  • Two stacks. Probably three by now. Of lovely files to read when I get back this Friday.
  • Did I mention it is raining cats and dogs here?
  • Cash in pocket. Right next to the shopping complex at PDX. Burning a hole...

The Ugly:

  • The "relationship" between my sister and mother right now. They are just way too similar. And yet miles apart. I wish there was more I could do there. That didn't involve paying either one of them out. That is a habit I CANNOT afford anymore--emotionally in particular.
  • My apartment. Wow. Orchids are begging for care. Carpet would LOVE to feel the tines of a broom or the bristles of the vacuum. Clothes would love to be put back in their place in the closet. Bed would love to be made. Let's not even talk about the scrap room. Or the bathroom... Certainly not "bad" by most folks' standards...but this is the girl who will clean the heck out of something if given the opportunity. Even if that something is not her's.
  • Super organized pea dinner--I mean, I panicked because I couldn't find an open kinkos to make copies or a place to buy name tags. Improvised and it went off without a hitch. This is only ugly because I was having a customary melt down 12 minutes before folks showed up to my "wow, this is so organized" dinner. Two facedness is handy in those situations, but hard to keep up appearances with.
  • I was 2 seconds away from booking a convertible for my Cali trip because "I deserved it". The worst part of that entitlement attitude? I was all about to submit it for NEXT week when I won't even be in town. Did I mention I need sleep and I'm crashing out?
  • My sharpie is at home. All 27 of them. What in the hell am I supposed to write out my postcards with now?!

Getting back in the swing of things and hope to be a bit more handy, organized, responsible, uptodateand what not with the blog. Really. intentions at least...